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Monday, April 15, 2019

Design Wall Monday

Look, I've been sewing!
Saturday I was cleaning my sewing room and it was time to take a break.
I have a giant bag of scraps that were gifted to me by my friend BJ.
I decided to use my break time by sorting and cutting some of these scraps.
I was also getting things together for retreat next month..

Right there, staring me in the face, was my box with Virginia Bound by Bonnie Hunter.
It's one of my favorites from her Scraps and Shirttails book.
I started it at the fall retreat with plans to work on it again in the spring
I pulled it out to put on the retreat pile.

Maybe I'll just sew neutrals to a few blocks.
There were 2 that the centers were already trimmed, ready for neutrals.
That's when the squirrel came out. 

Oh heck, may as well get the centers to the others trimmed up and ready to work on at retreat.

I'm not sure how many a few are but this is only 2 of a pretty good pile
that I already had the centers done.
They are now all completed, trimmed and depapered. 

Sunday Morning comes around and the Mojo is strong!
Ernie already had plans for the day so I decided to sew more blocks.
And more and more and more.
Just like Lay's potato chips,
you can't eat just one!

I started this audiobook Saturday afternoon.
I'm pretty far into it and it is so good.
I'd never read anything from Kristin Hannah.
I'm really happy with whoever shared this book. 

I headed right over to my library and placed holds on all of her audiobooks.
Her books are several weeks out but I'm sure they will be worth the wait.
I added several ebooks to my wish list for when I'm finished with the series I'm reading.
The ability to down load books to my Kindle and
other devices is priceless to me. 

See what others are sharing at

Have a wonderful week. 

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Design Wall Monday on Tuesday

My mojo has gone missing. I have not sewn for 3 weeks. The exception is joining pieces of landscape cloth to make them big enough for my tub garden. 

Garden Party has been basted since January but it sits on the shelf taunting me. The borders were wavy and I was not pleased with the way backing was , too many puckers! So last night, I told it to hush as I grabbed it off the shelf and took it in front of the tv. Seam ripper and reverse tweezers at the ready, I got busy. 

The original plan was to just unpin the borders and remove them, remeasure and do it right. No more just laying the fabric on and sewing borders. I knew while doing it I might regret it and I do. 

When the borders were off and I started to fold the quilt back up, I saw the puckers on the backing again. Right then I decided to unpin it all, and fix it the right way! Too much time went in to this quilt to half-ass finish it. 

Now I am ready to do a quick gift project and then get busy again on my UFOs. 

Saturday, April 06, 2019

2019 Garden Journal

I decided to make a post for my garden journal and make it a continuous post by putting it in my tabs and updating often.

We started on April 3rd with broccoli and cauliflower. 
You can read the story of our plans about halfway down this blog post 
where I link to the You Tube channels where I learned about wicking containers. 

We decided to plant the tomatoes on April 4th
and keep them out in the carport.
If it's going to get real cold at night, 
we'll move them into the shop for the night.

April 6th, I'm starting squash seeds.
I ordered these from Migardner.
Plus I saved seeds from the blue pumpkins from my friend that I'm starting too.

We are going to try these in big containers full of water.
I might put some in the ground just because.

To be continued......

I'm just going to add links to the blog posts with the updates.

May 7th

Thursday, April 04, 2019

I Like Thursdays #44

Happy Thursday!
Is there anything more soul filling than sunset over the ocean.
We spent last weekend at the beach.
The weather was gorgeous so the sunsets were stunning!

The drive home along the Columbia River is magical.

Corbin finally lost his tooth.
I've been checking it every morning for him but
never attempted to pull it.
He did it himself and was quite proud.
The Tooth Fairy is very generous.

Funny story.
We sent this picture to Aunt Jen in Texas.
She asks if she can borrow money.
No, you will just spend it.
She replies with a GIF of a dancing taco.
And says she will spend it on tacos, she loves tacos.
His response was I knew it!

So he sends he a picture of his banana that was going in his lunch.
I love their long distance relationship.
The pictures she sends to him of herself after she uses the 
Snap Chat filters on them or hilarious.

I wanted to do a few garden containers on the deck
so I asked Ernie to build me a couple of benches out of scrap wood..
After we talked about it,
he thought tables height would work good.
He can always cut them down if needed.

We made a trip into town for a few plants 
and supplies.

We bought buckets and totes and landscape cloth and some soil.
I've been learning about wicking container gardens on You Tube.
I told Ernie it might be overkill on the landscape fabric.
We'll cut down on how much we use in the future.

Arms Family Homestead is a favorite channel that I share with the kiddos.
He has fun videos of goats and his dogs and his beautiful high tunnel full of crops.
That led me to Leon's channel which is full of information.
I totally fell in love with him. 

Here are our first containers.
Cauliflower and broccoli. 
I have so many plans that I had to make a list.
We are going to try to grow cucumbers and squash in a garbage can filled with water.
We will use what we have before investing any more money.
I'm pretty excited about all of this.

I really like that Ernie is on board with my new plan.
I think out deck is going to be overrun with produce.
What's not to like about that!
Bad back and an awesome garden,
something to look forward to. 

Have a wonderful week.
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