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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back to Normal? at Home

It's all quiet on the home front now. Friday evening we took Crystal and Elliot to the airport for their new Arizona adventure. Our house is a bit lonely now. Sure didn't take long to get used to having other people here. Even DJ, the dog, is lonely. He's so funny sniffing around Elliot's stuff that is still here.

I was lucky enough to get to work on Saturday! I forgot to take my sewing box with me! Darn and double darn. I have been working on my applique blocks--Thursday I finished 2 and Friday, 1 complete and 1 more started. It's fun to put the completed ones on the design wall and watch the quilt grow. I wonder if I watered it if it would grow faster!!

It was 5 hours of sheer boredom. I sketched some clothes that I want to make. I've been planning to make a wardrobe and now with a trip in a few weeks, it's time to get crackalackin'. I love reading the Sewing Fanatic's Diary. She gets more done that I can even think about and is such an inspiration. So instead of working on a quilt for an hour a day as in Judy of Sunshine Quilts is doing, I'm going to work on my wardobe.

Last night I took one pair of my pants apart. I guess I am so used to wearing jeans that slacks feel too baggy. These slacks are too baggy from the thighs down to almost the hem.

Today's plan is to clean the sewing room, rearrange my sewing table and then work on those pants. I've been thinking of slipping in to town to get the fabric for some tops and a jacket. I also need to get some new shoes. But first I want to work a bit in here and then when it gets hot, I'll run into town.

So time to get busy. I've babbled enough today. The sewing room arrangement kept popping into my head during my sleep so we'll see if it works out in real life.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Keeping It Together

This is Mr. Elliot's first attempt at a sippy cup. He didn't do too bad. It was more fun to play with it that to try to drink out of it.

Wow the last 2 weeks have flown by. Crystal and Elliot have been staying with us and will leave on Friday evening for Phoenix. I am trying my darnest to keep myself together. Sometimes, that's pretty tough. I'm going to miss them so much. It didn't take long to get used to the smiles and lovies I get as soon as I walked in the door from work. We already have plans to go down to visit in just a few weeks.

As for sewing, do I own a sewing machine or 12??? I haven't touched them. I'm getting in as much smoochie time as I can. I have been working on my applique blocks a bit at work. I think I only need to do 10 or 12 more. They really don't take that long when I just keep at them. A few stitches here, a few more there and I can complete one in a shift at work. I think I'll make that my goal. For the rest of August, I will try to complete 1 block a day at work. Right now that doesn't sound too ambitious.

Crystal had planned to get 2 of her quilts quilted while they were staying here but that hasn't happened either. I'll probably load one of them on Sunday and get started on it. I want to take them down to her on our visit. I also have a couple of Sonya's to get done before our quilting retreat. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea if I got one of my own finished also. Right now, I can't think of anything of mine that I have finished this year to take for show and tell. I think my brain is tired.

I should have my new templates and ruler mate tomorrow. That will inspire me more than anything else. I love playing with new toys.

Beddy bye time now,
I need my sleep if I'm going to stitch tomorrow.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

One Word

One Word for -
1. Yourself: fluffy
2. Your partner: steady
3. Your hair: wimpy
4. Your Mother: distant
5. Your Father: strong
6. Your favorite item: computer
7. Your dream last night: funny
8. Your favorite drink: coffee
9. Your dream home: log cabin
10. The room you are in: sewing/quilting/computer
11. Your pleasure: family
12. Your fear: loss
13. Where you want to be in ten years: retired
14. Who you hung out with last night: Ernie
15. What you're not: skinny
16. Your best friend: Ernie
17. One of your wish list items: security
18. Your gender: female
19. The last thing you did: baked
20. What you are wearing: standybys
21. Your favorite weather: sunshine
22. Your favorite book: Life Is Not A Dress Size
23. Last thing you ate: cheese
24. Your life: pleasant
25. Your mood: cheery
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: Dee
27. Who you are thinking about right now: family

More Sisters Quilt Show Pics

Here ya go Sister Sue, more pics from Sisters. I wish I would have taken more. I've been quite concerned about the wildfire over there. I pray no one gets hurt and that property loss is minimal.

One of these days I want spend the weekend in Sisters. They have such great shops. But during quilt show, it is almost impossible to really see what you want to see. This trip has been on my road trip wish list for several years. I think it's time to load up that diesel powered motor coach and hit the road for a while.

Now you have it, my favorite pictures from our day trip. Already planning 2007.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

1st Saturday in August

Today was family reunion day. For several years, our family reunion has been the 1st Saturday in August at Lewisville Park, usually in the Filbert Section. Wow, what a group we are. I missed Gramma today. She is 100 years old and would have loved seeing another of her great, great grandchildren. But we did get a 4 generation picture. Me and Ernie, my dad, Elliot and Crystal.

Food was plentiful, children running everywhere, cousins catching up on family news, 2nd cousins getting reaquainted, and "who does that one belong too" being figured out.

My favorite conversation was with Aunt Helen, Cousin Carl and myself. We decided that there isn't a great many years between us anymore. Aunt Helen will turn 60 next month, I beleive Carl said he is 61 and I am 52. They used to me so much older than me and then all of the sudden, they aren't. Time has a way of doing that to you.

Food was awesome. We can always count on Aunt Dot's famous baked beans and Aunt Helen's chocolate cake. Yum yum.