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Monday, October 30, 2006

Squeezing In An October Post

Wow, I was almost too late to have a post in October. I've noticed alot of my favorite blogs have slowed down posting so I have quit feeling guilty about being a slacker. I will just post when I can and be happy with that.

Since the last post, we took a trip to Arizona to see Crystal, Mike and Mr Elliot. Everyone told me it was going to be hot there. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and it was actually hot! Duh, people! I LOVED IT!!! The only day we saw 100 was on the way to the airport to come home. Got into Portland and it was raining. Enough to make me want to get back on a plane and head south. I plan to head back down the end of January for Mr E's 1st birthday in February. I sure hope it's not Super Bowl themed! (Does this make me a parttime snow bird?)

Mike wasn't able to be there with us after the 1st day so Crystal showed us all the local sites and good eats of Mirana. We took one day and drove south to Seirra Vista to see my friend Pat and her fabulous quilt store, Thimblweed Quilts and left her some of our money. Then after lunch, we headed over to Tombstone. I want to go back there when it isn't so warm (notice I didn't say hot!) so we can do the OK Corral tour. Grampa and Mr E were getting fussy.

Good news is that Crystal and Mr E will be here on Wednesday. We are going to our quilt retreat. We have friends coming from all over the state of Washington. It is held each fall at Royal Ridges Retreat. If you go to their website, you will see why we love it there. We sew with horses right outside our window. Some days there are kids there riding, the meals are homestyle meals and we get to have a slumber party with our girlfriends. Lots of sewing, laughing, eating. Fabulous show and tell. Oh I can't wait.

Blogger is being fussy now about my picutres, so I am going to keep on babbling.

Miss T spent the weekend with me and had a nice new denim skirt. Being Gramma, I took the liberty of deciding it needed some embroidery on it. We added some rhinestones to the flowers and she thinks it's just beautiful. It is pretty darn cute. I love all the embroidery on the jeans and skirts now.

On a quilty note, I haven't been doing much. I made a few blocks for the retreat, have 2 projects cut and ready to sew and I'll take my scraps to work on scrappy string blocks it I have time.

I guess I don't get to upload pictures tonight. So I'll have to try again later.

I have to eat dinner and finish the quilting a friends quilt tonight. We need it for show and tell.

Until next time,
Stay happy.