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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Date

This morning we left the house around 8 to go to The Great Oregon Steam Up. Every year Ernie leaves there thinking he needs another tractor. Every year I tell him to come home and shine his. We walked around, looked at all the tractors -- yes, each and everyone. (Not really but it seemed like it!)
I spotted this gal sewing up a storm on a hand crank machine.. She was fun to talk to. She had helped demo last year and then started searching for her own hand crank. She found one she could afford and is happy as can be.

This old machine was hooked up to a small steam engine but the guy wasn't around to demo it.

We watched as the guy started this old beast and took it for a spin.
The vendor area continues to amaze me. I can't believe the stuff these guys haul in to sale. I know some of this stuff I've seen for the last 6 years. I did find a cool old square jar that I bought for $2. I also found a 2 gallon jar with the butter churn. She wanted $130! I would have considered it if she had cleaned the inch of dirt off of it.

Thanks to Crystal, we didn't have to hurry home to take care of the dogs and chickens. We stopped at a produce market and bought a bunch of stuff, including some cherries that I will soon can. Then we went to my dad's for a nice long visit and toured a couple of his barns, my dad has a lot of good stuff.

It was a nice way to spend the day. Thanks Ernie, let's do it again next year.


scraphappy said...

What a lot of treasures to look at. I can't imagine sewing on a hand cranked sewing machine, just one hand to steer the fabric with. A treadle seems like fun though, and exercise at the same time.

Barb said...

That looks like alot of fun, those machines are awesome!

Diane said...

sounds and looks like a fun day (Paul liked the tractor pictures!) reminds me of a weekend festival in Ligonier Pa in the fall. They have a huge area set aside for tractors--really old ones and all kinds of cool machine stuff, Paul LOVES to walk through and look at everything.