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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shadow's Blankie

This is Shadow's blankie. See the cat fabric? She doesn't care that it's in her dog blanket. She likes cats, they have a cat, so it is ok. I think Taylor did a great job on Shadow's blanket.

Wonder if she'll make one for her Gramma!
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Here is the Garden

This is the garden picture that should have shown up in the previous post. Stupid dial up.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello, It's Me!

Yes, I am back from where I don't know. I just get busy with life and forget to post to my blog. Look at that garden. The tomatoes are taller than Taylor. She has such a blast going to the garden. She finds the elusive zucchinis, picks beans, pulls carrots and ripe tomatoes. Sonya, this is the same view as the picture in this post. Quite a difference isn't it??
I spent yesterday baking zucchini/blueberry bread for the freezer. Minus one loaf that Dee took home with her. Then Taylor tasted the bread, liked it but not too sure of the blueberries so I made another batch, made it into muffins, bagged them up for her to take home and put in the freezer so she could have some for breakfast before school. I hope she remembers to share with the rest of her family. :-)

Taylor spent the first part of this week with me while her parents went on a little vacation. So Taylor got to go with me to Marian's for Wednesday sewing time. Shadow, her little pomeranian, needs her own quilt for her crate. I found some flannel squares and Taylor designed and sewed this little quilt for Shadow. Then she played with Marian's dogs while Gramma quilted it. Needles to say, Shadow loves her little quilt. Taylor is considered to be our Sister Girlfriend and part of our group. I have such awesome friends!

Now I must get busy! See you when I see you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where Have I Been???

I've been right here. Not doing too much but getting a lot of things accomplished. I guess you could say I was in a blogging slump. Pictured above are my Oriental Postcards from the Yahoo group Art4Mail that I have recently joined. This is a group of fabric artists that make postcards, dolls, ATCs, inchies and other fiber arts. Sometimes I feel like I may be in over my head and other times I jump in with both feet and have fun. My postcards that I have signed up for are all mailed. Now I have inchies, flat dolls and an art doll to finish. This is a very nice group of people, you should check it out if this could be your thing. If I can do it, anyone can!

News since the last post is rather slim. The garden is thriving. Especially the zucchini! Today I froze 8 more bags of shredded zucs for breads, cakes, quiche and anything else I can sneak it into. I made quiche tonight that was very delicious. Tomatoes are turning but not making it to the house. I think there is a gianormous tomato theif living here. Hopefully he will get full of them soon so we will have some for the house. We saw a couple small beans so they will be ready real soon.

Last weekend was the family reunion. I am very pleased to report that all my darling children made it this year. It doesn't happen often. In fact when Doug arrived there was quite a buzz as to who he might be! It's nice to see everyone and catch up with all the cousins, neices, nephews and all the greats.

I've been gearing up to start working on more Christmas gifts. I have a plan in place, I just need to start. I've even emailed my friend that is in charge of the Christmas stocking exchange to make sure it is still on for this year because I have a plan for that also. I don't think she was all that excited to start thinking about it but it was fun to read her grumbling email.

I have a couple other pictures to post but I won't get to it tonight. I won a drawing from another blogger and I need to post about that. I feel bad for not doing so sooner.

I'm off here to work on a secret project for someone special. More later.
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun With Friends

Today was the Quilt Show at Pomeroy Living History Farm. I got to spend part of the day with my friends looking at old quilts and new quilts. I love having days like today.

I love going there and looking around at the old farm house, inside the old barn, the gardern and the property. Today was the first time I have been upstairs in the house. They normally don't have that open for visitors. They have each of the rooms decorated in the theme of a decade. I wish I had more time just to stand and look at everything. Karen Snyder of Anna Lena's Quilt Shop was the guest speaker. She had a quilt show of fabulous old quilts. I'm going to miss her shop when she retires.

There were vendors to visit. One booth had a toy Singer sewing machine that screamed for me to take it home with me. So I did. I bought a used book and a pattern. I resisted the basket of scraps. It was hard but I did it! I do love the scraps! I almost regret not filling a couple bags!

This quilt top is ready for a back and quilting. It is made using the remaining 3" strips from several flannel strips swaps over the years. I have made 5 quilts from these swaps. I am using the leftover peices for the binding. I have almost all of them sewn together into manageble strips so I can trim them to 2 1/2". Then I will sew them into the binding strip and press them. I have enough other flannel to make a back. This UFO is probably 3 years old. According to my UFO chart, I started working on it at work in 2005. I sure got sidetracked on this one.

I spent Wednesday at Marian's sewing the blocks together. I came home and the blocks on the design wall. I needed to cut enough to finish 2 blocks and make 2 more. This morning I woke up early with this top on my mind. So being the sweet, considerate wife that I am, I tip toed out of the bedroom and into the sewing room at 5:30. By 9 the top was complete at 60"x 70". Just right for a cuddle on the couch quilt or a quilt for my bed in the motorhome.

I worked on my Drepression Blocks and have 7 more blocks put together. I now have 32 8" blocks complete. After looking at all my half square triangles, I decided I need to make lots more. I have too much of the same light for a good mix. No problem, I have lots of light strips in my drawer and it only takes a few minutes to cut them into triangles. I probably need to figure out how many blocks I need to make. I put them up on the design wall just to admire. And hopefully to motivate me to get it done.

I'm outta here to sew for a bit longer. Night All
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