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Monday, July 25, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Sunday was a Splendid Sampler sewing day.
I have put this cute little paper pieced ball block off for so long.
It was so easy and fun.

I was terrified of those itty bitty little pieces.
I don't know why.
It's just like all the other paper piecing I've done,
one line at a time. 

Then I make the pencil blocks.
Sometimes I want to break away from my 3 colors.
But then I work through it and I love it.

This one was a piece of cake!

I had fun digging for selvages.
I was surprised at how few I had.
I didn't find any on my greens.

I'm almost caught up.
It's nice finding my sewing mojo again.
I thought it had run away but it was just taking a little vacation.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I finally had face to face time with my sewing machine!
I had 5 applique blocks prepared for The Splendid Sampler.
I set up my machine for applique and started playing!
I had sew much fun and loved doing every block!
Then I played with decorative stitches. 
The machine doesn't have very many but I had fun playing with the ones it does have.
And hand appliqued hexagons!
How happy that makes me.
(Whoopsie, I just noticed I forgot Mr Bunny's flower stem.
The power of pictures.)

In the evenings I've been slowly stitching on Millefiore.
I'm so close to the finish line.
There is one more partial rosette to make.
I thought I had the perfect fabrics and when I double checked,
my focus fabric was in the rosette right next to where it goes.
Oh well, time to dig in the stash some more.

This girl right here, Taylor, spent a few days with us.
I had bought a tank pattern from Patterns for Pirates for her.
I highly recommend these patterns!

We learned how to tape a pdf pattern together. 
do measurements,
find your size, trace, and cut our your personal pattern.
Then we dug through Poppy's old tshirts for one to cut up and sew.
I got out my big heavy Morse machine and sat her down in front of it.
She learned how to oil and thread it.
And then she started sewing her tester Free Spirit Tank!

This is her new sleep shirt.
We've learned what to do for the next shirt,
where to make adjustments,
what she likes and dislikes.
I can't wait until she comes to play again.
Next time she will learn to use the serger to sew Peg Legs and 
another Free Spirit tank to go with them..

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I love having coffee with friends in Blogland.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Not much time was spent in the sewing room last week. We did a mini vacation/road trip to Neah Bay, Washington so Ernie could go out salmon fishing. Not the best catching trip he's been on but he sure has a good time fishing. I spent some of my time stitching this partial rosette for Millefiore. (And knitting and reading and movie watching.)

I had to stop at the last 2 hexies on the left when I discovered my dark blue fabric 
was too skimpy so I finished it at home.

This little one was fun to sit down and get finished last night.

Rosette 12b is the TaaDah!
The final rosette to do.
I started with the greens, then found the butterflies 
so my selections will probably change once I get back to it.
When this one is finished,
I'll have 5 partial rosettes to sew to the Mother Ship and 
then start the fill ins for the border 
as soon as I figure out what fabric to use for that!
Pretty excited!!!

The sewing machine is starting to feel lonely.
I have some serious plans for her this week. 

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Friday, July 08, 2016

On The Needles

This hat is off the needles and when Corbin put it on, it's too tight.
I'll start over with everything I've learned from this project.
I had it finished with a different design on top.
It was waaaayyyy too tight so I cut yarn and pulled it out down to the black above the robots.
Then I picked up all the stitches-successfully the first time!-and added the X design.
It's still to tight.
It just barely goes on his head.
He loves it!
So I am going to make him another with the robots and
 be very careful about pulling my traveling yarn too tight!!!

Then I started on Leland's hat.
I sat down early this morning and finished the knitting.
Now I have to make a pompom.
He can hardly wait!
Too bad my picture doesn't show how bright this is.

We road tripped again last weekend.
We were gone for 5 days.
These boys are turning into really good travelers.
Yes, hubby's seat covers are camo.
Yes, I let my dogs sleep on the truck quilt. 
I love how little 6 pound Jessie takes his half of the seat right out of the middle. 

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