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Monday, July 30, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I'm late, very late. I have a good reason.
It was hot here so on Thursday, we went to the beach.
Any excuse to go to the beach but this is the best one.

I finished up all the blocks that I was using for my leader/enders. 
These were the blocks for the Triangle Gathering quilt.
I mentioned last week that I had been thinking of doing Quiltville's Chunky Churndash.
It's one of Bonnie's free patterns.

I pulled out the strips I needed, sewed a while, cut a while.
I have several blocks kitted up ready for leader/enders while I work on the next project.

Ernie had volunteer to help our friend Bill put new windows in their house.
So he was gone for 2 days and I sewed on Wild & Goosey.
I forgot to take any pictures.

We took a drive last night because I wanted to see the sunset.
No sunset to be seen, it was soon socked in with fog

The across the street neighbors were putting a new roof on their house.
I was so nervous watching them up there. 
I felt it was my job to keep an eye on them.
So lots of knitting happened. 
This pair of socks was finished and the next pair started.

Today on the way home, I set a couple goals on these socks.
First was to get the ribbing finished before we got to the Rainier bridge.
I finished the last row as we crossed over into Oregon.
Then it was just plain knit, knit, knit.
Love Opal yarn. 
This colorway is Robin Hood.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I Like Thursday #15

I have a big list of Likes this week.
What a fun time we had at the beach!!

We tested out the comfy chairs.

Making up a story to tell Uncle Vern.
Something about breaking his trailer.

They love the hammock.
More fun spinning it around or playing zombies
than it is to just lay back and read or rest.

4 pieces of my heart.
They love to use the tools to help Gramma with some brush clearing.
We really wanted to put it in the fire pit to burn but there's a brush burning ban.
Now there is a complete burn ban.

Everybody loves the beach life.

My Lucifer plant is ready to explode.
I hope we didn't miss it or
the deer didn't make a feast of it.

We came home on Friday so Saturday morning I set up my outside office.
I  bound instructions,
taped up a pattern and traced it.

Then cut out the fabric.

Before I could sew my new sweater,
I finished this sweet baby quilt top.
It is not residing on Mt. ToBeQuilted.

Happy Thursday! 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Design Wall Monday

We spent last week at the beach with family.
Loads of fun for 3 days and then it was very quiet.

So I pulled out Wild & Goosey and started sewing block parts together.
I need to take more scraps with me next time we go for more variety,

We came home Friday and on Saturday,
I set up my outside office.
I printed 2 more patterns so I bound the instructions and glued the sheets together.
Then traced and cut out for my size.

I started with Patterns for Pirates Grampa Cardigan.
I had gotten this fabric on the clearance table at JoAnn's.
I sewed it up that night and know where to make my adjustments.
It is a wearable muslin.
Very soft and drapey.
I need to topstitch and hem and I think I'll add patch pockets.

Sunday was hot so I hid in my sewing room for a while.
I love Doug Leko's new mini Simple Folded Corner ruler.
I got mine in the Quiltville store when I ordered some other things.

It was fun using it on these spools. 
I need to do some work on that red one.
It's not quite right.
Anyhooo, all the blocks for the 30s Saturday Sampler are finished.
Time to cut some sashing and cornerstones and a couple borders and the binding.
Another step closer to busting this UFO.

All the blocks I'm going to make for Triangle Gathering are complete.
This final one will be made into quarters for the 4 corner blocks for the outside border. 
I'm ready to lay these blocks out and sew this into a top.

Now I need a new leader/ender project.
I've been wanting to make another Chunky Churndash.
I made this one in 2007 so it's time to make another.
 I love a good plan. 

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

I Like Thursdays #14

I'm actually writing this on Monday morning as we are headed out 
for a fun filled week at the beach with some of our favorite people.

I didn't take many pictures this week so here's a blast from the past.
Last year camping with our families. 

So many changes to the property.
The evil bamboo is mostly gone, a shoot pops up every now and then.
The bamboo master is on top of it with a clip and a spray.

The brown fence is gone, replace with a chain link fence.
The lot next door was purchased and mostly cleared and
a travel trailer set up on it. 

The deer still come around.
But mostly, the family comes.

It's our happy place.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Design Wall Monday on Sunday Night

I am all excited to be sewing on a found project,
 better know as a squirrel.

Did you all see there is a Squirrel! Club?  
I love it!

I've had these 4 gifted blocks for quite a few years.
I've always known I wanted to continue and make a quilt with them.
I pulled out my 30's fabrics to bust more of these scraps.
Then I got online and ordered yardage for borders, binding and backing.

That center block on the top row was from my very first project using the Tri-Recs rulers.

I made a table mat and made enough to make 2 but only made 1.
It's being used in the bus. 
I still have 8 little blocks so I using 4 as corner blocks on the outside border.

I sat down at the computer and chose a few blocks.
It was lots of fun to choose and kit up these blocks.
It was more fun to sew them. 

I have these 2 blocks to sew up and then I can set them.
We are headed back to the beach with family this week, 
so that won't happen until the weekend.

As I was cutting, 
I noticed all the rulers I had out. 
I like to call these the tools of my trade. 😉
I like the Essential Triangle Ruler but on occasion, 
I grab the old standby Easy Angle and Companion Angle. 

Another UFO is being busted!
It felt good to make great progress this weekend. 
It was so hot here that I didn't mind spending all that time 
in my air conditioned sewing room.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

I Like Thursdays #13 on Friday the 13th

We just got home from a few days at the beach. 

Before we left, I did some fun stuff.

I finished Grandson Leland's quilt. 
He's quite happy with it.
I'm talking giant kiss and hug happy!!

I learned to use my new ProClick binding system. 

I now have several of my pattern instructions bound into booklets.

I found my July UFO in my jungle of a sewing room.
I like that the backing and the binding were with it.

When we got to the beach, we learned the deer have found a way into our fenced area.
Those sneaky sneaks have been jumping our fence.

They like pretty flowers.

They really like the geraniums.
See that guard dog Daisy?
She was not on duty at the time.
Because if she had been, this may or may not have happened.

Tony was not on duty either.
We think they started by reaching over the corner fence to get the snowball bush.
Then figured they should just come on in.
Maybe they thought I had some cookies and coffee.

Ernie helped our friend Bill build his new chicken coop.
I stayed at the bus to sew. 
My seam guide had lost it's sticky.
I couldn't believe I didn't have any tape of any kind.
But I had a band-aid and it worked great.

I love my little ironing board.
It just makes me smile.
And that little iron is the best!

I've been great progress on my I hate the freeway socks.
One more trip and I may be able to wear them.
After it cools down again.

I love summer but I'm a fair weather gal. 
Give me high 70s-low 80s.
That's why I love the beach! 

Have a wonderful week.
I hope it is full of all the things you like.