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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Garden Fun-Day 3 and A Mini Quilt

Day 3 has us a bit slow. I think we are both a little wore out. After time in the sewing room, I spent time in the vegetable garden and Taylor vegged in front of the computer for a while. Then it was time for some serious digging in the dirt and a new flower pot. The wave petunias were the same price as the others so we now have a bowl of super pink waves for the deck.

While Taylor slept this morning, I worked on my mini. After she got up, I told her to tell me when it was 9:00 and I would quit sewing. But at 9, I only needed a few more minutes to finish this up. I hung it up on my photo wall and I like it there. It needs company though so I will be making another real soon.

I didn't notice how off the top right and bottom left HSTs are--wow! How'd I miss those? Too late now, I'm just going to call it personality!

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Diane said...

Oh that is an adorable little quilt, i luv it!