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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009--Hello 2010

2010! Hello! Can you believe how fast the twenty-o's went by??? All the hype and scare from 2000 and now, all of the sudden we welcome 2010. Unreal!

I've been thinking a lot about my goals for this new year. This morning Pat Sloan writes about choosing her one word for the year. My word is simplify. I hadn't really thought about choosing one word but simplify is what I have been trying to do. Now that I have chosen that word, I need to concentrate on it.

I do have a few other goals--I have had EQ5 for a few years and haven't taken the time to learn to use it, so that is one thing I want to do. I'd like to sit down at the computer and design a quilt block or a quilt without having to get out the books and relearn everything. I've been working on 2 quilts so I sat down and played until I had layouts that I want and it was fun. I know EQ6 has been out for quite a while but I own EQ5 so I am going to use it. I don't mind being out of date.....

I am going to learn to quilt feathers with my longarm. Judy L posted a great video where she explained how she does hers--I've been envious of Judy's feathers for a very long time. So I am going to take out an old UFO and get practicing. I will no longer be afraid of the feathers!

See how simple that was, 2 achievable goals that will cost me nothing but my time. I already have the fabric, batting and thread and I own EQ5 and my computer so I don't figure in any cost--yes, my mind at work.

My other goal is our food. I have been focusing on that for a while--no diet, just plain, simple, mostly homegrown, homemade good food. Oh don't get me wrong, I like to go out to eat once in a while--we have a very good teriyaki house and I'm not ready to give up Taco Bell just yet!

Have a very Happy 2010. I hope all your goals are achievable.

I got my cute clip art from LILLYARTS.

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 In Review

I am excited to say that my BOMs are current. The right 2 blocks on the bottom row are for December. The blue and cream Connecticut block is from Carol Doak's 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars and the peach and pink is called Dorothy's Star from Quilter's Cache. I am really liking this quilt.

For my small online group, we have a UFO challenge and I needed to get my list of 12 in before the 1st when the number for the month will be called. Then I will work on that UFO and hopefully finish it before the next number is called. This proves to be very motivating for me. Last year I completed 7 of the 11 and the others are at the need quilting stage. When I finished my UFO early, I had someone in the family pick a number for the next project and I set myself a goal to finish that one before the next number was called. It really doesn't take much to entertain me.!

While I was creating my UFO list, I noted a few other things. My main focus was going to be not to start anything new. Well that lasted about 5 minutes and then Bonnie of Quiltville posted a mystery and I had to do it. So, I started 17 new projects that I blogged about. Of those, 8 are completely finished, others need quilted. My last year's UFO list had 29 projects on it. I finished 13 of those. My new UFO list has 33 projects on it. I'm sure there are others I didn't write down. I have 2 WIPs that I am not writing down.

My personal life was full of exciting things. I had a new puppy to deal with and I'm still dealing with him. I was grounded from sewing with an injury to my knee and my foot so I learned to sew left footed. I got lots of knitting done during elevation and icing. In March we welcomed our great granddaughter Jaelynn into the family.

In May I became a chicken farmer. The garden was planted and I spent a lot of time playing outside. Then the canning started and I spent a whole lot of time inside. But it was worth every minute.

In September we adopted another dog, Louie. And in October, we welcomed grandson Leland into the family. We truly have an fabulous family.

This is sounding like the Christmas letter so it's time for me to go. Maybe I'll go knock off one of those UFOs........nah, that will mess up my list for 2010!

Final 2009 Design Wall Monday

I have had fun with Design Wall Monday. Judy L. started this 30! weeks ago. I think I have posted every week but I'm not sure. I do know that it has motivated me to work on my projects. Or sometimes not work on them. ;-)

I have all my drunkard path blocks finished for the center of this quilt. I have the sashing strips cut but need to buy fabric for cornerstones and borders. I have a plan.....stay tuned.

The blocks on the left are BOMs for my small online group. We are taking turns picking the BOM. My turn was December and I picked the block with the orange star points called Country Farm. I think mine will be the only orange one. I am doing all of my blocks with 2 different white on white backgrounds and brights from my scrap bins. I even know how I want to set these blocks when the time comes and have the instructions with the blocks. I'm usually not this organized.

After I took this picture, I took all the blocks down and put up my other BOM. It is black background with bright stars. Each month is one pieced star and one paper pieced star. Again, I picked for December but my paper piece star is almost finished and ready to put on the wall. Maybe this morning while I quilt for an hour or so.......

Get yourself a cup of something and go over to Judy L's and see what others have on their wall. Thanks Judy, I'm looking forward to 2010 Design Wall posts.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Every year I say I am going to be ready for Christmas at least 2 weeks ahead of time and every year I'm not. Today I am doing the last of the wrapping and bagging of gifts. It's not too bad. I'm not stressed at all. Most things are ready to go. Not like some years when I was still shopping or sewing like a maniac!

In the morning I will put the cheesy potatoes in the crockpot and get the veggies cleaned and cut up. And then we will relax until it's time to leave. We are gathering at Crystal's house this year. I love spending time with my family and watching everyone interact with each other. I have a fabulous family.

Remember the reason for the season. I hope your day is special. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Design Wall Monday On Sunday

I love Sunday mornings when hubby wants to sleep in, 3 dogs want to sleep in and I want to sew. I got to spend a couple hours in my sewing room this morning and was very productive.

I've been trying hard to spend at least an hour a day just sewing but I missed Saturday. We went shopping, visiting and came home in time to play on the computer, fix dinner and then knit and watch tv.

I have 3 more blocks to make for my Drunkard's Path Sampler. I don't have enough of anything left in my bin to make complete blocks so I will pick 3 more fat quarters and do the last 3 blocks. I'm not too sure about that in your face green block but that is how the picture shows it, that's the fabric I picked and maybe it will go on the back! I do know that all the leftover bits will be pieced and used on the back or made into a pillow top. I want that bin empty and ready for something else!

Today I am going to finish up my Christmas sewing and finally put up the tree. I have not been feeling Christmasy until Thursday evening when we drove into town for hubby's company Christmas dinner. The lights were so pretty and my mood lifted. Especially after shopping yesterday and picking my own gifts......after this many years, sometimes it's nice to give him a break. He got me more 1950's hens and a rooster for my collection. I think now his gift shopping will a little easier. Just go to an antique store and buy me old stuff!

Go over to Judy L's and see what others have on their design wall or read about their stashbusting or try one of Judy's recipes or make one of her fabulous quilts or order her new book or any of the other fabulous things she writes about. Get yourself something to drink, you will be there for a while. Thanks Judy for Design Wall Monday--thanks Judy for your excellent blog.

*Monday morning edit: I didn't get one stitch sewn after posting this yesterday. Taylor came to spend the night while SantaMom finished some things. What I did get done was my Christmas decorating. The tree is up and pretty, the Santa, Mrs. Santa and Rudolf are sitting pretty in their spot and Mr Snowman is gracing the kitchen window. Taylor decorated the little tree for the play room and it looks quite festive in there. Not sure what we will do today but for a while this morning I am going to sew while she sleeps.

Merry Christmas everyone.............

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quilt For An Hour

Inspired by Judy L and her Quilt For An Hour Projects, I have decided I am going to take 1 hour in the mornings and go into my sewing room and sew/quilt. So far, sew successful!

Yesterday I sorted and pressed my drunkard's path pieces and made one block for my sampler. Today I made 2 more blocks. I used my little "design wall" to arrange my block, putting in the extra pieces that need to be made. I even have the next 2 blocks ready to sew. I could very easily go back in there and put all of today's plans on hold. But I can't. I have other things planned for today.

I think some of these blocks look a little funky but I'm going to continue on and make this quilt. It has been on my list for quite a while. I must have really wanted to make it because I have now found 2 of the pictures that I tore out of the catalog. I think this one may have turned into my newest obsession.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Design Wall Monday

I can't believe this is my 28th post for Judy L's Design Wall Monday. I've had weeks when nothing has changed, I've had a day when I've taken down what was on the wall and put it away because nothing was inspiring me.

I've been working a little at a time to get my sewing room organized. This week I found a zip bag with the contents of photo 1. A bunch of 3" drunkard's path blocks. Then I found the bin in photo 2 with sewn blocks and cut blocks for a kabillion more. I wonder when I started working on these. I did my drunkard's path quilt in 2005 so these have been floating around since then!

Originally I was going to make a pillow cover, then I found that bin and I think there is enough in there for a lap quilt. I love using the Curve Master Foot. It is one of those "must have" tools I saw demo'd at a quilting expo. I didn't buy it then but I came home and stewed about it and ordered it. I wished I had it when I pieced my first dp quilt.

The last photo has 16 blocks in it, it will be a 12" block! This is going to take a while. I wonder how many times I'll change that block around. Oh wait, I have a picture I tore out of a Keepsake Quilting catalog of a dp sampler......I know right where that picture is! Yes, this is how my mind works! Now that I have the picture in front of me, I am ready to get stitchin'.

I did a search and found a webshots photo that momparde posted. She has some beautiful quilts! Ohhh, I'm excited!!! I need to go in and sew! Go to Patchwork Times and check out what everyone else is working on

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Done-Almost

After my whining post (thanks dear friends for the sympathy) I decided to go in and finish the quilt. I went back through my blog and see that I wrote about this October 2008 (picture of mine here) after seeing it on Quilter Going Bananas blog header. I'll go back into the quilting room and make a scrappy binding out of some 2 1/2" strips and sew it on and then hand stitch it down tonight while watching tv.

This quilt has already been gifted to my cousin Julie. She posted on my Facebook page one day that she would love to own one of my quilts so I wrote her back and told her to send me her address. Things didn't work out to mail it to her so we will meet up when she gets "home" for her Christmas break. She is a nursing student in Nebraska. Her mom was my sewing mentor. I still use the basics today that Aunt Sharon instilled in me. I sure miss you Aunt Sharon.

So now I am going to go in and make binding while hubby naps and then I am going to put something up on my design wall that I am excited about. Because what's there now isn't exciting to me anymore. It will get put in the UFO box to be worked on later or never, whichever comes first!!!

Go to Kathy's Fancy Stitching News and see her Advent Quilt Show. She is showing some amazing quilts and has her Barbed Wire Fence quilt like mine shown on December 7th.


As the end of the year approaches faster than a speeding bullet, I want to get just one more UFO finished. I was happily quilting along on Friday when all of the sudden----yikes, I quilted my finger. Nope, I didn't break the needle. I guess I know how it happened, I got my finger was too close to the needle. ;~)

I was stitching down the edge and should have slowed my speed down-no stitch regulator and too lazy to reach up and turn the knob. Other people have done this, I've never wanted to be in their club......but evidently it is open invitation.

There is another club I don't want to belong to...that's the "I cut myself with the rotary blade and had to get stitches" club. No thanks, I don't want to be one of them! And you know everything jumps out and hits the owie. Just like having a sore toe and kicking everything within 10 feet of where you are walking.

Lessons learned, turn down the speed when you need to, keep your finger away from the hopping foot, and that fancy ruler you bought--go ahead and use it!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Design Wall-Week 27

Look at the size of that egg! It weighs 3 ounces! The others weigh 1.75 and 2 ounces. Impressed? I was. The one in the middle isn't 2 toned, it's just wet. Wouldn't it be neat if it was that color?

I'm hoping to distract you from my design wall that has the exact same thing on as it did 2 weeks ago. I've been quilting for my friend and sewing on secret things. And knitting! Really I only want to knit but secret things must get finished.

I've come a little ways on my Tipsy sock-pattern from Sleepy Eyes Knitting. You need to go visit her blog, her book is out! Exciting......(more distractions!) I am going to buy myself a Christmas present!

Sometime today I have to decorate the Christmas tree. Then tonight I get to go with hubby to his hunting club meeting...I know, how lucky am I! The club secretary is out of town and the assistant secretary may not make it tonight and she sweet talked hubby into sweet talking me. She is such a little doll, I couldn't say no even though I really wanted to. Gosh, I haven't taken down minutes from a meeting forever! They may be in for a surprise........I'll take my knitting just in case Alice shows up!

Head over to Patchwork Times and see what everyone is up to.....Monday, my favorite blog day of the week. Don't forget to work on secret things today if you need to....yes, I'm talking to myself again.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Funny Girl

I finished Ian's hat yesterday and had to take it to my hat model to get a picture. I followed directions for a change and the hat turned out ginormous!!! I'm giving it to him anyway and if it's not going to work for him, I'll make him another one. (The hat model is Clella, almost 2--Ian is 9 1/2.)

I'm quite pleased with myself, I think I am getting over the cold and am ready to get back to my normal schedule--whatever that is!--but while I was down, I did finish the hat and the socks!

Last night I started another pair. I wanted to do 2 socks on 2 circular needles but my hands felt like elephant hands. So I am going to stick with what works for me. My double pointed needles. I love the way they feel in my hands and I don't get all mixed up with which one comes next. I am working a different pattern, this one is quite easy, called Tipsy Socks from Sleepy Eyes Knitting over on the right hand side of her page. This is the same gal that has the Amanda hat that I made for Amanda.

Today I would like everyone to jump over to Chickens in the Road and vote for Suzanne in the contest for a job. She writes a daily blog post about her life and is one of my daily must reads. I love all of her adventures, recipes (the best pizza rolls that were requested this morning), and of course her chickens and other pets. And as a bonus today she has added a link box for her readers to post their web pages/blogs. Look at all the new friends I can make!!!! I'm going to fill my coffee cup back up and head on ove there.

Thanks for helping out.........

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stuff I Have On My Mind

I don't feel good today. I have a nasty cold. It makes me whinie. I'll try not to whine... but I reserve the right.

I've been sitting in hubby's chair, watching last night's Biggest Loser, knitting on Ian's hat when I ran out of yarn. I went into my sewing room (that I have been trying to organize so I knew right where the bin was) to get the other skein of yarn (it's the blue with the tan label-Premier yarn, Deborah Norville collection, Serenity chunky weight, color Stormy) so I can go back to the chair, cover up with my quilt and knit while watching tv. Then I took the lid off the bin and thought hmmm, awesome blog photo! I grabbed my camera and here I am.

I have a list of knitting projects.....first is to finish my monkey socks and Ian's hat. Then there is the checkerboard slipper pattern I found and remembered when my sister made those and now I want a pair! And the other hats and the other socks........where can I find more time! I should be quilting on a quilt for my friend but I don't think now is a good time to work on someone elses quilt...maybe later today. Maybe tomorrow.

I should go to the PO to mail 3 packages...again maybe later today. I don't see myself going out for my walks today. Going out to check for eggs several times a day has become a habit and I try to take a 15 minute walk each time I'm outside but dang, it's cold outside today and you know I don't feel good!

Today is my son Doug's birthday. He is OMG 35!!! When did I get old enough to have children that old (and older)??? Happy Birthday Baby Boy. It seems like yesterday! (sniff, sniff)

I need to decorate for Christmas but I always wait until after Doug's birthday so maybe tomorrow I'll get some stuff out. Right now, I'm going to call my friend Marian and tell her I won't be coming today--I don't want to share my cold with anyone (I just want someone to take it!!) so I'll be sitting in the chair cuddling with my blankie and knitting. Good thing there's beef barley soup in the freezer so dinner will be ready when hubby walks in the door!