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Thursday, February 26, 2009

SsssNnnnnnn Ooooooooooow

I really wish you could hear the way Elliot says snow. It is so cute and now whenever his mom or I say snow, we use Elliot speak. We have a little bit of snow this morning and "they" say it will be gone by afternoon. This is the view from hubby's chair.

I have to take Tony to the vet this morning. He needs his next series of shots. I'm going to ask for the anti-stupid shot for him. Sometimes I think all of this training was just a dream. He forgets he knows how to sit, forgets what down is and forgets he knows how to go to the door to go out to pee. I have to remind myself he is still a toddler and not to be mad at him.

Yesterday at our sewing day. I worked on my 11th block from Carol Doak's Yahoo Group BOM that started August 2007. This is the June block, the July block didn't want to print. Every once in a while, my printer doesn't like the Adobe files. It will print one, hate the next, and print the 3rd. So Sonya printed it off for me, I will make copies and get that last block finished. Then I need to figure how to set it. I'm thinking mini cornerstones but haven't found what I want to do yet. She is so talented and generous with sharing her designs.

I know it isn't the homespun plaid UFO I should be working on. I'm mulitasking!!! It's fun to take a small project to Marian's and come home with an almost complete block. Time to get ready for my big trip to BG!!!! Hmmmm maybe Taco Bell for lunch. Haven't done that for a while.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UFO #9 Done

How exciting to be finished with another UFO.
This quilt was started sometime in 2007 and now will be marked off the UFO list. Waahooo! UFO # 9 was called for my small quilting group on February 8th. This isn't so bad considering I was sidelined.
Now I have to work on that darn UFO # 22. It will go fast, I am determined to stay up with my plan to get this list down to nothing! And when I showed Hubby #9, he said that wasn't the number he chose so now there is more pressure!
Hmmfff, I scoff at pressure! Bring it on. Besides, what's the bid deal, it's been in a plastic bin forever!!!
I know this sounds weird but I'm looking forward to the next number drawn from my group. Maybe I cheated a bit and picked 11 projects that I really wanted to finish. I like the way I'm working on the others on the list also. Someone picks a number for me and I feel obligated to do the job. Wonder if that will work for housework..........

Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting No Where Fast

Have you ever spent a day where you are doing, doing, doing but not getting a thing done??? That's the kind of day I'm having.
I did finish these cute little luggage tags. I saw them on Elaine Adair's blog and thought they would make great little gifts. Well I discovered I was late in a swap so I finished these 4 up and packaged them up along with my swap items and sent them off in the mail. I have 4 others pieced and several more blocks printed off to paper piece and turn into tags. I got the designs out of Carol Doak's 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks.
Then I did some housework and played online for a while. After scolding myself for wasting so much time, I finally loaded the Crayon Box quilt onto the frame. I had to cut batting, bobbins were already filled and now I am quilting--just a meander--and can only do a row at a time. Then rest the knee. While resting, I made vet appointments for the dogs, folded clothes, planned my menu for the week and deleted a bunch of shows from the DVR list.
Now I need to get dinner started. Leftover baked chicken turned into chicken burritos and spanish rice. Yumm... I could eat pizza or Mexican food every day of the week if Hubby wouldn't complain. But he will so we won't!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quilting Along at the Quiltathon Day 2

I stayed up too late last night, got up too early this morning, drank coffee, read the paper, threw in a load of clothes and started to sew my papers. Then Hubby decides to go into town to look at a computer desk. I stayed home to sew. I had just sat down when the phone rang and Dad wanted to come over for a visit. By then I needed to get the chicken in the oven to bake so I did that while I waited for Dad. Just as he was leaving, Hubby comes home so Dad stayed for a while longer. After he left, we ate dinner, cleaned up then I got to sew.

Even with all that, I'm feeling pretty good about my Quiltathon Day 2. I finished all my Half Square Triangles and made some extras for my Depression Block Quilt. I decided I may as well print enough papers for the background fabric I had cut. I cut my strips 9" wide and then subcut the strips 6" wide and ended up with 21 pieces. So I printed some more papers, cut more of my prints and got busy sewing. The sewing part doesn't take much time at all. The cutting, pressing and tearing off the paper takes lots more time.
Here is my basket of 252 HSTs. That will give me 60 extras. After I got everything all cut and pressed, I took my baskets to the couch, got the ole ice bag, put up the foot rest, sat down to watch the rest of the Nascar race. Just as Matt Kennseth was taking the checkered flag, I was peeling the last paper off my HSTs. WooHoo for both of us.

Now I am going to put on my jammies and plan my week. Should be pretty exciting. Tony needs to go to the vet for another shot and DJ needs to go to the groomer. Oh yeah, I live the high life!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilting Along at the Quiltathon Day 1

Today I am getting a late start on the quiltathon. I spent a good share of the morning with my foot up and the ice bag and the knitting. Then Crystal and the kidlets came for a visit. Crystal brought me 4 quilts she wants quilted and is wanting to pick them up next week! Such a funny child! She know how I do with pressure. After they left, I fixed dinner of leftover pork roast and rice. Oh my gosh, how I love a good Paula Deen recipe. I don't have the links for those right here so I'll post those later.
Slowly but surely I will get my 192 half square triangles made for my Where Are the Bears Quilting Along project with Judy from Patchwork Times. My fabric and papers are cut to size and most are pinned together. Last night I sewed and cut 3 sets then peeled the paper off my 36 perfectly sized HSTs.
I am using my Triangulations CD for making the HSTs. I don't know why I have waited so long to used this program. I do know, I have lots of my fabrics cut into strips and I have used the Easy Angle for so long that I never think to use any of my other tools. Then Judy mentioned the Triangulations CD in this post and I pop myself upside the head because I have it and need to use it.
Now that I've made a few, I like using this method. I can tear the paper off while watching tv with the big guy. It doesn't take long to sew and cut a few at a time so I am not disobeying doctors orders. :-)
I'm actually doing better than I thought I would be. I went to JoAnn's and grocery shopping yesterday and I have to admit that I may have over did. But I rested today and my leg feels pretty good. Not ready to go dancing good but better that a few days ago. Now I am going to sew 4 more pages of these nice little HSTs so I will only have 10 pages to go! 16 pages times 12 units per page, equals 192 HSTs in no time at all. I'm making 17 pages for the just in case factor!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No RSVP Required

You are cordially invited to My Pity Party. No need to RSVP, just join me as I snivel and whine. I don't do well with pain. I hate that about me.

My Gramma lived with excruciating pain from her early 50s until the day she died. She seldom complained. I have a hurt knee and to listen to me whine, you would think there is nothing as painful as my knee. Wrong! I made the decision today to shut up. I am going to try really hard not to be a whiner.

I finished knitting a simple scarf and started another. I am using plain ole worsted weight Red Heart yarn that I have loads of. I found a design on Ravelry called 2 Weeknights with Warrick. It's a fun and easy pattern. Then I want to make a couple more dishclothes. I have my projects in the bag on the couch just waiting for me to finish one and start the next.

I am following doctors orders and trying hard to be a good girl. No whining!!!
Later, I need to elevate.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grounded With A Sewing Injury

I've been grounded from using my right foot for 2 weeks! No right foot on the gas pedal of the sewing machine. Keep my leg elevated, use ice. I have not been letting my knee heal up from a few months ago when I originally stepped in a hole and twisted it. I've had some serious knee pain and finally went to the doctor. He grounded me!!! But like a sneaky teen, I'm not going to stay grounded because I can use my left foot on the gas pedal! So there. I'll sew for a bit then elevate........not today. I'm knitting.

I started these Potluck Wool Mittenettes a couple/three months ago for myself. They were way too small for my chunky hands but fit Miss Taylor just fine. She laid claim to them right away. (I think she gets that from her Mother!) So I started the second one and put them away. Today she is spending the afternoon with us while her parents are on a Valentine's Day date. She spotted the mittenettes and started hounding me. So I sat down, elevated my leg and got busy. They are now finished and ohhhh so cute.

Now I will work on the blue scarf that she swears will look awesome with jeans! Gotta love her, she does have a knack!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Where Are the Bears?

Judy at Patchwork Times is doing Quilt Along #1. I have done quiltathons with Judy but this is the first time I will be making one of her designs. I'm very excited about this quilt.
I have always wanted to make a bear paw quilt. When I saw Judy's the itch started again. Then she says she is going to do the Quilt Along and of course, since I am not starting anything new, I signed up!
I have already decided this quilt is going to Ian when it is finished. He had asked for a new quilt quite some time ago. I feel like the mean Gramma because it has take me so long to make him one. I knew this wolf fabric was in my stash so I started pulling fabrics to go with it.
The fabric on the right will be the sashing and borders, the fabrics below the wolf print will be for the Half Square Triangles and the fabric on the left are some I'm not sure of but I think will go in as more HSTs. I do need to go shopping for a backgound fabric. I want a very, very pale gray but will take samples with me to match to. I have the Triangulations CD that I haven't used much so I think I will use this method for all the HSTs this quilt requires.
Today is quilting machine day. I have my backing made and the bobbins full for the Crayon Box and it will get loaded this morning and hopefully finished today. Binding is cut and waiting. This one has an owner also, she just doesn't know about it yet. No Dee, it isn't you. :-)
TTFN, I have work to do!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You're Starting Another Project?

I have belonged to the Stashbuster Yahoo Group off and on since it started. There was a time I went 2 years without buying any fabric for my stash. This group has changed the way I buy fabric. If I don't have a project for it, I don't buy. I will buy for borders, backs and bindings if I know I will use it right away.
Well, I usually don't buy. For some reason I thought this green and orange fabric would make a great backing. Then I saw the orange plaid and somehow they both came home with me. After all, they were on sale!!

I had also decided not to do anymore block of the month projects. Why do I say stuff like that when I know darn good and well I am going to start new things! Stashbuster is doing a Not So Ugly Sampler project. I wasn't going to do it. Then I looked at the photos and I caved. I knew this green and orange uglyness would make some nice blocks.

I have my Double Delight top almost finished. I didn't know what I wanted for the borders so I looked at some of the photos at the Quiltville Chat Yahoo group. There was a photo from Nancy in Georgia that I fell in love with. I emailed Nancy to ask if she minded if I copied hers and she was nice enough to say yes. So I got to work on my borders and would you believe I don't have enough fabric! Lucky for me the lady at the store I bought my border fabric from said there was more and I will get 1 more yard when I go to town on Wednesday. If there wasn't any, I was going to have to get creative and make a pieced section on my side borders. I still might but I want to use the brown and that is what I want to use for the binding.

My project for the rest of the day is to use some stash fabric for backing on the Crayon Box quilt. I wanted to use flannel but I don't have anything that I want to use on it. I got out some purple and will use that instead.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

UFO #9

It is time for this month's UFO Challenge for my small online quilting group. This is UFO #9. It is my version of Quiltville's Crayon Box. I had started making 4 patches as leaders/enders. Then I added some 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" bricks, then 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips. Then I saw Bonnie's quilt and knew I should keep going with my ideas. My bin of bricks was overflowing so I decided this was a good way to use them up.
Why did it get put away 2 years ago and never finished??? I didn't have enough of the sashing fabric. As I was searching through the box for this UFO, I remembered that little point. Just after I picked up this bag, there was another UFO with that fabric as borders. My mind went nuts........I'll just take those borders off-they were 5" wide-and used that fabric for this UFO and find other fabric for that UFO because they were just borders, none of that fabric was in the quilt. Lucky for me, the binding was already in the bag and those borders were just enough fabric for my sashing.
Last night, I sat down, watched TV with Hubby and took off the borders. Then I had to work on the quilt. At 10:00, I turned of the machine. I had one more row ready to add to the 3 that were done and the 5th row was all organinzed and waiting for me.
Now the quilt only needs the top and bottom sashing/border. I am not going to put borders on. I am going to use flannel for the back. I am also going to work on the UFO that I took the borders off of. Turns out this is UFO #8. If I get that one finished before the number is called, I will have to replace it with something else.
I am on a roll with these UFOs. I got out #29 yesterday and made another block for it. That one is a Carol Doak BOM that I needed to make 3 more blocks for. So it is one block closer to being done. I have another block ready to cut fabric for and the 3rd block doesn't want to print so I will have to print that one at Crystal's next time I'm there. (This is for Crystal to remind me!) I still have that darn homespun plaid laying here looking at me! I think today I am going to make it into a top just so it will quit tormenting me.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Elliot

It sure doesn't seem like 3 years!
Love You!!!

Thing I've Learned While...

...working on my Strip Twist quilt top. If I cut 4 strips from each of my fat quarters from the pack, it isn't enough. I need 12 blocks and only have 10. I probably should have done some math but I usually fly by the seat of my pants.

So 80 strips means 8 strips per block! Wow, I can do math. So now I need to cut and sew 16 more strips. I think I will take all of the remaining fabric, cut it into strips and work on an inside border. My plan is go shopping (yeah, I know!) and find a nice dark brown, almost solid for a skinny inner border, then put on the scrappy border, then wider border and bind with the same fabric.
Yesterday I finished the Next Door Neighbor baby quilt. The baby shower isn't for 10 days and I already have the gift finished. What's with that???

Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm Blaming the Super Bowl Project

I've said several times that I wasn't going to start any new projects until I got some of my UFO's taken care of. I caved and did the New Year's Mystery at Quiltville. Those blocks are done but not sewn together yet. Then Bonnie comes up with an idea to make her Strip Twist as Super Bowl Sunday Project. Who am I to not participate! I've made this quilt once and it lives in the living room and is used all the time. The above fabrics are from a fat quarter pack that I got for Christmas a couple years ago and didn't know what I was going to use them for This is the perfect project.

I wasn't a very good quilter yesterday, I got my stips cut and sewn into pairs. I got sucked into Ravelry and found a scarf pattern that I wanted to make. So I pulled out my needles and a skein of yarn and watched the last part of the game with hubby as I worked on the scarf.

Today I finished quilting this fabulous Mom/Baby quilt. I found the pattern in a Country Quilts Magazine-no dates on any of the pages-and tore the pages out of the magazine and put them in my notebook. I had a small collection of reproduction fabrics and knew I wanted to use them on this quilt. The block is from Quilter's Cache called Next Do0r Neighbor and the magazine article is called Hey, Neighbor!

I had sewn this top at a retreat in November so it hasn't aged a long time. I'll sew the binding on it next and stitch it down Wednesday at Marion. This one is on the list as UFO #23 and will soon be listed as DONE!

Now I must work on UFO #22. I think I'll at least put the blocks up on the wall and maybe that will inspire me a little more.