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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Cross Stitch Project(s)

Since I haven't cross stitched in 35+ years, why not start with a big project?
Janlynn Antique Sewing Room on 14 count Aida cloth.
It will finish at 12" x 12".
I found this kit on Amazon.

All the floss came on this card.
What a mess. 

I have a bunch of plastic bobbins so I sat in front of the computer watching floss tube videos
and wound the floss onto them. 

While I watched one video, she showed her floss on some card stock thingies she made.
Then showed how to pull one thread at a time with her needle.
I'll have to go way back through my history to find that video.
Sorry, I can't remember who it was.
The light bulb went off in my head,
I have card stock and these punches.
I got to work and punched out a bunch of rectangles 
and put the grands to work punching the circles. 
I'll use these on my next project.

So I decided to work on one quarter at a time but
had a full needle of black floss so I just kept stitching on the machine.
Then started on the thread cabinet.
I have learned I'd rather stitch without a hoop.

This is where I left off a couple nights ago.
I now have most of the spools back stitched.
It sure makes a difference when they are outlined.

I have a few more kits but I've not started another project yet.
I'm trying to stay focused on this one because I love it so much.

One other thing I learned all on my own,
with the not the best quality floss in this kit,
if I run my threads over beeswax, they stitch so much better.

Let's hope the chasing of squirrels has calmed down now.
I don't have time for anything else.
Dinner?  Go ahead and make us whatever you want.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Help Me--The Squirrels are Winning

The road to my crazy started with Sweet Adorable Clella.
That's not true, I've been a bit of a crazy for a very long time.
She wanted to learn embroidery. 
I found a cute little heart sampler for her and fixed her up a kit.

Then I found this on Facebook Marketplace and started researching on you tube.
The first video I watched was from Quilt Roadies.
I felt like I had found a long lost sister. 
I've watched every single video. 
Which led to some wool applique and a return to counted cross stitch.

So I went shopping. 
I bought this wool kit. I have it cut and ready to start.

I thought I should start with something small so I ordered this cut kit for my first attempt.
I'll write up another blog post about it.

After watching a few of the Stitch Roadies on You Tube,
I decided to return to cross stitch.
It's only been 35 or so years.
I partly blame my friend Dottie for the cross stitch--she told me about floss tube on you tube. 😉
I'll write up about this project in another post too.

So the squirrels are working overtime. 
I've acquired a few more kits. 
I've decided not to buy any more kits for a while.
Until I see one I can't resist.

June UFO Complete

Celtic Solstice (Quiltville mystery from 2013) was my project Judy L's UFO Challenge for June. 

In that post is this month's Challenge project,
Tell It To The Stars -a Judy L design, still available on her blog.
I have worked on it this month.
I needed to cut 4 borders and the binding.
They are all cut and ready to sew on.
The binding is cut and ready to make.
The left over fabrics will be for the back.

I'm having so much fun with my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen. 

I'm so glad to have let go of that I'm not a good enough quilter to quilt my Bonnie quilts. 
I truly believe in finished is better than perfect. 

Neil Diamond was a perfect companion for my basting party.
Hubs was in the recliner, reading. 
I told him there would be singing. He rolled his eyes. 😀
Of course Miss Polly must claim her spot. 

I love this quilt and I'm so happy to have it ready to put on my bed.
But first I'll show it off at retreat next month.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Perfectly Imperfect Easy Street

I'm sew excited to have the quilting finished on Easy Street.
This is April's UFO from Judy L's challenge.
Today the binding will go on.

Why Perfectly Imperfect?
When I basted the quilt, I had the back the inside down instead of up.
I noticed it when I had it about 3/4 quilted.
I am not a perfectionist.
I just kept on quilting. 
No big deal, it's going on my bed.

Here is how embarrassingly far behind I was on my UFO Challenge projects.
Now I can remove the top 2 sticky notes. 
Today is stay home and have a binding and basting party day.

Doggie cuteness.
Just like kids, one will not give up her favorite spot
so the other makes do to get what he wants.
Win, win.