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Friday, July 16, 2010

Clothesline Love

We moved to our happy little farm 35 years ago. (Wow, the time really has flown by.) One of the first things Hubby did for me that summer was to build this clothesline. At the time, there were 2 little ones, one wearing diapers. I loved drying everything outside. It's what we did at home, I carried on the tradition. As a teenager, I pretended not to want to do that chore but I loved the thinking time and the alone time. I loved watching the clothes, sheets and towels blow in the wind. I loved the smell of them! I still do.

Over the years, my precious clothesline has gotten a couple coats of white paint and several new lines. This year, she needed a new look......yellow! I wanted her dressed up in yellow to compliment her pretty blue plastic coated wire (which by the way is the only thing to use on a clothesline in my humble opinion!).

While in the farm store the other day, I asked hubby how many cans of spray paint he thought I would need to paint the clothesline (I bought 2 but only used 1.) and which color, John Deere green and yellow or Old Caterpillar yellow. He just looked at me, he operates Caterpillar equipment everyday and we own an old Caterpillar bulldozer and loader. I think she looks beautiful.

Too bad all the laundry was done yesterday!


Pat said...

I, too, love the smell of clothes dried on a line. We only have a small umbrella-type line at this house and lately it's been too hot and humid to put clothes on it, but I love it on days when the air is nice and cool!

Barb in Mi said...

Man, I really got to move to a farm. No clothelines allowed here... I grew up with the spider/ umbrella type and agree: I love the smell!