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Thursday, January 31, 2019

January UFO Challenge Statis

I am participating in Judy L's UFO Challenge again this year.
January's number was 7.
My #7 is my Cathedral Stars.
I only needed to quilt it.
The back and binding were ready.

I had company as I basted today.
Miss Daisy loves a table fort.

So why did I wait until January 31 to do anything with it?
I've been super busy
and I can procrastinate with the best of them. 

UFOs have been wrangled and a few have been quilted.
As of tonight, my machine is threaded and the quilt is basted. 
I'm ready to quilt.

I promise to do better in February.

Monday, January 28, 2019

20 Finishes Before 2020

My phrase for 2019 is Eliminate the Noise. There is a lot of noise in my sewing room. That's the new name for UFOs. Noise. They are loud! Calling my name to finish them. So I decided to create my own challenge to finish 20 of these UFOs before 2020. This is in addition to Judy L's monthly challenge. So if I stay on track, I'll have 32 projects out of my sewing room.

Finish #1 is Jillian's Heart Quilt.

I decided to add the 2019 UFO Challenge finishes here too.
I like looking at exactly what I've accomplished.
I'll just not count them as they are their own challenge


Excited to be half way to my goal before the year is half over!!

To Be Continued.......

Design Wall Monday

I am on a (slow) roll!
This is finish #3 for me this year.
I am on a mission to quilt at least 32 quilts this year.
I have my UFO Challenge list from Judy L's challenge up in a tab.
I must confess that so far no action has been taken on January's quilt 
other than to get it out of the bin,
choose the backing and buy the thread.
I'm hoping to baste today.
I have a plan of 20 Finishes before 2020 that does not include the Challenge list.

Seriously, I need to not even look at a new project for a while.
I wrangled the UFOs and will not confess the number because it is shameful.
I am very embarrassed to admit how many I actually have. 
Maybe one day but not today.

So this gem is almost complete.
(I  didn't note the book the pattern is from.
I know I still have it in my stash of strip pattern books.)
There is only one more side of the binding to stitch down.
That will happen sometime today.
Then it's a trip through the washer and dryer and 
into the mail to our oldest.

Notice in the upper left corner my glove.
I use gloves even with the walking foot.
It sure helps my arthritic hands not to hurt so much.

I won this jelly roll in 2009 from Sue Hecker.
(Check out her beautiful sewing room.)
It's called Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree.
When our oldest was young, her horse's name was Gypsy Rose.
How could this not go to her.
 I feel so guilty that she has not had it for all these years.
But she will have it soon so no more guilt.
I love being able to surprise people with packages in the mail.
I'm hoping to get good outdoor pictures today.

Of course there has to be a problem with all UFOs.
The binding was cut and with this quilt.
As were the extra fabrics from the jelly roll but nothing from the binding fabric.
No big deal, just pick another piece of fabric and make it work.

Here's a little cutie from 7 year old Corbin.
The kids love word search puzzles.
Corbin is working on his the other morning with his dinosaur watching.
As that thing moves it's head and growls,
I asked if Dino was helping find words.
Without looking up or thinking at all, he says
"No, he's thinking about cupcakes ."

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Have a great week.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Design Wall Monday

 Last week I said I was taking time off my Good Fortune Quilt to work on some quilting. 

This baby quilt has been delivered.
The Flintstones tie dye fabric was from childhood curtains that belonged
 to my great niece's dad as a child.
He had them hanging in every home he lived in.
After his death, my niece held on to the curtains to make keepsakes for their daughters.
Both girls with have a quilt made using the fabrics.
It was an emotional journey for me so I can only imagine what my nieces felt when they saw it.
I loved making this quilt.

Since I was in the quilting mood, 
I decided to tackle this UFO from 2010 that was on top of Mt ToBeQuilted.
The backing was with the top so when I cut batting for the baby quilt,
I cut for this quilt and Garden Party.

 Quilting was simple and pretty quick.
When it got time to choose binding, 
I decided to trim up the excess backing and use it.
I love a scrappy binding.

I also pin basted Garden Party but had to unpin and repin.
I had a huge fold in the back
How did that happen! 

I had trimmed up the excess backing and batting to make less bulky
and was quite surprised at how big the fold really was. 
All better now and ready to quilt.
Since I was basting,
I grabbed 3 more off the mountain.
Now there are 2 on the ready to quilt pile with 
2 more ready to pin baste.

So Thank You Julie for the idea to get a few quilts basted for when the mood strikes.
That  should use up most of my pins. 

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Mystery Monday Link Up and Design Wall Monday

What a whirlwind week!
This getting up early and out the door has messed up my head.
We get home about 8:30 from getting the kiddos on the bus and
by the time I get done with the stuff I need to do,
I'm too tired to sew.

But I made myself go in and sit down and 
pretty soon, I was happily doing what I love to do.

All parts of Good Fortune are complete. 
I had to set it aside for a while though.
I have a special baby quilt that needs to be finished 
and in the mail tomorrow. 
That is my focus for today.

Saturday and Sunday were baking days.
I made up a bunch of breakfast muffins and bars to take to the kiddos for the week.
Then I made Ernie a lemon meringue pie. 
It's our favorite pie and I don't make it often.

It felt good to be in baking mode for a bit.
Now back to quilting mode. 😃

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Have a wonderful week.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Wishing You Good Fortune

 I wish I could say I am finished with my Good Fortune Quiltville mystery.
 I  cannot.
I have made great progress and have had a blast with this mystery.

I still have some red and orange blocks to complete.
I think there are 15 more that need the last seam. 

Of course it isn't any fun if you don't get to use your seam ripper.
I didn't see these until I was pressing to make my first block and
saw one of these things is not like the others.
Turns out that one thing was the only right one. 

Before long all the seams were out and 
blocks were sewn correctly.

Then the fun begins.
Which quarters to sew together,
which halves to sew together.

Can I do it without having 2 of the same fabrics in the block.
The answer is no.
It happens, it doesn't bother me.
It happened in the very 1st block.
Of course it did,
why would it be any different now. 
To me this is small stuff and I don't sweat that.

I have 4 left halves of the half square triangle border together.
I sewed one strip set between each section,
starting to use a pair as a leader/ender but got to excited to "see what it will look like".

I'm anxious to head over to Quiltville Mystery Monday Link Up
and see the fabulous progress and reveals. 

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Have a wonderful week.