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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Garden Fun-Day 2

Taylor and I decided to get more flowers for Day 1's flower bed. So we jumped in the car and headed up to the local nursery. As we were driving in, I saw the sign....June 30th, last day, closing for the season. :~( We grabbed our big wagon and went into the flower shop. There were lots and lots of petunias and we had lots of space for them so we started to fill up our wagon. We found a few other things too. :~)

As we walked around, Taylor kept spotting different containers used for flower pots. Then she spotted the old wheelbarrow full of petunias....we have an old wheelbarrow--the plan was hatched!
We loaded up the car, came home, put on our new fancy garden gloves and got busy. Can you see the flat tire? Do you have any idea how hard it is to drag a wheelbarrow half full of compost dirt with a flat tire?? Trust me, it's hard! So Tay started to lay out the flowers, I grabbed the wagon and a couple buckets to get more dirt.

We planted and filled in until we thought it was perfect. See the big rock in the sunlight? It has a drill hole in it--hubby finds them at work and brings them home for me! Lucky me!!! I have lots of them around but this one is the only one with a flower planted in it! Please let me remember to water it.......

I think she did a fabulous job with her project. What do you think???


Melinda said...

It looks wonderful. Great idea for an old wheelbarrow.

Amy said...

FUN FUN FUN! My kids aren't yet as old as Taylor, but my mother also loves doing "crafy projects" with them when they visit.

Another "fun" planter I've seen; an old bed frame header & footer with the flowers inbetween. "Flower bed"--- ;0) Gotta love it!

And...the doggy is CUTE! Looks like he's either in the middle of a sneeze or "play digging" with an insect.

I've enjoyed your posts!

Stephanie D said...

It looks great! At my last house I had an old wagon filled with petunias. They're such cheerful, easy to grow little flowers.

Why is a hole drilled in a rock? Does it go all the way through? Bet no one else has a planter like that!

scraphappy said...

Getting everything planted is so much work, but it is great to have color all summer long. How fun that you were able to spend such great time with your grand daughter. She looks like she is having a blast.