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Monday, September 19, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I finally has some time to concentrate on this Lucy backpack.
Yes it is another Swoon pattern.

This one has grommets.
I've never done those before.
Three different hammers went into setting these things!

This bundle of bags.goes out in the mail today.
I added a little makeup bag because I know I will never use the extra fabric for anything else.
Now it's all gone. 

Next up is this cute owl wallet for my daughter.
The outside body is the gray print.
It's super cute!!!

I'm excited for what this week is bringing.
Have a good one.
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Friday, September 16, 2016

On The Needles

I may have developed a bit of a Frankensock obsession. 
Just a little one. 
I am having so much fun with these. 

The other day when the grands were here.
While the boys played outside, 
Clella was inside cuddled up in the recliner. 
I gave her my bag of sock yarn and the little plastic bobbins and put her to work. 
She had so much fun and 
I have so many colors at my finger tips. 
She's pretty excited to wind more on her next visit.

I think there is enough of just these yarns to make at least 6 socks, 
maybe more. 

I am all about life's simple pleasures and
this is certainly one of them for me.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday

We interrupt sewing every day for tuna canning.
Thursday and Saturday was spent canning.
All. Day. Long.
There was no sewing.
There were very few thoughts of sewing on those days.
Except for a little Piece Hexi prep work.

Our family has their year supply of tuna.
The good tuna.
2 tables this size covered in jars of fresh from the ocean tuna.
I'm glad is done!

On the days canning or running around didn't happen, 
I worked on the Swoon Lucy Backpack.
I'm working hard on the fussy cutting.
Some of the gals do this with perfection.
I strive.

I followed the cutting instructions for this.
Maybe with different prints the contrast would work
but for the size of this print, it didn't
My client would not have been happy at all.
So out came the seam ripper and the reverse tweezers and a little tv watching.
It wouldn't be fun without spending time with Mr. Ripper.

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Friday, September 09, 2016

On The Needles

I'm making Frankensocks!
I saw them on Instagram and I've seen them at The Polka Dot Chicken and other places.
I have always wanted to use up my leftover sock yarn for more socks.

So I pulled out some of my sock yarn balls and got started.
Then I remembered I saw where Carol wound her yarn on little plastic bobbins,
so I had to go get mine out and make myself some little bobbins.
It took over my tv/knitting time last night. 
I am ready to make a really fun pair of socks.
Or 2 or 3.
This kind of stuff can get out of control for me.
 But that's ok, I always need socks.

And this goofy boy wanted his robot/alien hat so bad.
His Gramma kept messing it up and when you are 4 
and everyone else has their new hat,
you must hound Gramma to get it done.
I don't know how many times he asked.
5 times I started this hat,
4 times I pulled the needles.
(seriously Gramma!!!)
was July 8th and this hat was finished but 
waaaayyy tooooo tight!

I said this was the last time.
if it didn't fit, he'd get one like the other boys.

Thank goodness it fit.
After trying it on him and getting the funny face picture,
I sat down and finished it.
The pompom that he didn't want, oh wait, yes I do!,
is now made and attached.
He is one happy little man. 

I'm sure glad I finished his hat before Frankensocks took over!!!

I am not going to go digging to see what else I have on my needles.
I'm just happy my sock Mojo is back so that's what I'll work on. 

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Monday, September 05, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I'm sitting here making plans for the day when I realized it was Monday!
Holiday weekends really mess with my brain.
It was a good sewing week and I have been able to sew every day so far this month.
It is after all, National Sewing Month and 
my goal is to sew every day.
I finished this wallet for my sister's friend
and started on her bag.

I made some these strip sets into square for my On The Road Quilt.
I was able to use a few leader/enders while doing so.
I need to replenish my green strips.

Yesterday we took a trip to the beach.
I sewed a of strips sets before we left.
snicker, snicker
This is the Astoria-Megler Bridge that connects Oregon and Washington at Astoria, Oregon.
This 4 mile bridge usually terrifies me
but not yesterday.
I was cool as a cucumber.
What is happening to me!

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Friday, September 02, 2016

Hello September

Well, hello September.
You snuck right up on me.
That's OK, I like you.
Our 44th Anniversary is this month.
Fall is almost here-seems like it today as it's chilly and rainy out.
Perfect for sewing because
The month in which I strive to sew every day.
Even if I have to hop out of bed and sew a couple things together.
Yes, I have done that.
My husband swears I'm nuts!!

Yesterday I prepared and sewed a few strips together.
Today I sewed all I had prepared and see that cute tumbler on the bottom,
that's my leader/ender that I'd love to finish this month.
I'm preparing more kits for the On The Road Quilt from MD Quilts.
That's what I've decided to call it because it will be on the road with me.
I'll tell you all about that when it's set in stone.

My M&Ms are ready for a quick snack.
Funny thing about these little candies,
usually a couple are enough for me.
This may or may not last all month, 
depending on who knows I have them.

My goals for the month:
  • sew every day
  • kit up more On The Road pieces
  • finish tumbler leader/ender top
  • baste one quilt top
  • make backpack for customer

It's time to get this party started.
Will you be celebrating National Sewing Month with me?