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Friday, December 30, 2011

Scrap Sorting

Today I spent the day sorting some of my scraps.  In my continuing quest to become organized (will it ever really happen??), I bought a bunch of bins yesterday that I intended to use just for scrap sorting.  The blue tub was stuffed full of scraps and chunks of fabric.  So Taylor and I layed out all the bins, turned on a movie and got busy.  When the bin was empty, she quit on me.  This was a big job.  The movie wasn't over so I went in and got more.  I had a bunch of bags from April 2010 that I hadn't sorted yet so I grabbed those and a big box and kept on working.

After a while, I had full bins of scraps all sorted out by color.  What will I do with them???  Right now they are still stacked in the living room in front of the couch.  Tomorrow, I'll figure out which shelf needs to be cleared off so these bins will have a home.   I bet there will be a new book coming out pretty soon that will help me decide what to make with some of them.  I sure wish I would have done this project before the Orca Bay mystery started.....but I didn't!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's A Quilt Top

The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's is officially a quilt top.  All 2200 scrap pieces.  When I first saw Julie's quilt, I knew I had to have one like hers.  So publicly I'd like to thank Julie for making hers and not minding that I copied it.  Thank you Julie!

I started cutting with my GO! until I had a lots and lots of triangles.  As soon as I had them all sewed together, I cut more and more and more.  The scrap bin was emptied,  smaller chunks were cut and eventually fat quarters were shortened.   This top used 440 large triangles, 440 print small triangles and 1320 small neutral triangles.  I cut more than that so I think I might make the extras into a pillow or 2.

Don't get me wrong, I still have lots of scraps......bins and bins of strips and squares.  I have other projects in mind for them but first I have some quilting to focus on.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I just realized this is the last DWM of 2011.  Sighhh.  I finished up my little bit of Christmas sewing the first part of the week-another post soon about that-so I had lots of time to work on Orca Bay.  I am working on part 6 and I feel like I am all caught up.  I have row 3 of the first set of stars matched up and ready to sew on.  The second set standing by ready to be put together.

It's great that Ernie is doing so well that I don't feel so needed now.  Some people in my family-DD2-call it hovering......she could be right!!  But now I can spend lots of time in front of my sewing machine while he watches stupid TV shows and loud, explosive movies.  I just turn my audio book up a little louder and sew, sew, sew.

Fill yourself a cup of something good and sit down and enjoy some time in Blogland today.  I'll be visiting DWM posts here and Mystery Link Ups here.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 UFO Challenge Report

Here's my 2011 UFO Challenge list:  I didn't do very well.  There were some months that I didn't touch the project.  I'm not hanging my head in shame though.  I'm thrilled that I got some quilts finished and made progress on others.
  1. 2009 BOM-blocks are finished, setting decided   Blocks have been turned in to a quilt top and is now ready for quilting.  The back and binding are even made.

  2. Scrappy Twin Sister with back and binding  Nothing happened here.

  3. Depression blocks top  Nothing happened with this one either.  

  4. Hearts and Flowers-set of 12 blocks  Blocks were quilted using the quilt as you go method and sashing is almost all on.  I need to decide on borders and finish.  Maybe I should pick a day and do this. 

  5. 9 Patches and Posies top  Nothing.......I don't think I even took it out of the bin.

  6. Double Delight Quiltville Mystery with back and binding   DONE

  7. Corn and Beans with back and binding   Nothing

  8. Lime green butterflies top   Nothing

  9. flannel Baby Yellow Brick Road with back and binding   Nothing

  10. Carol Doak BOM with back and binding  DONE

  11. Tumbling Blocks top  Done-Blog post photo.  

  12. Bright Trip Around the World top  Nothing

7 projects where nothing happened, 3 finishes and 2 about finished.    I'll try to do better in 2012 but I'm not promising anything.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
May your day be special.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Tis the season to listen to Christmas music over the hum of the sewing machine.  Just when you think the projects are complete, you see something really cool in Blogland....  And that delays your progress on Orca Bay just a little bit farther, if ya know what I mean!

I did spend some quality time listening to my audio books and Christmas music.  As of last night, I need to make 24 more red sting blocks and start sewing on part 5. I cut a bunch of half square triangles while listening to my book, thinking it was almost finished~it wasn't, so step 5 is started~and the book completed later in the day. I'm quite excited to see how the quilt is put together.  I do believe we are not finished making blocks though.  That Bonnie is very tricky when it comes to her mysteries!!!  I won't even try to figure it out, I'll just wait for the clues.

This morning will be spent cruising Blogland through Design Wall Monday links at Patchwork Times and Mystery Monday Link Up at Quiltville.  And finishing up the last of the gifts!!!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas or a Happy whatever you celebrate.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sock Challenge

Denise at Just Quiltin is hosting a 12 in 2012 challenge. 12 pair of socks completed in 2012.  I've decided to join the challenge.  I have 2 socks that need their mates so I have January and February covered.  I have a bin full of sock yarn and a folder full of new sock designs to try so I shouldn't have any trouble finding a project.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is sad. It is bare. I think it is feeling neglected. Poor design wall. This week was hard to sneak in a few minutes to work on Orca Bay but I made a little progress on step 3. I have all my HSTs cut and I have 150 sewn, pressed and trimmed. I'm bundling these into 25s. I have my bin of red strings and strips ready with my phone book pages and my ruler.

Most of my sewing time was spent working on Christmas gifts. I've almost got everything sewn that needs sewn. Pictures have been taken and now gifts are waiting for their wrappings.

Ernie is doing great on day 9 of the new knee. The walker has been retired and he is now using the cane. His stitches come out this week and physical therapy has begun. He thanks you for all the well wishes posted on last week's DWM.

Check out Patchwork Times for other fabulous DWM links and Quiltville for Orca Bay progress links. Mondays are such a great day in Blogland!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This is where I left off on The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's. Yes, that is the name. I started calling it that when I first started and it's stuck. 5 rows are webbed together.

I wrote yesterday about taking care of my husband and working on Orca Bay. I think TUSCLJ is going to take the back burner for a few days.

Thanks everyone for all the kind words yesterday. He is doing great! I got a little sleep. It will we wonderful when the knee is healed.

There will be great DWM posts here at Patchwork Times and OB Link Up here at Quiltville.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Step 3, Whoa Is Me

Orca Bay Step 3 (see side bar link) was released Friday. Friday I was in the hospital waiting room (knitting) while Dr. Greene gave Ernie a brand new right knee. Thank you Dr. Greene. I pray my man doesn't have to walk in pain ever again like he has for the last several years.

Sooooo my Step 3 is going to be worked in a few minutes at a time. This morning when I should have been in the shower and getting ready to go bring Ernie home, I took a few minutes and went in and pulled my fabrics. The other day while sorting through yet another scrap bag, I found several pieces of black and red that I will use. If she calls for much more black, I may have to go shopping. Time to enhance the black stash again.

I hope I can be caught up by the next clue. If not.........

**Monday morning note~~I was able to cut my black strips and 3 pair of triangles before he work up from a nice long nap. I'm well on my way. LOL