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Thursday, October 31, 2013

November Getting It Done Challenge

 October goals for the Getting It Done Challenge were:
  •  Judy L's mystery for August and September and October
  • Bind Orca Bay 
  • Bind TUSQLJ
  • Make Rainbow Scrap blocks for August and September and October

I am all caught up on Judy L's Back to Square One Mystery
and ready for the next clue.

Orca Bay and The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's 
are both finished.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks were not touched so I'll start November with those.

November Getting It Done Challenge List
  • Get caught up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge--I think this will be a great retreat project.
  • 10 more Pineapple Crazy Blocks
  • Work on Reach For The Stars
  • Work on Hexi Wall hanging

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday

  I spent time this weekend working on lottery blocks for the next retreats--that's right, 2 retreat (I'm very lucky!). I think whoever wins these blocks is going to have a fabulous quilt. The pattern is a freebie from Quilt Patterns from Seattle  called Scrappy Maple Leaf Quilt and since my Gramma's last name was Maple and I live in her old house, how fitting it would be if I won. Does that sound selfish???

I also finished Busy Work that was started at the last retreat. I have almost convinced my husband that mini quilts serve a dual purpose, art and insulation.

Visit Patchwork Times to see fabulous design walls. I love Monday in Blogland.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Slow Stitching Sunday on Saturday Night

It's been a month since I've had all the hexi flowers on the wall. I've added 8 more and the top row is stitched together. The remaining flowers have been cut and kitted up.  I'm anxious to get them all finished so we can get them all laid out the way we want them instead of the way they come out of the box.

I love showing Mae the progress. It's so fun to see her excitement. Each time she has new favorites. I think my favorite flower is the one that is newly finished.

Friday, October 25, 2013

On The Needles

I'm trying to finish up some of the projects I have sitting by my chair. Hitchhiker has been neglected long enough so I picked it up and knitted a few rows when I didn't want to concentrate on the Rivel Cardigan.

I wish I was a super fast knitter but I'm not. And it doesn't help when I'm in all out sewing mode. So a few rows here, a few rows there, maybe someday I'll get things finished.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Faithful Finish

Faithful is finished, complete with a real label.  Faithful is the most recent Quilt Along from Lori at Humble Quilts. I love these simple little quilts.  I can't wait to hang it in my quilting room. I think I am going to search for some of her other Quilt Alongs, like Abundance and Mountain Trail.  The quilt isn't really wonky, it's laying on the pokey bush--perfect backdrop color.

The back is from a fat quarter that was part of a stack of fat quarters I won last year at the Chinese Auction at retreat.  Bless you my sweet friend Nadine for not wanting these any longer.  Simple (somewhat) straight line quilting is what my mini quilt wanted.

Monday, October 21, 2013

October Retreat Round Up

Our surroundings are beautiful.
I always go to retreat with a plan of action.
I try to follow my plan...for the most part.
I leave with a big list of new projects I want to do.

First up was to finish the 24 September log cabin blocks 
Next was to do the 12 star blocks.
The half square triangle papers were already pinned to the fabric.
I just had to sew, cut, press, then assemble the blocks.
The first 3 parts were easy. 
I got distracted with the assemble part and ended up unsewing a bit.
But all is well and the October step is complete. 
Yeah me!

The I got busy and sewed the bottom half of the log cabin quilt.
I was a bit a lot giddy with excitement when this was finished.
I love it and my friends loved it and that made me happy.
Sometimes I kind of worry about my scrappiness.
I have the attitude that most anything goes with everything else.
And on here it does. 

Then it was on to the assembly of the Sanctuary blocks.
This went together pretty fast and we all loved how cozy it is.
Now it is on the design wall/bed waiting for the border decision.

Then I worked on the mini quilt on the right called Busy Work.
It was a quilt along at Heartspun Quilts.
You can search her website for this project.
I loved the combination of the black and tan that I saw there so that's what I picked for mine.

The star on the left is block one of Carol Doak's new BOM on the Yahoo group.
You can find the link for the group on her website.
This quilt is called Scappy Scramble.
Perfect for me. 
I'm not happy with the center so I'll redo it today.  

All the while,
I'm working the Split 9 Patch leader/enders.
I couldn't believe I got 15 blocks made.
That's a lot of seams!!!

As always, retreat was a blast. 
Good friends,
good laughs, 
good ideas.

Can't wait for the next one.
Only 2 1/2 weeks.
I know, 
Lucky Me!

Design Wall Monday

Today I need to make a border decision. I have a few 4 patches left over from the Sanctuary blocks and thought I might use them in the border corners.  What do you think?  With?

 Or without?  I got the center of the quilt top sewn together on Saturday at the retreat but the big table was busy all day so I didn't lay it out there to have the gals help with my decision. That was a mistake on my part because I knew someone there would have made up my mind. Wink, wink....each of us are there to help the other.

Retreat was a blast, as always. I'm getting ready to write my Retreat Round Up so I'll add a link here if you are interested in seeing what I accomplished.

***You can now read my Retreat Round Up here if you want.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Slow Stitching Sunday

Because one or two hexi projects are not enough, I started number three.  Just because I couldn't stand it any more. Looking at Pieced Hexies and then getting the new Ring Around the Hexies (both books can be found here), I broke down the other day and cut a few pieces.  Which led to just basting a couple and that led to stitching a Pieced Hexi and then another!  I'm using Fairy Frost fabrics that were gifted to me by my sweet friend Sharlene.  Won't this make a fabulous teen girl quilt???

Today is the last day of retreat. If I finish my last project this morning, I have my little hexi to go box so I can stitch on those.  This is the view out my window. Fall is my favorite time of year at Royal Ridges. So many Maple trees and so much gorgeous color.  Now it's time for me to head back up there. I love that peaceful place!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

On The Needles

A few more rows have been added to the Rivel Cardigan.

Here is a poor picture of my sock.
Sally Kitty hooked her sharp little claw into it.
I've tried pulling and picking but I can't get anymore yarn back into the row.
I think now I will just weave the yarn in and continue to wear it.
No big deal, right???

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid Month Getting It Done Report

I've been working on my October list for the Getting It Done Challenge.  I said my goals were super easy but they are all super easy if I just sit down and start.  Which is exactly what I have been doing.

So Octobers Goals are super easy.

  •  Judy L's mystery for August and September and October
  • Bind Orca Bay 
  • Bind TUSQLJ
  • Make Rainbow Scrap blocks for August and September and October

I'm finished with the August and almost finished with the September steps of Judy L's mystery. All the parts for October are cut and ready for block construction.  

The binding for Orca Bay put on this morning and is on the list as retreat project #1 if I don't get it done today.

The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's is finished.  I just love a scrappy binding!  This quilt makes me happy and I can't wait to put it on my bed. After I show it off at retreat. 

Looking back through the blog, I see I started prepping for this quilt 2 years ago for this retreat. Almost to the date!  I'm so happy it's finished. 

The Rainbow Scrap blocks are on still on the list. October's block is picked and fabrics chosen.

It's nice to make progress on my list. I just need to keep myself focused......that right there is the funniest thing I've said about myself in a long time...........

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Faithful--Part 3

Retreat packing plans have gone astray. I was going to take this little quilt and do part 3 there but I just couldn't leave it alone this morning. This is Faithful from Humble Quilts. In just a few minutes (or a bit more), I was sewing on the last border.

At first I had cut the fabric for border #2 the same as #1. Then while digging for something else, I found the print I used for #2. I find it rather fun that the lines are not perfect but a tad bit wavy. Is that the way I sewed it or is that the way it was printed??? I'm not telling........ I can't wait for part 4.

My bin of little half square triangles was getting low. I had oodles of unfinished 1 1/2" HSTs and lots of 2" that I cut down to 1 3/4". While digging I also found a baggie full of 2" half square triangles.  I can't wait to press them open and see what I have. I'm hoping part 4 uses 2".  It's so fun to use little bits of what I already have.  It makes me think I'm making a dent in my stash.........I am, a little bit at a time.

Now back to retreat packing.....2 more getups.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday

There is nothing on my wall right now but there will be soon. This is an old photo of a few of my Sanctuary blocks that I started at May Retreat.  The blocks are now finished and will go up on the wall today. I will pin them into rows and sew this into a quilt top at October Retreat that starts Thursday....whoohooo.  I have to plan some projects and this one is perfect.

These are flannel strips that have been swapped during several fall retreats.  I so look forward to the strips swaps.  This fall we aren't doing flannels but we are doing neutrals, batiks and black/whites.

This quilt design is from Kim Brackett's Scrap-Basket Beauties.  

See other fabulous design walls at Patchwork Times.  I just love Monday in Blogland.

Monday afternoon: 
I finally got my blocks layed out. I am so glad I did, I need to make 3 more. Good thing I have extra fabrics.  I also need to go back in and move some blogs around before I pin my rows.  
I still need to figure and cut the borders since I added more blocks than the pattern says.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yarn Report

When Judy L posted about her Loopy Legend yarn at Loopy Ewe, I had to rush over and order my own skein. I'm glad I did as I just saw it is gone. How could you not order special yarn that was make to honor your friend??? Will they make more? I don't know.  My husband shakes his head at my reasoning...I don't understand why he does that.

 It came yesterday and I love, love, love it! The kiddos saw the drawing but I had to be selfish and keep it for myself. I'll pin it to my bulletin because it makes me happy. I thought I was going to make a pair of socks with this yarn but after seeing it, I'm not going to. I think I'll make a scarf instead so I can show it off more.  Now to find the perfect one skein pattern! Oh Ravelry............
Wingspan would work, or maybe Noro Bias Lace Scarf. I don't know, I need to look more.

Since this is the only yarn that has come in and I haven't finished anything in the last two weeks, I'm changing my yarn report. My numbers don't look very impressive at all! Maybe I need to knit more. 

  • Used this week--0 skein
  • Used since mid August--4.5 skein
  • Added this week--1 skein
  • Added since mid August--2 skein
  • Total Net since mid August--2.5 skein
I'm linking up to Patchwork Times and OMG, look at Judy L's gorgeous yarns.......I'm kind of jealous right now. 

On The Needles

With some things, I am kind of a creature of habit. With others, not so much. I like to have my Friday blog posts published on Friday. This week Friday post was interrupted by parents that needed a vacation and Gramma was a willing babysitter--I don't like the term babysitter--I was being their Gramma. I stayed with them and did Gramma stuff.  Just like today while Aunt DeeDee is there doing Aunt DeeDee stuff. We are their people, not their babysitters. Make sense? Or does it only make sense to me. Anyhow, Mom and Dad are having a blast with their friends in Vegas and they know the kiddos are safe and being well cared for and of course, having a blast.

I stayed the night Thursday as Mom and Dad had a very early flight. I watched Dad play a crazy video game while I made the heal and gusset for my sock.  This poor sock has been sitting lonely since the beginning of July.  It's OK, it's my grab and go sock. No thinking, just knitting. I think now I'll work on it more because it sure is a happy sock.

I spent some evening time working on Rivel Cardigan. I wonder if I spent as much time knitting as I did unknitting.  I got off on one of the cables and I'm not brave enough to just drop those few stitches and then pull them back up so I unknit 6 rows on one front and then got caught back up.  Then I only worked on one side, completely forgetting the other for a few rows, then picked that side up and couldn't figure out why I wasn't working the same pattern on each side........Someone was way too tired to be working on this!

Now it's all good again and I am paying more attention.  I'm almost to the bust shaping step so I better pay close attention, ifyaknowwhatImean!!!

I can't wait to see what everyone else shared at On The Needles this week at Patchwork Times.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Morning

Instead of getting showered, dressed and out the door this morning, I decided to finish quilting Nabby's Dowry. I made mine a bit smaller than the instructions called for, using 1 1/2"  pieces instead of 2" so it finishes at 26" x 26". Perfect!  I traded out my old sewing machine for my Viking so I could use the walking foot and the auto foot lift to do the quilting. Nothing fancy, mostly stitch in the ditch.

Finally almost to the end of the binding, and I see this! I guess I should have measured instead of guessed. But what fun is that??? I posted this picture on Facebook and my funny friend Molly posted the picture below.

It is more fun to cut than measure and it is also fun to make fun of yourself once in a while.  I'm happy to have a finish. Now I must get that shower done and do what needs to be done today.  It's still morning so I'd better hurry, I've only got 55 minutes before morning is gone.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Perfect Sewing Day

 It's rainy and stormy here today so I decided it was a good day to stay in the sewing room.  So I spent some morning pajama time and sewed on Nabby's Dowry from Heartspun Quilts. (You can do a search on her site if you want the 12 clues to this little quilt.)  Then I had to shower and get dressed! I had to run into town to pick up license tabs for the Beloved Bronco and grab some Taco Bell to bring home for lunch. After lunch, I decided to get my little quilt top finished.

Pam's blocks finish at 6" but I had a bin full of 1 1/2" half square triangles so I made my blocks 4".  After sewing the sashings on, it was time to figure out the setting triangles.

Bonnie has a fabulous page at Quiltville with Tips and Techniques so I went there to figure out my triangles. I wrote myself a little bit of encouragement before I started cutting.  Then I cut.  Whoopsie! Then I recut!  No big deal, it's only fabric.  And now it is done and ready to quilt. 

As I was sewing, I kept hearing some funny little noises. I knew Sally was in the sewing room but was shocked when I saw her in the garbage.  Crazy Cat!

Faithful Quilt Along

Lori at Humble Quilts is hosting another Quilt Along called Faithful.  
I wasn't going to do it but after seeing Katy's
I thought what the heck. 

I have orphan blocks, 
I have oodles half square triangles 
(even after all the Nabby's Dowry blocks)
and I want to. 
Good enough!  

So yesterday while working on my mystery log cabin blocks, 
I pieced this, using the log cabins as leaders/enders.
It went together fast. 

I really like it and can't wait for the next step.
I love little quilts!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I made good progress on my Back To Square One Mystery this week. One morning I went into the sewing room to put a couple things away, sat down to sew a couple seams and all of the sudden the side borders for the August clue were all sewn together.  It's still early, might as well sew one on. After the second side was finished, I looked at the clock and it had been over an hour since I put those things away.  So I pin marked to have the other 2 borders ready for my next sewing time. 

Fast forward a couple days and the August clue is finished and the second part of the September clue is finished.  

I cut all the pieces for the September log cabin blocks and for the October star blocks. I planned to take them to retreat next week but instead I got busy.

I wonder if the October blocks will make it to retreat.  I'm thinking not. It's a good rainy day here and I did all my Monday stuff yesterday. I think today is a good day to take a container of soup out of the freezer for dinner and spend the day with my sewing machine.

See fabulous design walls at Patchwork Times. I'm going to sit right here with another cup of coffee and see what is happening around Blogland today.

Friday, October 04, 2013

On The Needles

I've finally started the fronts for the Rivel Cardigan. They are so skinny and so I keep checking to be sure I'm not making a mistake. The front bands are quite wide so I'll just keep following the directions. I love that I am doing these V cables and keep showing Ernie and making him say good job. I wish he would stop rolling his eyes when he says it though.

Last night I worked on this for a long time-I'm so slow-and this morning I woke up to achy finger joints.  So out comes the pain relieving cream and I'll smell like my Gramma all day long. Which I rather enjoy but some people think that Eau de BenGay is kind of stinky.

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