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Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Like Thursday #11

In no order at all, here are this week's things I like.
We left for the beach last Monday.
I wrote my blog post before we left and posted it Thursday from my phone.
I tried to upload more photos from my phone but I was a failure. LOL

I try to send a beach picture to my friend Sue each time we are there.
Beach pictures never get old.

We spent time with 2 of our favorite people.
Pam has been my dear friend since high school.
We loaned her and Bill our chipper so they could clean up their new yard.
I think they had fun working so hard.

I love motorhome sewing!

We were driving around looking for bears but only found bunnies.
There are no bunnies in this picture.
Were you looking for bunnies? 

The poop deck is doing great,
thanks to Pam because she comes over and waters all the time for us.

Putting things up to head home.
The motorhome/bus looks lonely already.
Yes, that is an old school bus.

The kids are ready to roll!
My knitting bag and purse sit between my feet for easy access.
I need to passenger seat knit.

Back home on Friday meant I could sew like a crazed woman!
I finished this quilt.
This will go to the beach for outside sitting coziness.

We had a picnic at the park to celebrate Taylor's graduation.
I love finding selfies on my phone.!!

My sister Karen on the left, her daughter Katie and my daughter Crystal.

I spotted this on the shelter post.
I thought it was meant for Ernie and I. 

I tried machine piecing Castle Wall blocks.
I had been hand piecing these for a while and had 3 left to finish.
I should have tried machine piecing after the first 3!!

I really like audio books. 
I really like that I can download them for free from my library.
I really, really like the library.
This one was really good.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Design Wall Monday

WaaHoo, I sewed! and sewed and sewed!!!

Beach sewing square in a square blocks.

These will be a border for an upcoming UFO finish.

More beach sewing.
The final blocks for Mischief Quilt.
The 1st 2 rows are being sewn together.

Deli Geese was May's UFO and it's now complete.
It's headed for the beach for outside sitting.

I started a new project. 

I saw this quilt on the TV show Home Improvement.
I had to back it up, pause in just the right place and take a picture.
Then I started doing an internet search until I found a picture of  a whole quilt.
That story lead to this story at Piece N Quilt.

So I got out some recycled shirt fabric and then ordered diamond papers from Paper Pieces.
When the papers arrived, I had to cut fabric.
Then I had to baste a few.
They are large enough that I won't glue baste. 
I need lots more variety.
I need lots more time to cut but until I do, I have plenty to baste right now.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

May UFO Is Finally Finished!

I'm still behind on my 2018 UFO Challenge.
June's quilt is up next.

I'm so excited to have this finished the May UFO.
It took longer to quilt than I thought it would but
you really need to sit at the machine to get things done.

I'm a firm believer in finished is better than perfect and
this is far from perfect! 
I used flannel for the back and
quilted it with lots of curves and swirls.
It was pretty fun.

About mid way I wondered why I didn't just meander!
Really I wanted to practice free motion curves and there were a lot of them!
It's now in the washer and will live at the beach as a sit outside and cuddle quilt.

I've pulled out the June project.
I made the backing and the binding.
I'm ready to baste it and get started on it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Like Thursday #10

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In no particular order...

My likes and loves for the week.

I like to sew clothes for myself.
I really really like my coverstitch machine.
I like that Knitpop sends a sticker in almost every order.
And yes, I put them on my machines.

Double brushed poly and ITY knits.

The wagon is filling up!

Miss Clella graduated from 4th grade.
Love her Momma made outfit.
And her Momma and Daddy.

Our son was married Saturday.
Rehearsal was a hoot thanks to the little girls and the dog.

Some of my people.

It was a beautiful wedding.
Even with the rain.

Really today is Monday and I'm starting to write this post at home.
I'm hoping to add pictures during the week from the beach.
I know I can post this from my phone but can I add the pictures.
It will be a test.

Now it's Wednesday evening.
I tried to add more photos but it didn't work for me.
Guess I need to do some more work on that.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Design Wall Monday

There wasn't much quilting happening around her this past week.
We made a quick trip to the beach on Tuesday, 
attended 4th grade graduation Friday,
helped put on a big picnic and our son got married on Saturday.
On Sunday I barely moved.

Wednesday and Thursday I sewed. 
I have a pretty fabulous knit fabric stash.
If you are in the market for some nice knits,
check out Knitpop.
I made myself some  2 new tops.
The camo top was my tester the week before.

I really like Love Notions patterns.
These are all from the Rockford Raglan pattern.
I also have made several Laundry Day Tees.
I'm a big gal and I love my shirts to be flowy, not showy!

Today we head back to the beach for several days.
There will be some block construction happening there.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

I Like Thursday #9

Some of this week's likes are from last week.

We headed to the beach again.
I don't do well at all on the freeway so I listen to my music and knit.
 (I'll sing to Ernie while I listen to my music since he doesn't like the radio on. 😏😏)
I like simple socks.
I don't want to have to follow a pattern or chart.

We found a great vet for Tony.
He had some lumps and bumps removed.
He's doing great but we had him wear the inflatable collar while we weren't home.
I love his expression! 
Really Mom!!!

I took fabric to cut and kit up.
I have a UFO that I'm sure is going to have it's number called soon.
I decided I want a square in a square border so I cut and cut and cut.
I probably have enough fabric cut for a 2nd border but not for this quilt.

This bag contains everything ready for a small quilt.
I'm anxious to get started on this one.

I like to use every inch of fabric.
On the left is my garbage bag, center is little scraps for Wild and Goosey.
On the right are strings and squares for my Scrap Users System.

While Tony was having his surgery, Ernie kept busy helping our friend Bill.
Ernie cut down 2 dead trees and chunked them up for firewood.
Bill is not a logger and was happy to haul the pieces away.
I like that these 2 are such great friends.

Back home to familiar sights, sounds and family activities!

We drove to town and got stopped in road construction.
This building is an old barn/milk house that has been there my whole life. 
I love the sliding door and the bricks.
It looks like it is still used. 

We were able to attend GranddaughterTaylor's high school graduation.
Grandson Ian also graduated in Texas. 

I picked up my Mischief Quilt blocks again.
I like no pressure stitching.

I like to can.
Clam Chowder base for the hubs.

Smoked clams and pinto beans.

Daisy and Jessie--best friends.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Project Pantry

You know I like to can, right?
The jar lifter on the left belonged to my mom.
I bought mine in the early 70s when I was a young wife, 
starting to can for my own family.
I still use it and the water bath canner I bought at the time.
Only I mostly pressure can now,
using the pressure canner that my dad gave me.
I've replaced all the important parts to in several times but 
it's still the same canner dad gave me.

I'm doing my own freezer challenge.
Get that old stock out of the freezer and into jars.
I need room for new freezer stock.
Clams! So many clams. 
Sunday I made clam chowder base.
The recipe is in The Ball Blue Book.
Potatoes, onion, bacon and clams.
Then when I open a jar, I make a rue of butter and flour,
add some heavy cream and a jar of base.
Hubby says it's really good. 
I'll never believe that. 😝
It's Stinky Clam Chowder to me.
14 1/2 pints added to the pantry.

Tuesday I make him smoked clams.
I'm not using the smoker, just some liquid smoke. 
I found the recipe here.
(Yes, I know it's not an approved recipe by the canning gurus.)
I've made them before, he says they are good.
Again, I'll never believe that.

Since I only made 8 1/2 pints of clams and I don't like to run the pc partially full,
I canned up some pinto beans in 1/2 pints. 
The perfect amount for a bean dip snack. 
14 more jars on the shelf.

I need to get out more jars.
I have fish in the freezer that needs to be canned up.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Design Wall Monday

No quilting happened this week.
Fabric was touched, sorted, cut and kitted.

I did sew up a new shirt so the serger and coverstitch machine were used, 
but the sewing machine remained off all week.
I'll try to remedy that this week.

I took 2 bins of fabric and rulers with me to the beach.
I used my Easy Center Square and Essential Triangle Tool to cut my square in a square parts.
These will be used for a border on a UFO.
(There is enough cut to border 2 quilts! 
Why stop when you are on a roll.)
Easy Peasy with the right tools!
Bonnie has an awesome tutorial here if you don't have the ruler.
(Quiltville is my first go to for tutorials.)
I was one of the lucky ones and was able to grab the Easy Center Square ruler 
when Bonnie was selling them.

I also used lots of 2" strips to cut a small quilt.
All the parts almost fit into a quart zip bag.

These are my leftovers.
They will go into my Scrap User's System and the garbage.
Garbage on the left, Wild & Goosey parts, 2" squares and strings and strips.
I love taking fabric to the bus and coming home with projects all kitted up.

The only sewing I did at home this week was on the Mischief Quilt.
I have all the rows clipped together.
It's one row at a time,
trying to stay organized and in order. 
This picture is all the blocks for the first row.

There is a safety pin it the top left corner of block one.
The unsewn blocks stay clipped together with a binder clip, 
the next block is taken off the stack and sewn to the right hand side.
I try to stay organized, really I do. 😉

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