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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I Like Thursdays #20

20 weeks of I Like Thursdays! 
How fun!!

This week we spent some time at the beach.
Is this work or is this fun?
Ernie's work career was as a heavy equipment operator.
He had fun working with our son's tractor.
I like that he color coordinated his shirt to the tractor.

Lazy, treat seeking dogs. 

I wish I could remember the name of this plant.
The deer don't seem to like it but I sure do.

They do like the nasturtiums though. 
But only mine it seems.
The neighbor across the street that gave me the seeds,
his cover the whole length of his house and he has no fence up.
We have a fence so the deer jump it to get to mine.

I hope my orange geraniums have bloomed out when we go back.
There were lots of buds when we left.

I spent time reading, watching tv or videos and crocheting.
My favorite beach snack is cinnamon bears.
I play with my food.
Really I was wishing some of the grands were there 
so I lined up my bears and to send them a picture to let them know i missed them.

Our friends had a garage sale so we went over to hang out with them.
I took pictures of things and sent them to our girls.
We had to make room in the back of the truck for their/my stuff.
Pam spent years as a Home Interior Consultant so she had lots of pretties. 

It was fun to hear the comments from the peanut gallery.
Everyone liked our new chairs.

I'm sitting inside while Ernie is outside cooking bacon on the bbq.
He loves to cook on that little thing.
The bacon is in a cast iron skillet.

We went for a drive on the beach.
I love seagulls.

This is the goodbye, we worked really hard this week photo.
It looks great there.
We have plans for more trees and another rv parking spot.
It is after all a family compound. 

Now some fun from home. 

We had some fun sightings on the trail camera this week.

I've been working on the Wild & Goosey blocks.while at the beach.
Ernie had been napping in his chair covered up with a quilt and
 complained that it wasn't long enough to cover his toes and tuck under his chin.
So I decided to make W&G long enough for him a nap quilt. 
I wasn't going to do the sashing but now I am. 
It looks like my lap quilt just tuned into a nap quilt!

I printed my papers and had to make a sample block.
I think I'll be doing lots of sewing at the beach in the next couple weeks.

I got a new book today.
It's coming with me along with my post-its and my notebook for my list of next canning projects.
Just skimming through the book, I've found lots of new canning recipes to try. 

Thanks LeeAnna for inviting me to join in on the I Like Thursdays fun!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Design Wall Monday

 Last week after making my cute little piggie, 
I told myself to get busy and get the borders on this quilt! 
So for a change, I did what I was told.
I have it all measured and labeled for batting and backing.
I even have the binding ready! 
This week's goal is to get this done.

On Wednesday we packed up for the beach.
We borrowed our son's tractor with a backhoe attachment 
to clear stumps and that horrid bamboo root ball. 
I say we like I worked. 
I did help a little but not like he did.

So I stayed out of the way and chased a squirrel.
I started this new crochet project called Crazy Patchwork.
(it's a freebie!)
I want to use up all my acrylic yarns but
I had to add 4 new colors to what I had.
I used up all I took with me except the yellow.
I still have some of it left to use with other colors.
It's fun to start something new and use up some of the old.

I spent some time watching old tv shows and saw this.
OMGosh, who would I find to pedal for me!
Thank goodness I don't have to.

It's nice to go, it's nice to come home-
to get ready to go again. 😍
I have to put my visiting around Blogland on hold until later tonight.
Check out the fabulous design walls linking to 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I Like Thursdays #19

We are beach bound so her's my Likes a day early.
It was a pretty full week and my heart overflowing.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wilson 

Outdoor wedding in Crystal and Mike's backyard.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wilson 

Welcome to the family.
From day one he's been part of the family. 

All my children and a couple of granddaughters.
I can't wait to get the good pictures.

A few other happenings from the week.

When you catch the frisbee with your face and need an eye patch to make it stop hurting.
Eye patches work better than ice packs.

Conversations on the deck. 
Melts my heart.

We are borrowing our son's tractor because it has a backhoe on it.
We are using it at the beach.
Time to remove stumps and bamboo root balls.

I had to share my new hamper basket.
It has wheels!!!
$12 at Walmart.
Worth every penny!

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I chased another squirrel! 
There is a super fun Block of the Month that started this month.
Eleanor Burns is doing Fun On The Farm.
Search for this group on your Facebook page.
 How stinkin' cute is block 1!
My piggie has a butterfly on her hip.

I cut more kits for my leader/ender project-Chunky Churndash.
The pattern is a freebie at Quiltville.

Sunday, 4 grands stayed while mom and dad went shopping.
We all had a super long, excited day Saturday so we were all pretty much a bunch of slugs.
Miss MaeMae sat out on the deck with me while I cut some fabric.
I needed to cut more diamonds for my Antique Start project.

I love the chatty chats that we have.
Talking about the new school year, going to a new school but with her same friends,
 how she misses her friends and how excited she is to meet her teacher.
How much she will miss summer vacation and
 how excited she is to take band and learn to play the clarinet.
We talked about the quilt I made her and we sat out here doing the same thing.
The deck is a magical place where peanut butter and jelly picnics happen
and in depth conversations with tow people or 12. 

Saturday was the wedding of our youngest daughter and our newest favorite son in law Vern.
(Old joke, they are all my favorites. All 2 of them.)
Her sister and my other favorite son in law Mike hosted the wedding in their back yard.
Oldest daughter Jenny was able to come from Texas to celebrate.
It was wonderful having all my adult children together for this celebration.
It was a perfect day, my heart was overflowing. 

for lots of quilty inspiration.
Beware of the squirrels.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Like Thursdays #18

 I love our trail camera.
You never know what you'll see on them.

Twins...how adorable!

I do not like this at all.
Imagine my shock when I saw her.
When did it become OK to trespasser?
She had to cross a fence. 
Time to post our back fence. 

Another surprise.
I knew this beauty was around but it's the first time we've seen it on our camera.

Family reunion was Saturday.
I only took a few pictures and they were all of my niece Katie.
In the back are her gorgeous daughters

Kiddos stayed the day while mom and dad had a date day.
Shopping for school and lunch.
92° outside so let's have a hot tub party.
Why not!

We made sausage.
I believe it's important that children learn about real food 
and to help with the preparation and preserving of our food.
It's a lot of fun when Gramma and Grampa have fun tools like a sausage stuffer.

We canned tuna.
All the kiddos had a job and 
Daisy Dog is the supervisor.

140 jars should keep 2 families in tuna for a while.
I really like that we can use the shop as an outdoor kitchen.
2 pressure cookers out there and 1 in the house made for a pretty quick day.
Pretty quick if you 2 pc loads in each canner and each load takes a total of 3 hours.

I spent some time in the outside office enjoying the evening
and taping together another pattern.
I really like that tape dispenser.
Every time I use it, I wonder why I waited so long to buy it.

I really like this view.
This is home, my happy place.

 I walked down to close the gate
 and noticed the dramatic contrast of the lawn and the trees.
It's so dry here.

We never beg for rain in the Pacific Northwest but we are again this summer.

Thanks Not Afraid of Color for the awesome I Like Thursdays posts.
I really like visiting Blogland on Thursdays.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I think I may have went in to my sewing room twice all week.
Not to sew but to get something!
We had a very full week of family stuff and adventures.
So the only sewing time I had was in the evening.
I made some great progress on basting my diamonds.
I need to cut more.

 This was where I was last week.
Now row 2 of my pencil box is almost stuffed.
I think I'll be able to put 3 full rows in there.
Then I may start stitching a few of them together.

I have a wedding coming up on Saturday 
so of course I need a new outfit.
I have a pretty good knit fabric stash but 
choosing which fabric to use is sometimes hard. 
I sent this picture to my daughter-
the one getting married-
and had her choose. 
Pretty sneaky aren't I?

I decided to make the Origami Tunic from Love Notions.
That's my plan for today and tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

I Like Thursdays #17

We took 2 days this week to go on some adventures.

On Monday we went to look at RVs.
We looked at several brand new ones.
I'm a big girl.
These RV do not have "fat girl friendly" showers.
I guess I'm spoiled by the bus.
It has a regular shower, open the door and walk in.
Nothing "designer". 

We did look at a residential RV that I loved and didn't take a single photo of!
Everything in it, including the shower was perfect.
Perfect except the price made my heart race. 

We found a couple of older models that we really liked.
Sadly this one-my favorite-had some floor issues in the bathroom.
Ernie does not want to have to do any repair work after we buy something.
It's not that he can't. He doesn't want to.
I don't blame him. 
Too much money to have to do repairs.

Since it was adventure day, we decided to go to our favorite hamburger place for lunch.
Back in the day, Burgerville was our favorite dinner date place.
Affordable and good.

Tuesday we went on a different kind of adventure.
Ernie is looking for a new gun safe.
I was intrigued by all of the choices and the features.

Next stop was Sportsman's Warehouse.
I love this big ole elk out front!
I found a sausage stuffer and seasoning that I've wanted.
I can't wait to make sausage.

I needed to stop at JoAnn's for elastic.
For some weird reason, I had no desire to wander around and look at things.
I petted some fabrics, the new plaid fleeces were wonderful.
I bought 2 cute fat quarters and my elastic.
New undies will happen soon.

We were headed to lunch and got behind this government vehicle at the light.
We decided it was a government spy car and wondered who it was spying on.
Yes, we are easily entertained.

I had heard from these kiddos about how awesome the food is at Golden Corral.
Knowing they were in town, 
we decided it was a good day to meet for lunch.

It was really great to spend time with the family.
We hadn't been here yet and having the kids as our guides was so much fun.
We all decided that the cinnamon rolls were our favorites,
or was it the ice cream or the chocolate fountain or the catfish?
I even tried okra for the very first time.
I liked it. 

Then we went to Smart Foodservice, which used to be called Cash & Carry.
We got some pork loin and hamburger to make sausage from.
I love to look at all the kitchen gadgets but only found a strainer/ladel thing and 
a sheet pan that I had to have.

Then we picked up the "vault" and headed home.
I was a nervous wreck all the way home.
Not a single problem! 
Why do I do that to myself.

I'm excited about all the adventures that will happen this week.
We have family reunion Saturday and several other events the next week. 
We will head back to the beach the week after next.
Pray I don't melt in this horrid heat!

Have a great week. 
I hope you find all kinds of likes this week.

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