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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I Like Thursdays #5

I'm really liking my enthusiasm towards getting my UFOs turned into FOs.

I like how much these 2 love each other!

Again, I like binding.
I don't like finding a mistake after the quilting is done.
I like that it doesn't really bother me. 

I like spending the weekend with these kiddos and Granddog Sadie..

I liked this conversation so much that I shared it on my Facebook page.

10 year old granddaughter is making cookies. I say it's probably a good idea to use a mixer instead of a wisk. She says I don't know how you guys did it way back in the 60s. I say we used a mixer. She says I didn't know you had electricity back then. Bahahahaha 💕 💕 💕

And then she tells her brother that she's making the cookies "the old fashioned way"! OMG, I'm dying inside. 😂😂

I think that means without the help of the Kitchen Aide mixer.
But Oh My Goodness, it was funny!!!

Friends brought over their horses and mule.
I believe this day was better than Christmas.
I really like this view!

I like to make bags.
I like Clover clips.
I'll share the bag photo next week.

I like repurposing things as flower pots.
I like Wave Petunias.
I can't wait to see how much these grow in the next couple weeks.

I'm headed out to quilt retreat for a few days.
I like that my projects are ready to start sewing on.
I like this rolling cart that houses my featherweight, iron, lamp and miscellaneous necessities.
I like that big Ikea zipper bag.
Inside are 4 quilts for show and tell.

Shenanigans are about to ensue!
I like that a lot!!!

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Design Wall Monday

What a full, full week!
I picked up On Ringo Lake that my friend Jane quilted.
Lots of TV binding time and it's now finished.
Pictures next week after the reveal at retreat.
Of course there has to be a mistake that you find after the quilting is finished.
Thank goodness I'm not a perfectionist so it will not bother me that it's there.

Tuesday was a full day at home alone.
I picked up ORL and sewed the binding on
I made backs and bindings for this quilt and a baby quilt.
I pulled out the tables and got busy pin basting.
Before he came home, both quilts were basted and tables put away
and I was DONE! 
EXHAUSTED from a full day of taking major steps forward on 3 projects!! 
I'm hoping to start quilting this week but
retreat starts Thursday so that might not happen.

Needing another project to take to retreat, I pulled out my Moda Be My Neighbor UFO.
I'd seen one at the church where I picked up ORL and loved the way the sashings and borders were.
I decided to take my rows apart and add sashings.
I haven't worked on it since the November 2016 retreat.
The instructions were all printed, even some fabrics were chosen.
Now the last 5 blocks are kitted and ready to go.
I think it takes longer to choose and cut the fabric than it does to sew these awesome blocks.
It's fun to be excited about this UFO again.

I went to my favorite on line fabric store and bought the sashing fabric (It's a light gray)
 and 2 pieces for outer border, binding and back.
Maybe I can get the sashings cut before Thursday, just in case I get that far on the project.
I tell ya, I am in UFO busting mode!!

No sewing over the weekend because I was with these people while their parents
worked their booth at a craft fair.
What a fun, exhausting weekend we all had.

I got to sit outside and enjoy this view with my morning coffee.
Later in the day, friends brought their horses over to pasture.
I think it may have been the highlight of the kids weekend.
Enjoy your week.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

I Like Thursdays #4

My week full of likes...

I like to have a simple project with me whenever we go.
I am a passenger seat knitter.
I hate the freeway so it's head down and knit, knit, knit.

I like this forest of greens.

I like scrappy binding.
I like to do binding.

I like that Granddaughter Taylor came to stay with us at the beach.

I like that she likes to spend time with her Grampa.

I like to have all my bobbins full.
This make it at good beach project so I don't have to do it at home.

I like flowers.
This little deck covers the septic tank at the beach place.
We call it the Poop Deck.
We don't know why it is 4-6" above the ground.
It's going to be so pretty when we get back there.
I like that our friends are willing to come over and water for us.

I like to embroider.
I'll turn this 1980's piece into a cute little wall hanging.

I like this view of the Columbia River.

I like that something as simple as a Follow Me sign puts a song in my head.

I really really liked Ricky Nelson. 💖

I really really like this picture!

Hubby has hooked up our daughter's trailer and 
it is now at the beach with our motorhome.
So excited!!!
And look at my gorgeous Pink Dogwood!

This couple lives down the road at the pond.
I stopped and looked for babies but didn't find any.

I have all my remaining blocks for Moda Be My Neighbor quilt kitted up,
ready to work on at retreat.

I like looking our my kitchen window and seeing the flag of our great nation.
Thank you honey!

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Monday, May 07, 2018

Design Wall Monday

WahHoo for a UFO Finish!
Judy L drew #8 for the March UFO and I finally have it finished.
Jamestown Landing may well be my new favorite quilt.
I worked hard to get if quilted last week and the binding on
so  could take it with me to the beach to finish.
I wanted to use our fence for picture.
I really wanted to take it down to the beach but never did.

I am a scrap addict and use them whenever and where ever I can.
I love a scrappy back and a scrappy binding.

After finishing the binding,
I pulled out my little embroidery project to work on.
As I'm stitching, I start thinking about the needle.
It's like sewing with a nail!
I am so used to my thin #10 needles. 
So I had to do a comparison picture. 

We are home now for a couple weeks so have plans to get another quilt or 2 finished.
Next week it's retreat weekend, then back to the beach. 

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Thursday, May 03, 2018

I Like Thursdays #3

The view from my deck chair.
On the left is my pink dogwood that normally blooms for Mother's Day.
It was a Mother's Day gift from my children many years ago.
It is very special to me.

Daisy dog doesn't like it when dad is not home so she sits in his chair and pouts.
I love how much she loves him.
He's the one that rescued her out of her cage at the shelter.
Evidently, I was just along for the ride.

WooHoo, black batting have been ordered for a UFO quilt top.
I like a good batting sale.
Backings for 4 tops were ordered from Thousands of Bolts.
I feel lots of quilting coming on in the days ahead.
I like that, a lot!

I like having projects kitted up.
This UFO is 6 years old and I'm excited about it again.
I've got a retreat coming in May and need to get myself ready.
I like to start with a UFO and 
when it's completed, I reward myself with a new project.
Oh the games I play. 😉

I like Singer tins.
This one holds my basting pins and closer tool.

And this lint brush!

These sillies melt my heart!
Boys and dogs and Legos and trucks and laughter!

I like this rotary cutter.
I like trimming a quilt .
I like adding the binding.
I even like stitching the binding down.

I like that we are headed for the beach on Wednesday and 
that I can set this up to post on Thursday. 😊

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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

2018 UFO Challenge April Update/May Plans

I used April to catch up on Judy L's UFO Challenge. I was a slacker and now I'm an almost caught upper.  That's what I'm calling it.

My April project was to get out my Mischief Quilt and get to work on it again since it is my only hand stitching project. I took parts and pieces with me on the last beach trip and got busy glue basting everything I had cut and kitted. I have 4 blocks remaining to piece with almost 6 added to the pile I already have. Not a bad month.  I'll continue to work on it since I'm enjoying it again.  I am only making it into a wall hanging instead of a big quilt.

For May, Judy L chose UFO 12. I'm super happy about that. Just last week I ordered backing fabrics for 5 more UFOs and picked a brown/cream polka dot flannel for this quilt. This is going to be so much fun. The plan is to  use Angela Walters' method of Dot To Dot Quilting that I learned from her Craftsy class. I haven't done it for a while and I'm really looking forward to playtime on this quilt.

But first I will finish March's UFO. Close, oh so close!

So in a nut shell, the month of April was a huge UFO busting success for me. I started the month with these plans and finished with 2 quilts completed, 1 almost quilted and big progress on Mischief Quilt. I see good things happening in May.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I had an awesome week in the sewing room!
A 6 year old UFO was unearthed and the last 6 blocks were cut and kitted,
ready for project #1 at retreat in less than 3 weeks.

Since I was already sidetracked with Garden Party,
I started sewing my blocks into 2s and 4s.
I'm setting this one straight so it goes together pretty fast with chain piecing. 

This was going to be retreat project #1 but now it will be a flimsy show and tell instead.
Now I need to kit up project #2 and #3
I know what I want to do so they won't take long.

I will continue quilting Jamestown Landing.
After my weekend Quiltathon, I'm anxious to get this one finished.
It won't be finished today but will be soon.
I'm so close to catching up with the 2018 UFO Challenge numbers!!!
 Then I notice today's date. LOL
Oh well, I'm close, no panic here.

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