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Monday, December 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday and...

...Quiltville Mystery Link Up

Allietare Part 5 is complete.
But first I had to complete part 4.
And celebrate Christmas.

Saturday afternoon was a good time to start putting half square triangles together.
I knew I had to do the 4 patches first. 
I would be easy for me to put that part off.
I drew lines on my gray squares while watching tv to have them ready for Sunday.

I am now all set up for this week sewing on Pineapple Crazy.
My plan to have all the blocks finished by the end of the year has long since flown away.
Slow and steady is winning this crazy race.

Blogland fun will happen today.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Design Wall Monday and...

...Mystery Monday Link Up

Allietare Mystery in part 4.
3 sets complete,
2 in progress,

25 more in the box.
These actually sew pretty fast.
I'm chaining 2 sets at a time.
So far I haven't confused myself.
There's lots of time for that.

I learned a long time ago to to use the Easy Angle ruler when
making companion angle pieces.
I can't throw away a perfect chance for a good half square triangle.

After the first easy angle cut is made,
I turn the ruler to trim off the dog ears. 
Trimming those little bits is not fun for me.
I also trim off the Companion pieces the same way,
using the easy angle ruler. 
Just line up the angle and the bottom using the blunt end of the ruler. 

The black pieces???
Those were cut with my Go! Cutter and are already trimmed. :)

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

There has been slow stitching almost every night.
I cannot just sit and watch tv with hubby.
I need to be busy and knitting isn't happening.
So I stitch.

There is a group on Facebook called  Katja Marek's Fussy cutting EPP workshop.
It is a block of the week using The New Hexagon book.
January 2016 will begin The New Quilt Along.
So I am combining those for my own quilt.
Because I don't have enough hand piecing happening with Millefiore.
wink wink
I cannot wait to learn the tricks of quilting each of these hexies
and then joining them as you go.
I have an idea of how it's done but
I'll wait for the good instructions.

I am using the papers from Millefiore for the hexies.
If I don't have the shape,
I copy the template from the book onto card stock and cut out the pieces.

It has been so fun to pull scraps out of bags that were gifted from friends.
The orange block is named Judy,
the fabrics for that hexi and a few more came from my friend BJ.
I have a few blocks kitted and ready to stitch.
I need to get my next rosette for Millifiore kitted up.
But not today.
Today is all about fun--grands and movies and pizza.
Mom and Dad are going on a date.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Design Wall Monday and.....

...Mystery Monday Link Up

There has been some secret sewing going on around here.
There has been some Quiltville mystery sewing too.
I love making 4 patches and think I've made oodles of them.
Saturday morning I sewed and sewed.
Pressed, matched pairs, sliced and sewed and pressed again.
I counted and pinned.
I was so excited thinking I needed 80, had 50, remembered I need 120.
Yes, that's a little peak inside my head. 
It's a happy place.
(Yes, I know there are words on that selvage edge.
The woven edge is cut off and the words are in the seam line.
Even if they showed a bit, I'm just fine with that.
Gives it a bit of character.)

So I cut some more strips.

It was a busy weekend with meat processing, canning and grandchildren.
Not a bad way to spend the weekend.

Today I'll sew.

Sometimes a girl needs brand new and shiny.
My love of vintage machines has not wavered but 
I like a good electronic machine
and this little gem was on an excellent sale.
Brother 6000i
And she was screaming at me to give her a home.
So I did.
I had to test her out on my 4 patches.
I will continue to use my vintage straight stitch only for piecing.
I will test this girl our on some machine applique and other things this week.

Monday is my favorite day of the week as I stroll around Blogland.
Time to fill up the cup and get visiting.


By Monday afternoon, all the 4 patches were finished
and put in the bag with the neutral rectangles.

Then put into their bin and put away until Friday.
Can it be Friday???

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Slow Stitching on Sunday

It's been quite awhile since I've posted a Slow Stitching post. Today I am slow stitching on the last five Millefiore hexagons for this rosette while I am waiting on the pressure canner.

Hubby got an elk and I saved out a nice bowl full of meat to can. It smells so good in my house right now.  Since I can't leave the kitchen, I figured it was a nice time to sit and stitch. Elf is playing on tv, and is easy to listen to while I stitch and watch the pressure gauge......multitasking at it's finest.

And since it is such a rainy, cold day outside, I'm going to move to the couch with my stitching and maybe, just maybe a nap will happen.

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Design Wall Monday and...

...Mystery Monday Link Up 

Allietare Part 2
Santa hats
This is the only set I have complete.

I have 8 more sets ready to press and pin.
The other 11 are patiently waiting their turn.
This was a fun clue.

Before Clue 2 was released, I concentrated on my Pineapple Crazy.
I'm so close to the end.
I changed it up a bit and did the 4 corners and 1 border block.

What can i get done this week? 
I know, maybe I should finish my Christmas projects.

Monday in Blogland is my favorite day.
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Design Wall Monday and...

 ...Allietare Link Up.

It's that time of year again.
Quiltville Mystery Time!
The first clue was released Friday morning.
I woke up at 4 and just had to check.
It was there so I went back to bed.
No need to worry about that any more. :)

I knew it wouldn't take long to cut my pieces with my GO Cutter.
I was right.
Before long, I was ready to sew.

But first I had to put the last 2 rounds on these 10 Pineapple Crazy blocks.
They are trimmed and ready to de-paper before going in to the bin.
I either have 24 more to finish or 14.
You know I'm hoping for 14!

Then I got busy on these.
Soon I was pressing and counting into piles of 10.
I have 302 HSTs.
Is it Friday yet???

Next up for me this week are the 4 cornerstone blocks for Pineapple Crazy.
They are each made up using 4 of these.
One little block done, 15 to go.
So close, yet so far.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Millefiore has demanded attention most of the week!
She is loud!!!

Sometimes choosing fabric is hard work.
The center hexi originally had cream fabric but it just wasn't working for me.
So I had to change it to brown.
I'm happier now.

I was very undeceive about the last round until this morning.
Early morning fabric play has me on the right path!

 I have 2 more sides to stitch on the last round 2 hexi.
I ordered (from Paper Pieces) and received the next 4 rosette papers.
I'm excited for the next one because I have all the colors picked already.
Lime green, white, red.

You know the new Quiltville mystery, Allietare starts Friday.
I spent some time pulling fabrics.
Some were removed, more were added.
I'm so excited!!
So I must get busy and finish up the 10 pineapple blocks that are laying on my machine half finished.

My helpers and I will be busy, busy, busy this week. 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have been on a mission to get my Pineapple Crazy blocks finished. After the last 2 retreats, I had completed 23 blocks. Friday and Saturday I made 7 more and added 5 more border blocks for a total of 180 and 30.

 Last week I said I did a lot of talking at retreat. Yesterday I proved it to myself. I decided to make it a Sunday Sew Day and that is what I did. I pulled out 10 more papers and got busy! Ernie warmed up leftovers for lunch and he cooked fish for dinner. I sewed.  By the time I was done at the machine, I have 2 more rounds to go on these 10 blocks. How great would it be if I could finish these 10 and 10 more to be at 200 blocks! I feel like I am on the fast track now.  This is my long term project and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm also pretty excited about Millefiore! This is my Rosette 4, I have #5 already finished and plans and fabric pulled for #6. I am working round 2 now and having fun choosing the fabrics. I start each block with a color combination in my head, pull the fabrics in those colors and then I get to play. Each round is bringing in new fabrics. It's so much fun pulling these from my stash. Are you like me and the fabrics already in the stash are considered to be free??? Another of the silly games I play.

Did you notice the PC block on the left has the same paisley as the diamonds in Millie? That fat quarter is full of holes and is now in the PC bucket.

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Design Wall Monday

This weekend was final retreat of the year.
This is my favorite spot to take a picture.
I try to remember to do it each retreat.

I planned to only work on Pineapple Crazy. 
I finished 11 blocks.
I wanted to finish at least 15, but
I did a whole lot of talking instead. 

Part of my talking was about the new Block of the Week I've started.
This book is serving double duty, Millefiore and BOW.
This is going to be fun!!!
I hadn't started the flower hexi and cut and basted the fabrics there.
Then I showed it to my friend Sharlene and she said to change it to this setting.
She is so smart!
I stitched it last night and I love it.

We also had a strip swap and I do the swapping.
We had 6 different swaps.
We had some fabulous fabrics!
Too bad the picture is so dark.
I'm excited to add them to what I already have.

So with all the chatting, laughing and having fun,
plus the swapping, games, prizes and a bit of sewing, 
I had a pretty fabulous weekend!

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Monday, November 02, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Lots of sewing going on this week but not much can be shared. 
I can share my progress on Millefiore.
Block #3 is complete.
I am so excited to pick fabrics for #4.
I'm thinking pinks and browns with a spash of lime green!

Top left is #3 which will attach to the pink and green #1.
Orange and blue is block #5 which doesn't attach to 1 or 3.
The blue and yellow is block #2 and barely attaches to 5.
I am! 
But I have the road map.

Just for the fun of it!
I babysat while mom and dad took the oldest to his soccer party.
They love Wheel of Fortune.
AKA the spinning game with 3 people.
Teeth brushed and showers and pjs before 7:30.
Win for Gramma!

Retreat starts in 3 more get ups!
I'm pretty much ready.
I just have to check over my list
and finish packing the car.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Design Wall Monday

The design wall is still empty. 
There was very little sewing machine time last week.
I think I sewed 2 seams.

I did do some hand stitching on Millefiore blocks 
and I'm almost ready to start sewing the rosettes together.

I have another retreat next Thursday.
I swear it was this week so things have already been loaded in the car.
I needed to finish cutting some strips for our swap 
so I cut another wallet project too since I was in the mood.
Then I looked at the calendar. 
I was bummed all day.
So now I have time to dive into the sewing room organization again.
This time I'm working in zones.
One small zone a day.

This bright morning sky greeted me last week.
Some days this is all I need to get me going.

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I love Monday in Blogland!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Design Wall Monday...

...Retreat Report

Retreats are always so much fun.
Retreats with your daughter and 10 other close friends are even more fun.
That's what I did this past weekend.
Day 1 started with making these pillow cases for a horse loving granddaughter.
It always fun to have a TaDah moment early on.

Then I went to work on Pineapple Crazy.
Thursday and Friday resulted in 10 more blocks.

I decided Saturday would be UFO day.
I took along the blocks from 2014 BOM at The HEXIE Blog.
At our May retreat, I finished appliqueing the motifs to the background.
We won't go into the details of the sashing cut too short and
 the blocks having to be trimmed down a bit.
Now the blocks are sashed and the top is sewn together.
I can't wait to quilt it and gift it.

After the BOM top was finished I pulled out the new project.
This is called Between Friends Junior from
The Happy Hour book by Atkinson Designs.
This was a kit I had bought several years ago.
I just had to have the right person in mind before starting.
Sometimes that takes a while.

The blocks are ready to be layed out.
I'll do this Wednesday at Binding Friends group.
Deciding a layout is more fun with friends.

Sunday morning I decided to make 2 more Pineapple blocks.
It was raining and gloomy,
perfect for sewing while we waited for the storm to blow over before loading the cars.
The storm didn't blow over.
We loaded our cars in the rain.

Retreat was a blast.
I love to bring my friends over with me to the super scrappy side of quilting.
Marian showed her fabulous black and batik Pineapple Crazy quilt.
I thought she needed a new scrappy project so I introduced her to Wild & Goosey.
I showed my few blocks and hope to be seeing several other friends
 with W & G quilts one of these days.
I didn't sew any more W & G blocks but I did take 5 sections out of 4 blocks and 
turn them the correct direction.
Better to catch that now than when the quilt is finished.

Thanks Marian. 
I predict very little sewing this week due to other things.
My mind will be working overtime planning for the next retreat.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I'm sew excited. It's retreat week!! That means it's a busy next 3 days. I have elk meat to can. Elk bones to cook down and broth to can. I want to make some apple pie filling. Will I get it all done in the next 3 days. You bet, I have everything ready for retreat already.

I bought this kit several years ago and keep getting it out and putting it back. A couple weeks ago I decided it would make a great project for retreat so I cut everything and it's ready to go. It isn't the cover quilt I'm making. One day I'll make that one.  The book is Happy Hour by Terry Atkinson and is full of great quilt patterns! 

 I pulled out a pack of Moda Marble fat quarters I had won at a previous retreat from the Chinese Auction. (We donate things from our sewing room and then put tickets in the bucket of the items we want). These were in someone's deep stash, they are dated 1997. I'm thrilled to use them for sashing on this UFO.

Pineapple Crazy blocks will be worked on after these 2 projects are finished.

I spent some sewing time this week working on The Necessary Clutch Wallet from Emmaline Bags. This is a very well written pattern and fun to sew. This was my first turn knob instillation. I think my second one will be better. Turn knobs are not required on this wallet, a magnetic snap works great too.

All ready to be filled up. 2 card pockets, a zipper pocket and 5 sections. It's a great wallet!

Yesterday morning I woke up with an idea and had to run in and test it out. Piping on glittery hearts. This will be very cute and I'll be able to use some of my heart fabric collection for the inside. 

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