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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I Like Thursdays #24

I like watching Miss Clella Mae play soccer.
She is very serious about it and is on a team with other serious players
and they all know how to have fun while playing their best.

I like that we made it through the game with no rain!
I also like going out to lunch with her and her mom and 1 brother and her Grampa.

I like a good quilty weekend.
Start to finish Saturday and Sunday.
I also like marking a UFO off the list!

I like scrappy bindings on a scrappy quilt.
I save my extra binding pieces, 
sew them to the last piece and roll them up.
Pretty soon there is enough to bind a quilt.

I like this fun poster on the ceiling of the exam room at the doctor's office.
All is well but not much activity for a few days.

I got a bit bored just stitching binding so
I decided to start new socks to fill my down time.
I'm going to master the toe up socks if it kills me or
if I run out of yarn in my yarn stash.
Which is what I am trying to do.
When I think I'm close, I find another bag of yarn.

The passenger seat socks have the heels turned and the gusset complete.
Now it's just knit until it's time to decrease for the toes.
No thinking for me!
The fact that the stripes don't match doesn't bother me one little bit.

I got tired of sitting on the couch so I went into the sewing room.
After a good quilting project, 
my Big Brother machine needs a good cleaning.
He had a big family of dust bunnies living in there!
Now he's all clean, oiled and has a new needle ready for the next project.
What will it be???

Can you see the bobbin with the yellow thread?
I wound 10 bobbins for this quilt and this is all that's left.
9 1/2 bobbins! 
I love playing that crazy guessing game. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Nothing on my design wall this week!

I am so close to being finished with this month's UFO from 
I am still 2 behind but I'm ok with that.
I need to add the binding but it's ready to go.
I wanted to grab a picture before dark.

I used my Accuquilt 3" tumbler die to cut my pieces.

At some point I decided I wanted a dark border.
I used up so many little pieces of fabric!
I still have so many little pieces of fabric!

A few years ago, my friend Harriet gave me bags of panels.
I have used some of them for the back of my
This time I cut 4 different fabrics into 10 1/2" squares.
It's kinda hard to tell that I arranged them in a diagonal pattern.

I love this piece.

I used lots of fun prints. 

Why do I always have to fold over the backing?
Guess it's not fun until the seam ripper comes out.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I Like Thursdays #23

 A full week of random stuff.

I canned applesauce this week.
The girls like apple scraps.

The hydrangeas need some fertilizer.
I'll look that up this week to see what to do with them.
I like finding a random bright blue among all the blossoms.

I love the blue sky and the green trees with the leaves starting to change color.

We thought the bees had all left.
They moved back home at some point. 

Daisy Dog refuses to look at me when I have the camera pointed at her.
She is a funny funny dog.

Cosmos from a seed package that was inside a box of Cheerios. 
We didn't think they would bloom because we planted them so late in the season.

When your screen saver reminds you of a quilting design,
you have to share it with your quilting friends.

Quilts in the new trailer make it feel so homey.

Thanks LeeAnna for the positive Thursday posts. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I sewed this week!
Not a bunch but I sewed and accomplished something.
This is block 2 for Fun On the Farm by Eleanor Burns.
I love Dresden plates!
I loved doing free motion applique on the leaves and stems. 
Now I want to do a project with lots of free motion applique!
Oh dear, is that a squirrel I see?

This is called Mini Birds.
This is a free tutorial and download by Connie Kresin Campbell
Connie has lots of great tutorials.
I love matchstick quilting on small quilts.
I have several of these kitted up ready to sew.

Then a cute little 6 years old asks
"Gramma can you make me this owl? I got a book for you."
Of course I can.
So Mr. Owl became my focus.
And he's so cute. 
I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Like Thursdays #22

I like rainbows!

I like when the sun shines through the clouds.

I like this guy.
This Saturday is our 46th! Anniversary.
He loves his stinky clams and this past weekend
I taught him how to fry them.
I may never have to fry another stinky clam!

Last weekend was the annual
We set up our chairs at the end of our friend's driveway
to watch the cruise.
It was ok, but not many cars participated.
I couldn't help but love this truck going the opposite direction 
with a great big flag waving .

This is the only car I took a picture of.
I was too busy watching and waving,
chatting and laughing.

My SonInLaw does amazing wood work.
I asked him to make me a clock for the bus.
He said yes.

Now I need to clean the wall and stain it again.

We bought a travel trailer and 
after Ernie did all the minor repairs to it,
it's finally my turn.
Quilts for the beds are a must for any quilter.
This is Jamestown Landing from Bonnie Hunter.
It may be my 2nd favorite.
Now I need to put 2 or 3 more in for the other beds.
I need to go shopping for lots of little things.
Like a can opener-it must be important,
it's on my list twice. 😀😀

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Design Wall Monday on Tuesday

We've spent the last 2 weekends at the beach.
Our time there now is being interrupted  due to hunting season.
Last week while we were home for a couple of days,
I sat down and sewed up 2 baby quilts from blocks that have been done for a while.
I have the backing and binding ready for one and will get he 2nd one ready soon.

I brought home most of my sewing stuff from there.
It's getting to be the time of year when I can't leave my Little Brother
 sewing machine due to the dampness.
We leave nothing on in the bus so that means no heat.

In the purple case is Wild & Goosey.
I thought I was going to make the flying geese for sashing
but I've changed my mind again and I"m going with the
original layout from the magazine.
The pattern is also in her Addicted to Scraps book.
This has been my bus project since September of 2015.
It's time now to move it along at home.

I always get excited about fall time. 
Today it feels like fall with the cool temps and light rain.
Ernie is out scouting with his hunting buddies,
I'm going to do a couple things this morning and then hit the sewing room.
I have plans for hours and hours of uninterrupted sewing time.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

I Like Thursdays #21

Labor Day Weekend At The Beach

Every morning these guys come over for hot cocoa.
I love traditions.

Aunt DeeDee has a wagon.
I don't know how many rides Granddog Sadie had.
I wonder how many miles were put on the wagon this weekend.

Holiday weekends are for napping and if you score both comfy chairs,
use them to your fullest advantage.
It's perfect when your Poppy covers you up with a quilt and
puts little Jessie in to snuggle with you.

This boy loves the dogs!
All dogs.
I wish I could hear the conversation.
I had to take the picture through the window
because there was no way I would mess up this partnership.

Fun times on the beach.

We went to the family reunion of my good friend.
This is the first time our grandkiddos have met.
They were fast friends!
Pretty soon, electronics were put away and real play happened.
Lots of running and laughing!

I took some time to assess Wild & Goosey.
How many more blocks do I need,
how many more scraps do I need to gather and
how many more little sashing strips I need to cut.
These blocks are soon to be made into a quilt tip.

We had to come home.
The view from the top of the bridge in Astoria was marvelous!
But it's not a good spot for a picture.
This is as you are coming off the bridge.

Passenger seat knitting happened.
I made some good progress on my socks. 

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