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Monday, May 30, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Since Judy L started doing Design Wall Monday, I think I may have missed one posting. Today I almost missed posting because I forgot it was Monday!!!  We had spent the weekend away from home and just now I realized I hadn't done my post.

Before we left, I finished this Splendid Sampler block.
She was a challenge but I love how it turned out.

Ernie went out halibut fishing with friends,
I stayed in the bus and worked on my stuff. 
I took our little dvd player and season 1 of Heroes with me.
I took my basket of HSTs to trim and a bunch of fabric to cut more for Jamestown Landing.

I also took my Millefiore rosette to work on and have almost all the hexies made 
and ready to start joining them.

This was my view.
Saturday it rained sideways all day long.
They still fished.

Sunday was a beautiful day and this is the results.
Thank goodness they all had Canadian licenses and were able to bring these beauties home.
Ernie, on the left, with his buddy Bob, the boat owner and good friend.

I"m linking up to Patchwork Times.
I'm glad I remembered today is Monday.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Design Wall Monday

 I am having so much fun with The Splendid Sampler Blocks.  
I have 3 applique blocks to stitch. I love my bunny but need to adjust his tail a little bit. 

Yesterday's block was this cute little paper pieced heart. 
Such fun to dig into the bin and get the scraps.

We are going to take a short trip this weekend and I have to have projects.
I spent movie time Saturday night kitting up the next block.
I won't be taking my sewing machine this trip so I need this and some knitting.
I have just a few more small rosettes for Millifiore.
I think I might kit up another just in case I go all crazy
 and get this one finished. 

Yesterday I walked down the driveway to close the gate and couldn't resist the wild flowers.
Wild daisies are my absolute favorite flower. 

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Design Wall Monday...

 ...and The Retreat Report

These are ready to be put on the design wall! 
Bonnie of Quiltville fame shared pictures of her progress on these blocks.
I became obsessed with them so I figured out how to make the size I wanted and got busy.
My design calls for 36 of these. 
I had 5 finished because I had to be sure they were the right size and then kitted up the remaining 31.
This was my first project at retreat. 
I love having everything ready to pull out of the bag.

Next I made block 24 for my Splendid Sampler.
My new friend Liatris is also doing The Splendid Sampler.
It was fun to see her blocks. 

Then I started on my Dresden Plates.
I had everything for this kitted up also.
The plate fabrics came from my bin of 2 1/2" batiks strips that I've collected from retreat strip swaps.
I made this one at home to see how it would look.
I have 10 plates ready to applique.

Liatris was working on Jamestown Landing--and it is fabulous!!!
She sewed all of her rows together and 
I couldn't stop thinking of mine sitting at home all alone in the bin.
I didn't have a leader/ender project with me-weird!- so on one of my trips home,
I grabbed my bin and some fabric.
I got busy cutting half square triangles and pretty soon I had a nice stack ready to trim.

We continue to have our strip swaps.
Thank goodness we do, 
I've been using many of my  2 1/2" neutrals and need "new blood" in my own selection.
My friends continue to impress me with their neutral selections.
We also traded out 1 1/2" neutrals , 1 1/2 purples,
2 1/2" batiks and purples.

Another fun retreat in the books.
Now to plan for the next one...but that's not until October!
I have to get these project finished so I can show them off. 

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Design Wall Monday

It's retreat prep time!!! WahHoo!!!  I am soooo ready for retreat, spending sewing time with my daughter and lots of friends! I love to have everything cut and ready to sew. These 31 little blocks are going to be so much fun. Each one is different so the cutting time was long.  I have my Dresden quilt all kitted up and there is one more project that I want to prepare. It wouldn't be cool to run out of something to do.  It's not like I won't be coming home a couple times every day so I could grab something else if I need to.

This is what I saw when I let the dogs out this morning. Pretty much can't beat a cool morning sky! 

This lump of Miss Shirley wouldn't leave my lap last night. I'm trying to get the binding on this wall hanging and she was helping me stay seated and forced me to get it done. Then the dog walked by and we both lost focus. :-)  I'll show you this next week. 

Life on the farm is always fun. There were 4 babies last night. I wonder how many there are this morning. Have a wonder week everyone. I'm headed over to Patchwork Times to see what everyone is working on.  Morning coffee in Blogland......so much fun!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I spent most of last week at daughter Crystal's house with the grandskiddos while she and hubby went on a happy anniversary mini vacation. I took my to go rolling cart that holds my featherweight and all of the supplies I need to sew away from home. I could have used her wonderful sewing room but I like pretending I'm retreating. Silly me.

I took my Hopscotch Butterscotch (from Adventures of Leaders and Enders by Bonnie K. Hunter) parts and pieces and was surprised that I completed this top. Originally this was gong to be an upcoming retreat project so I made a sample block that soon became 12.  Now I need to give it a really good pressing.  And just now after finding the link for the book and seeing Bonnie's quilt again, I am thinking of taking the pieced border off and adding an inner neutral border to highlight the pieced border more. Yes, I think I will!!!  Oh the things I talk myself into while writing a blog post!

I came home very late Thursday night and Friday was sort of a blur as I held down the couch. I decided to pick up an embroidery block from The Splendid Sampler (I have been putting off the embroidery for some reason!). I was surprised at how fast I finished it. These are the last 4 blocks I've finished. 

 Just for the fun of it, since I've been working in our bus/motorhome, how about a tour of our converted school bus. We did this about 15 or so years ago. We haven't used it much in the past several years, life and work get in the way of traveling around. Now that hubby is somewhat retired, it's time to hit the road a bit. So that meant a major cleaning and clearing out. She will be on the road again this week as he embarks on a halibut fishing trip in north west Washington state.

Standing by the driver's seat looking to the back. 
Tony dog thinks if someone is in there, he should be too.
Across from the range is the fridge/freezer and a big pantry.

Bathroom with sink and toilet on left and full size shower and small closet on the right.
Above the sink is the original driver's mirror.
You know, the long narrow one the driver used to catch you doing things 
you weren't supposed to be doing!
I'm glad I kept that.

The beds were built over the wheel wells and underneath are fresh and gray water tanks.
The big nightstand has access to the gianormous diesel engine.
On the back wall are 2 storage cabinets.
Above each bed is clothes storage.
It's pretty basic and simple.
We love it!

Edited to add the outside picture.
Thanks for asking Nann, I forgot this picture .
I can't wait to get on the road again.

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