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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Memories

This is a photo taken at The Pomeroy Farm Quilt Festival this summer. I loved this display! It makes me smile thinking that my husband and my father would never, ever have worn that shirt or those pants. Now that pink dress, I love! I had several dresses that style but I was never brave enough to wear that pink!

I went back through my blog to see what I had accomplished this year. I was amazed at the number of quilt tops I made! 19! I made 19 quilt tops and turned 8 of those into quilts. That means I have 11 more on Mt. ToBeQuilted.

This is my list of finishes for 2010:
19 quilt tops, 8 quilted
5 UFOs
3 bags
4 wall hangings
1 rug
6 pair of socks knitted
4 hats knitted
2 scarves knitted

WOW! That surprised me. Of course there are some projects that have been started and are in the can't be counted yet category. Which leads me to my word for 2011. FINISH

My 2010 word was Simplify. My 2 goals were to learn to quilt feathers and learn to use my EQ5. Well, I did quilt feathers on one quilt....decided maybe I really don't want to do them, I do pantographs and meander much better. Maybe I'll try again, maybe not. I did learn to use EQ5 and then bought EQ7 and have been using it like crazy. And we did simplify our lives even more. We got rid of alot of crap that we never used. We aren't done yet but we are well on our way.

My goals for 2011 look pretty simple:
  • Continue to simplify.
  • Concentrate on finishing one project before starting another.
  • Stay current with the BOMs, quilt alongs and challenges that I have committed to.
I think that's enough motivation for me for now. I can always add to my list if I want to.

I hope 2010 was a fabulous year for you and I hope 2011 will be even more fabulous!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

One More Finish

This UFO is no longer a UFO. It is a finished quilt taking a spin in the washer, waiting for a tumble in the dryer so it can be given in all it's crinkled softness. This was my Design Wall Monday post on December 12. It belongs to granddaughter Ashlee, now 16. She started making it when she was 14 and has not had a chance to work on it since.

After chatting with her the other day, we decided I should go ahead and finish it. As it's hanging up on the design wall, I think I should do like I've see here and here. Circles were cut with the GO! Cutter and placed randomly and quilted down.

She had already picked out this super cute flannel for the back. I think she is going to be thrilled with the way it turned out.

I think this is a good way to end 2010.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday Knitting Report

It's not quite Tuesday in my part of the world but I have huge plans for tomorrow so I thought I would post my knitting report before I head off to dreamland. I am working on the sleeves now. So far there have been no big mistakes or start overs on them. Yeah!

I keep wrapping them around my wrist.....this is going to be so very toasty! I haven't spent alot of time knitting this week but I hope to change that now that Christmas is over and there is no pressure to do stuff.

Now I wonder if I will dream of my sweater or of the quilt I am so excited to quilt tomorrow. Can't wait to show you what Ashlee and I decided to do with this one.

It's Been A Good Day

Ernie is feeling really good and is getting very bored. I don't know how many books he has read or movies he has watched. I don't know how many miles he has walked on the treadmill or miles he has ridden on the bike. I do know that I need that man to find something to do outside the house! So today he took a drive to see his coworkers. Thank goodness!

I love him dearly but I need some Judy time! And this is what I did with my time.....I am caught up on my 100 Quiltmaker blocks. In fact, I am caught up on all my sew/quilt alongs.......

Blocks 9 and 10

Blocks 11 and 12

Blocks 13 and 14

Perfect timing, guess who is driving in the driveway........

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Can you believe this is the final Design Wall Monday of 2010? I am kind of excited for the first Design Wall of 2011 and the excitement it will bring with it. Thank you Judy L of Patchwork Times for hosting DWM each week. Monday is my favorite day in Blogland.

I spent lots of time in my sewing room on Sunday~~~in fact, I spent most of the day in there. It was dark and rainy and we both were ready for a quiet day. And I wanted to sew....I had some catching up to do.

First up was part 6 for the Roll Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery. Usually by now, I can figure out sort of what is going on but not this time! Bonnie has created a true mystery this time.

Then I got out my Moose on the Porch blocks and made block 4. I don't want to be behind when block 5 comes out on Tuesday. Using the batiks in my stash is making for some interesting blocks. I am going to have to buy something for sashing. Maybe a nice black or a dark blue. I'll find something somewhere, sometime.

I'm a bit behind on my Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks sew along over at TeaQuilts. Above is block 9 and

this is block 10, ready for some squaring up of flying geese and half square triangles before the block is sewn together.

It's going to be fun to start 2011 caught up on my sew alongs.

Stash Report 12.26.10

It's time for the final Stash Report for 2010. I already knew my buying habits weren't too bad...I've been a member a Stashbuster Yahoo Group for years and had already become very aware of what and why I buy fabric. Not to say I don't buy some just because I love it or I want it, because I do. I don't see that changing any! I was very surprised by the actual numbers. I really wanted to make my goal of 100 yards net but that didn't happen and I will not complain because I was gifted with 25 yards of fabulous fabric!! But in my mind..........

Here is my year end report:

Used in 2010: 257 yards
Added in 2010: 175.25 yards
Net Used for 2010: 81.75

I don't plan to continue with the stash report in 2011. I plan to focus on turning quilt tops into quilts. But I will continue to check on my friends in Blogland and see how they are doing by visiting the links at Judy L's on Sunday mornings.......

PS: the photo is of some orphan blocks that I turned into mug rugs for my quilting friends...a simple mug rug and a jar of hot cocoa mix made great little gifts!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Knitting Report

I've been knitting every night since last Tuesday Knitting Report. I told you I wasn't fast!!! But I feel like I have accomplished a lot.

The right front is finished, the left front should be finished tonight and then I will see what is the next step. I will remember to use the smaller needles to do the ribbing on the sleeves! That's one lesson I don't plan to forget.

I just noticed the shaded stripes line up pretty good. I did try to make that happen and I'm thrilled with how that turned out.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This isn't my design wall, it's my little ironing board and on it are a few of my HSTs for the RRCB mystery. I have them all cut and now I am setting the timer for 30 minutes and sewing and pressing and trimming-which isn't too often when using the EZ Angle ruler, but I do check often.

I am bagging them up in groups of 60--mostly because I only have 10 little baggies in my bag of bags. And that works just fine for me. This is the beginning of bag #3.

On my big design wall is the same project as last week. I know what I'm going to do with it, I just need to clear up a few other things first.

Grab yourself a snack and something to drink, there are lots of design walls posted this morning at Judy L's. I can't wait to take the tour today! I love Mondays in Blogland.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stash Report 12.19.10

This has been a fun, busy week in the sewing room. Gifts were being finished at a rapid pace. The clue for step 5 of RRCB was released and I spent lots of time cutting fabric for clues 4 and 5. Now the trick is to find time to sit down and sew.....maybe Tuesday, maybe not. I'm so happy I found the reds I wanted for step 5 in my stash and my added number continues to stay the same.

Used this Week: 12 yards
Used Year to Date: 257 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 175.25 yards
Net Used for 2010: 81.75

Go over to Judy L's and see how others are doing with their stash....Thanks Judy L for hosting the stash report. It really has been fun. Next year--that's in 2 weeks people!--I am going to pass on the stash reporting and focus on the UFO busting. But I will spend time reading how my Blogland friends are doing with their stash!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blocks 7 & 8 of 100

Blocks 7 and 8 of Tea's Quiltmaker's 100 Block Challenge are finally finished. I'm already a week behind but I'm not too worried. I have my fabric picked for the next 2 and will be working on them soon.

I'm not loving the fabrics I picked for the star block. As I sit here and look at this photo, I think I am going to take the star points out and replace them with a nice creamy yellow and leave the center as is. That's my new plan!

I love Mr. Teddy even though he is looking like he has a swollen jaw. :)

Thanks Tea for hosting this.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 UFO Challenge

Each year on January 1, I make a list of my UFOs. I don't do it to torture myself and promise to get them all finished up because I know I won't do it. I do it purely to see what I have finished and what I had started and not finished.

2011 is not going to start that way. I am not going to make a list of all my UFOs. I am joining in on Judy L's 2011 UFO Challenge so I am only going to list 12. Click the link and see what I'm talking about if you don't already know.

I made my list, I checked it twice, I've been naughty and I've been nice---sorry, I get carried away! 2 are sets of blocks, 5 are competed tops and 5 are completed tops with the backings and bindings made. I have lots of others in case I get crazy and want to do more. Really my goal for 2011 is to quilt lots of quilts.

Here's my list:
  1. 2009 BOM-blocks are finished, setting decided
  2. Scrappy Twin Sister with back and binding
  3. Depression blocks top
  4. Hearts & Flowers-set of 12 blocks
  5. 9 Patches & Posies top
  6. Double Delight Quiltville Mystery with back and binding
  7. Corn & Beans with back and binding
  8. Lime green butterflies top
  9. flannel Baby Yellow Brick Road with back and binding
  10. Carol Doak BOM with back and binding
  11. Tumbling Blocks top
  12. Bright Trip Around the World top

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Knitting Report

I finished the sweater back one day last week and quickly cast on both fronts. I got the ribbing knitted up to a measurable size, lay the tape measure on it and realized I forgot to use the smaller sized needles for the ribbing. I cried. I started over. When the ribbing was to length, I calmly reminded myself to change to the larger needles.

I really enjoy knitting in the evening and miss it when I don't do it. One day I hope to be a super sweater knitter like my friend Karen. She does fancy lace sweaters. I don't think I need a fancy lace sweater, maybe I'll just work on being fancy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday

While sorting some stuff yesterday, I came across this UFO. This one doesn't belong to me but to now 16 year old Granddaughter Ashlee. She started playing with some strips one day a couple years ago and they turned into the center of this top. Then she picked out her border fabrics and we cut them to put on next time she sewed. These were all put into a large zip bag along with the flannel for the backing. I think this was a year and a half ago.

Anyhow, I asked her if she wanted me to finish this for her and she said yes. So I put it up on the wall and I'm going to look at it for a while. I have an idea to jazz it up a bit, we'll see how that works out. Until then, I have a birthday gift to finish, step 4 of RRCB and a few more blocks to catch up on this week. And Christmas is not going to wait for me.

I wonder why I can't sleep.....so many ideas running in my head.........they need to settle down!

Go to Judy L's to visit other design walls.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stash Report 12.12.10

Not a whole lot of stash usage can be reported this week. I finished my RRCB string blocks, that fabric was reported last week and this BOM uses less than a fat quarter.

I have a few more gifts to finish up this week and then I'm going to buckle down and do some serious organizing so I can make my UFO list that always starts off the new year. Scary, that's almost here too!!!

Go to Judy L's and see what others are doing with their stash.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Stuff

We are supposed to have a super wet day today so I have made some plans for myself. Nothing too heavy though. I need to get my Christmas tree and decorations set up so I'll feel like it is the holiday season and I have a short list of quilting projects. I've decided to play my timer game today. Pick a project, set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes, see how much gets done. Sometimes I keep going until I'm finished but sometimes I stop and go do something else.

First on my list was to finish the 60 Step 3 string blocks for the Quiltville mystery. I had 10 more to finish so I got right to that this morning. You know me, up early-can't sleep because this is on my mind and Ernie would sleep for a couple more hours. Well it's off my mind now, they are done! Ready for step 4.

Next quilting project is to make my BOM for BOM-Quilt Addicts group. But first, I think I'll bring out that tree........

Monday, December 06, 2010

Tuesday Knitting Report

After my big booboo, I am making progress on my sweater. On my decrease row, I purled instead of knitted and didn't notice until I'd worked 3 rows. I'm not brave enough to just pull the needle out so I unknitted one stitch at a time. And it took some time! But I'm well on my way again.

Design Wall Monday

There hasn't been much activity in the sewing room the past few days but when there was, I worked on the string blocks for the Quiltville mystery, Roll Roll, Cotton Boll. While working on string blocks, my GO! Scrappy 1 is being ignored.

This morning instead of sleeping, I'm thinking of this pushed aside project and came up with a plan. For each string block I complete, I will lay out a scrappy block and sew it together. It's a 9 patch with 8 seams and doesn't take too much time to sew. Before long, I'll have 10 more string blocks made and all of my stars will be completed. Then I can start sewing sashing on while I work on more string blocks. Sometimes I scare myself with my big plans!

I am having a blast with these blocks. My scrappy heart is singing as I pull a string out of the bin and lay it down. I love the fish and the bees. I can't wait to see what comes next.

See Judy L's cute and colorful design wall here, then visit others.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Elk Soup Stock

Thursday we spent the day with Ernie's hunting buddies. One of the guys got an elk and it was cut it up day.

As they were cutting meat off the bones, I saw the door open and a big hunk of bone went out the door and the dog jumped on it before they heard me scream! But they heard me! I brought home a lot of soup bones.

Today is cook day for my bones. Into the pot goes the bones, onion, garlic, celery, salt, pepper and water. Put the lid on, turn it on high, bring it to a boil, turn it to simmer and enjoy the smell of goodness. After a few hours, I'll have a bit of work to do and tomorrow morning the stock will be ready to skim and process. I'll have good organic stock in my pantry and enough meat for a huge pot of soup.

Edit: I just clicked over to Patchwork Times to see some more stash reports and Judy L had posted a Gross Chicken Alert........I guess I should change my title to gross stock alert. Too funny!

Another edit: This pot yielded 7 pressure canned quarts of stock, 5 little containers in the freezer and 4 freezer bags of ready to use stew meat. Not bad for what was going to be dog food.

Stash Report 12.5.10

Only 3 more stash reports left for the year and I am thinking of my goals for 2011. I am wondering if I will continue with the stash report. Although I found it quite interesting to see how I acquire my fabric, I know I am not out of control with my buying habits. If I would have kept track of how much I purchased new vs. how much I was given or bought from yard/thrift sales, I think that may have been pretty even. I have used lots more fabric than I ever thought I would. That part impresses me.

Used this Week: 6 yards
Used Year to Date: 245 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 175.25 yards
Net Used for 2010: 69.75

I now wonder if I will make it to my goal of 100 yards net. I could sit down and knock out a few quilt backs before the end of the year to use up a bunch, but if I don't, it isn't a matter of life and death. I have impressed myself with the fact that I have not missed a week of reporting, even on weeks when I've done nothing. Even on weeks when the added number jumps up 25 yards!

This has been a very fun project. Thank you Judy L of Patchwork Times for hosting the Stash Report. Go there now to see how others are doing.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blocks 5 & 6 of 100

Block 5 from Tea's Quiltmaker 100 Block Quilt Along.

Block 6--I love machine applique' and seriously need more practice.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Knitting Report

Since I finished Ernie's socks last week (which by the way he loves and has worn several times even though they are huge, they keep his feet warm), I have gotten out the sweater that I started last year. I decided to take it off the needles and start over. Well, you know there had to be a problem~why must there always be a problem???~the pattern is no where to be found. I have no clue what happened to it.

I looked and looked online and at the library but did not find the book the pattern came from (mostly because I can't remember which book it came from). After looking online for a similar pattern and starting over, I quit that one too. Yesterday we went to town and I did a quick stop at JoAnn's thinking they might have the darn book I have been obsessing about but no they didn't. They did have the one in the photo. Paton's Next Step Three, Create Your Own Cardigan. After another customer raved about this book and having a coupon, I bought it.

Last night I sat down and started reading and then I started on my sweater~the one shown on the cover (I think I will call it Third Time's A Charm). I made some serious (for me) progress and can't wait to work on it again tonight. I am so slow at the purl stitch though but maybe by the time this is finished, I'll be a speedy purler. Or maybe not.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I've spent my few minutes here and there working on my G0! Scrappy 1 that I showed here. It really is amazing how much you can get done in just a few minutes. I have the last 10 blocks ready to sew together. It was fun getting the units ready. I needed 80 A units and 80 B units. After they were together, I just started randomly laying the units down and creating blocks. This is a fun, scrappy, use up the pieces quilt. It will get lots of love and use somewhere.

To see other fabulous design walls, check out Judy L's Design Wall Monday post.

Stash Report 11.28.10

The title of today's post should read It's All Her Fault . I didn't buy any fabric. In fact I was using some, not much but some and then I got the phone call. "I'm reorganizing my fabric and I have a bunch that I'm getting rid of. Do you want to go through it first?" Well DUH! Of course I do!

Thanksgiving Day seemed to be the perfect day for Crystal to give her mom fabric. I came home with 25 yards of it!

So here are my numbers for the week:

Used this Week 4.5 yards
Used Year to Date: 239 yards
Added this Week: 25 yards
Added Year to Date: 175.25 yards
Net Used for 2010: 63.75

If I'm going to reach my 100 yards net, I am going to have to buckle down and make some backs and get to quilting. Goals for December have been intensified.

To see how others are doing with their stash, visit Judy L, see her numbers and then start clicking links.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mystery Part 2

I love a good stash busting mystery quilt! That is exactly what the newest Quiltville Mystery is. I dug through all my fabric to come up with enough browns to make 30 sets of half square triangles and hopefully have enough left for any other steps that might need brown. As much as I tried to get each set different I have 2 sets that are the same but that's the way it worked out. I'm not making any more. Step 2 is complete.

I still might have to buy a couple pieces where she uses yardage but I can live with that.

Earlier today we went to the library~~Ernie was out of books and I needed new audio books. I still am kicking myself for not trying these sooner. I brought home 4 new ones and I hope that will last me for a couple weeks. Did you know there are books on mp3 players? All you have to do is use your own headphones or hook them up to your speakers. Or am I really lame and these have been around forever???

I'm hoping to get a quilt loaded on the frame tonight or in the morning. I have so many that need quilted plus I need to get my stash numbers booming. After bringing home fabric from Crystal's, I have lots to make up for.....I need to figure that out before Sunday's stash report. Oiye!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blocks 3 & 4 of 100

Week 2 blocks of Tea's Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Sew Along.

I have a bunch of fabrics left from making this quilt and I have lots of fat quarters that I have put in a bin to use up in my 100 blocks. I'm wondering if I can make all the blocks without buying a single piece of fabric. Of course I can! It will be easy.....she says now.

So far, with my 4 completed blocks, I have ideas for 3 quilts. Maybe I should write myself a note and put it in the bin, just in case....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Fun

Today we spent the day at Crystal and Mike's Little House on the Prairie. They cooked. I love it when other people cook dinner. I made pie and a pumpkin roll for desert.

Aunt DeeDee kept Leland entertained. He didn't get to go outside and play.

These kiddos did. TayTay kept Maemae and Elliot playing outside for quite a while. Crystal and Mike have a fabulous view from their home.

Before dinner, Uncle Doug and Aunt Lacey spent some floor time with Leland and Elliot. After dinner, we were all too stuffed to get down on the floor.

Thanks family for a fabulous day. Now I am going to go put on my pjs and see if I can make it to the recliner.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Sock Report

Here they are, Ernie's socks are finished. I finished them Sunday night and now I need to figure out how to make them fit. These things are huge!

Oh boy did I learn a few things on this pair! 60 stitches on size 5 needles with this wool yarn are too many stitches. I should have made a sample swatch, but I didn't. If I did, maybe I could have finished this pair over a week ago. I should have stopped when I realized they were huge and started over, but I didn't.

See the blue pin marker on the toe? I missed a stitch when I was closing the toe. I'm glad I saw that when he tried them on.

So do you think if I wash them gently in warm water and lay them to dry the wool will shrink enough to make the socks fit? Or am I going to shrink them enough for a 4 year old to wear? This is my first experience with socks that are too big. My other experience with (accidentally) shrinking wool turned out not so good.

Now that the socks are done, I'm going to work on my sweater that I started last winter. I think I quit because I made too many mistakes. I'm going to evaluate it this morning and maybe take it off the needles and start over. This will become my new Tuesday Knitting Report.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Monday

The view from my front door.....Happy Monday.
Goodbye fall, I'm going to miss you.

Design Wall Monday

These blocks were made Saturday during my 5 fabulous hour sewing stint. These are blocks 1 and 2 for Tea's Quiltmaker 100 Block sew along. If you don't read Tea's blog, you are missing out on one of the most fabulous quilters in Blogland. The other day I was ready to pack up and move just to join her scrap club. Then I remembered how much stuff I have......

We have a cold snowy week ahead of us so I am planning to stay in as much as I can and keep my sewing machine warm.

Grab something to drink and a snack and visit Judy L and others to see lots of fabulous design walls throughout Blogland.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stash Report 11.21.10

Despite all of my time in my sewing room this week and all the fabulous progress I made, little counts toward my stash report. I did use 2 fat quarters to back my candle mats and made another mug rug and turned 2 orphan blocks into potholders and that uses little stash. Each yard puts me closer to my goal though, so I'm counting it.

Used this Week 1 yards
Used Year to Date: 234.5 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 150.25 yards
Net Used for 2010: 84.25

If I'm going to get to goal of 100 yards net for the year, I might want to get busy. Oh dear, I just counted, there are only 5 stash reports left for the year. I think I can, I think I can.

Go to Judy L's and see her amazing numbers and then see how others are doing with their stash.

Photo is of Tony on dad duty.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Happenings

We didn't start Saturday off very good around here. Both of us woke up with the nasty flu. Poor Ernie has it really bad, I just feel like I've been run over by a truck. He crashed on the couch with his quilts, dogs and remotes, I hid in my sewing room. He napped and watched tv, I sewed and sewed and sewed. (He says knee replacement is easier than this darn flu!)

Last night I started Quiltville's newest mystery-Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I finished step 1 this morning. I needed to make 172 units, I made 188, just in case. Either I need to make a trip to the quilt store for more fabric for the remaining steps or I need to rethink my color choices. There is a downside to using up your stash, I think that's a downside. I have a few days to figure it out but will probably work with what I have.

Then I started my blocks for Tea's 100 block sew along making the blocks from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine. I love the flower block but I'm not too sure about the other one. I think it needs more contrast in the center strip and will probably remake that tonight. Or maybe I will take out the center strip and trim it down and add a sashing strip. I'll have to play with it and see.

Edit Sunday morning:
I added the white sashing and I like the block alot better now.

I know I sewed for over a total of 5 hours today because that is how long this audio book is. I had finished making my second block and was almost to the end of this book so I grabbed my little bag of bonus half square triangle/pinwheel blocks and put together this mug rug. The book wasn't quite finished so I found some scraps for a backing and piece of batting and quilted it. I finished the binding just after the book ended. Pretty good timing.

Now I think I'll curl up in my recliner with my quilt and my knitting.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Block 2

Moose on the Porch has posted block 2 for the Layer Cake Quilt Along. I am determined to use up my small stash of batiks so my quilt is going to be very scrappy. Since I'm not using a layer cake, I am changing up the cutting instructions and using my EZ Angle and EZ Companion rulers.

I have been thinking about what to use for sashing on this project and I think I will have to audition some solids but for now, I'm just making the blocks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Sock Progress Report

Here they are, Ernie's wool socks. I just did the last row of the gusset and now I'm going to fly through the foot. I think maybe they might be too big around but it's hard to tell. He is taking some blood thinner medication and has been wearing the sexy compression stockings so his legs are skinny.

I tried one of the socks on him the other day and he thinks they are going to be fabulous and wants me to hurry. He has been paying attention to how much time goes into knitting a pair of socks and is quite impressed that I am still making them. I'm not a speedy knitter. Have you seen the video of the speed knitter? That's not me!

Go to Judy L's page to read about the knit along and in the search box, put in knit along to see all of her posts. I love seeing the progress of other sock knitters like Kathy or Mary or Jill or Denise. I can't wait to see more from everyone.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Design Wall Monday on Sunday Evening......because we get to go to Physical Therapy again Monday morning. That means no time for my Monday morning Blogland tour (insert super sad face here) but I never miss DWM entirely so I'll be here later in the day.

What do you get when you have a healing husband with a good book, a rainy weekend and me that really, really wants to sew? You get things on her design wall. Saturday sewing was in spurts, Sunday sewing started in spurts but after all the company was gone, I got to sit down and sew for a couple of uninterrupted hours. And it was bliss.

So on my wall is my finished Christmas wall hanging because I like looking at it. Below that is my version of Moose on the Porch Layer Cake Quilt Along block 1. I decided to use my batik scraps instead of buying a Layer Cake of fabric, so of course my quilt will be very scrappy.

While following my Google followers, I discovered Erika at Quilts 'n Stuff where she is showing a couple really cool looking candle mats. Following her link to the Candle Mat Swap, I found instructions for the candle mat on the bottom. I used one of my packs from Mr. B's Preview Pack Club at Benartex, Inc. called Ariannna. Then I decided to make another candle mat with the remaining charms and leftover pieces like Erika did. Then there were a few more leftover pieces of fabric so I made mug rugs which seem to be all the rage now and so very cute! I picked out a couple fat quarters from the stash and will use them to the backs of the candle mats. That's the plan for this week......wish me luck.

Grab yourself a snack and something to drink--like a nice tall glass of ice water--and go to Judy L's to check out a bunch of fabulous design walls.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stash Report 11.14.10

What's a post without a picture? Since I've got nothing quilt related to show, I thought I'd show you a naughty little dog. Louie, Louie, Louie...there is no standing on the table!

I've been able to spend quite a bit of time in my sewing room Friday and Saturday. Sew for a bit, come out, do stuff, help Ernie with whatever and go back in.

I never thought using 2.5 yards of fabric in 2 weeks would be so exciting but for me, right now, it is. I'm working on a couple Christmas things so no pictures yet.

Used this Week 2.5 yards
Used Year to Date: 233.5 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 150.25 yards
Net Used for 2010: 83.25

Head over to Judy L's for a list of other stash reporters.

I Remembered How

I was starting to think I may have forgotten how to sew. I haven't spent much time with my beloved sewing machine in the last 2 weeks. But last night, I told Ernie, if you need me, I'll be in my sewing room, you'll have to holler at me. My book on tape will be on and the machine will be working. Amazing how he didn't need me for a very long time.

I got my wall hanging put together and quilted. I need to stitch on the hanging sleeve but that is a tv time progect. This is the first time I've used prairie points. There are a couple of wonky ones but it the grand scheme of things, is it going to matter??? I didn't think so.

Today's big project is laundry and bedding...ugh, my 2 least favorites but at least I can sew during the process. I have a couple of projects I want to get to and I have quilts that are begging me to get quilted. Send me good vibes for a smooth day..........

Ernie update: Yesterday was 2 weeks with his new knee. Tuesday was the surgeon post op appointment and he was very pleased. The staples were removed and he will see him again in 6 weeks. Yeah! Friday was physical therapy and I needed to stop at the grocery store to pick up some things. He decided to go in with me.......Winco is ginormous! So we did the short, quick version of grocery shopping, he stood at the end of the isle with the cart and I did the go grab what I need thing. LOL Saved lots of money that way and I got some needed exercise! We came home, he sat on the couch with ice on his knee and I did my normal thing. Life is good!