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Monday, November 12, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I had my list of projects to work on at retreat.
First on the list was to put the binding on this quilt.
I'll hand stitch it down this week while watching tv at night.

Next up was to finish up the doll clothes.
I had the pants finished and made this shirt.
I'll make the remaining shirts at home and mail them to my friend this week.
My machine doesn't like to sew skinny knit seams.

But she does great paper piecing which was my next project
 and what I worked on the rest of the weekend.
I ended the weekend with 20 completed Virginia Bound quarters and
18 more with the centers sewn.
Mindless string sewing is a great retreat project.

When I got home from retreat, 
my energy level was low but my mind wouldn't shut off.
I decided to create a temporary design wall to work on this baby quilt.
It wasn't as easy as it was in my mind but I got it done.
Now I'll make progress on the baby quilt.

 Monday morning edit:
Blocks fell off into a pile on the floor.
I'll continue to use my bed as a design wall until I purchase some foam insulation.

As I do with each retreat, 
I stopped to take a picture of the tree snag.
The fall colors were stunning.
The weather was clear and cold and beautiful!

My project list is long but my energy level is high!
We had a great time with friends old and new.
I especially love when I can retreat with one of my daughters.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Get It Done--Week of November 12, 2018

Judy L at Patchwork Times is hosting Get It Done, where we share our plan for what we would like to get done for the week and try to stick to our plan.  I decided to give it a try and will link up with her post here.

My plans for the week:

Sewing Room Plans

  • Sew baby quilt top together. 
  • 2 doll shirts to send to Sue
  • Put retreat things away.
  • Start quilting the next quilt.
  • Pull more fabrics for Quiltville mystery.
  • Stitch down binding on 30's Sampler.
Kitchen Plans
  • Monday-Make Pepperoni Rolls for Ernie to take to elk camp Tuesday morning. 
  • Can pinto, great northern, black and red beans.
  • Make ham broth and can it.
Evening Plan

  • Work on Antique Star quilt.

I'll try to write up another post next Sunday evening and report how I did and a new plan for the week. 

Thursday, November 08, 2018

I Like Thursdays #29

Welcome to I Like Thursday,
the day we celebrate the simple pleasures in our lives.

Neutral fabrics.

Audiobooks downloaded from the library and quilting. 
Even though this was not a favorite book, I listened for quite a while.
Then I returned it and chose a new one.
Technology is amazing!

I'm not that great of a quilter but
I enjoy the process and love learning new things.
I'm not giving up on rulers or ruler feet just yet.
I tried again.
I even wrote to Brother Sewing to ask someone to design a ruler hopping foot for my machine.
I know it can be done, other companies have them.
I believe in asking nicely.

They wrote me back a nice letter stating they do not at this time have the foot I want.
They are passing my letter on to the design team.

Bobbin chicken win!
I finished up a border and decided to check my bobbin thread before starting the next.
Glad I did.


Amazon's new box had me giggling like a little girl.
Yes, I ordered another present.
I ordered a telephone.
When the power goes out, the cordless phone doesn't work 
and we don't have good cel coverage at home.
So a new $10 phone was ordered.

I thought I'd be finished quilting this beauty 
But I'm not. 
I still have a few inches of the outer border and all of the green inner border to do.
I truly believe I keep God laughing when I make my plans.

That's OK. I'm going to finish the outer border this morning,
then pack it up and take it to retreat for Show & Tell anyhow.
My fiends don't care if it's finished or not.

Speaking of retreat--

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Monday, November 05, 2018

Design Wall Monday

This past weekend I was a hunting widow.
My plan was to quilt this quilt.
I started on Friday.

Soccer season is ending.
Some of the kiddos are sick of soccer so they asked to stay at Gramma's house
 Saturday morning instead of going to another soccer game.
I seldom say no.
So  no quilting happened Saturday.
They weren't here all that long but I got sidetracked on other things.
I did work on it for a while on Sunday.
Sunday morning I downloaded a few audio books to listen to while quilting.

This one is called A Spool of Blue Thread.
Hmmm, I'm having a hard time staying interested in it. 
I'll keep listening for a while. 
I hope it gets better.

I love these bags from JoAnn's and have several.
While packing for retreat, I noticed the binding coming off.
So I sat down and sewed all 4 seams.
I can't have my bag falling apart.
I am considering this my mending for the month. 

Halloween was treat day for Bonnie Hunter mystery fans.
Good Fortune is the new mystery.
I pulled some of my reds.
The ones in front are my iffies.

Still not sure even after changing to black and while.

The reds are the only fabrics I've pulled. 
I told myself to get that quilt finished first and then find the remaining fabrics.
I'm trying so hard to be a good quilter!

I'm still working on doll clothes.
This outfit will stay on Clella's doll. 
I need to make a few more shirts before Thursday!
Hmm, quilting and doll clothes.
I can do it! 

So with finishing the quilt and the doll clothes,
I need to get things ready for retreat Thursday.
I can do this.
My string bins are packed, the book and the papers are in the bag.
Everything else is in the rolling cart that houses my Featherweight.

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

I Like Thursdays #28

I 💓 this boy! 
Happy 9th birthday Leland.

Saturday after Leland's soccer,
he and his 2 brothers came home with us.
The ride home was non stop talking and laughing!

We had so much fun.
Pizza for lunch was devoured in no time,
treat bags from soccer were then devoured and
still there were cries of I'm hungry. 
Do boys ever get full?
Playing outside took their minds off food.
For a little while.

I am a huge Bonnie Hunter fan and hope to someday make all of her quilt designs.
I've been wanting to make Virginia Bound for a long time.
So I decided it will be what I do at retreat next week.
I have got to get my stuff ready to go!
Just kidding, 
I'm almost ready.

One day my niece Marica messaged me to ask advice on buying a new sewing machine.
She doesn't sew a lot but still needs a good, affordable machine.
I recommended this sweet Brother machine that she could buy from Walmart.
I have a small Brother and I love it.
She is thrilled to be sewing again and I was thrilled to help her get going.
It reminded me of calling my Aunt Sharon whenever I had sewing questions.
I learned a lot from my conversations with her, especially to rip out and try again.
I miss her dearly.

It felt good to finish 2 of these sweet baby quilts.
They are waiting for a spin through the washer
and then they will be donated to a local center.

We heat with wood.
Gloves are a must.
New gloves are special!
Thanks to my sweet hubs,
no slivers for me.

My friend Sue is calling for doll clothes for 18" dolls.
OK, I'm in!
 I love to make doll clothes.
I spent one morning watching my recorded shows and cutting outfits.
Yesterday I sewed for quite a while.
I am up to 6 pair of pants, 1 top and 1 jacket.
I will have the rest of them sewed up this week to give her at retreat.
I need to find an undies pattern.

Hope you all have a great week and find lots of things to like.
Don't be like me and forget to take pictures. 😏

Thanks LeAnna at Not Afraid of Color,
I Like Thursday posts are so full of fun things!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Design Wall Monday

What a fun, full week I've had! 
My plan was to quilt and quilt I did.

Tuesday was a good day to channel my friend Julie and get some basting done.
I set up my basting tables and basted 4 quilts,
2 baby quilts, 1 twin and 1 queen.
I had one already basted and on the machine with the quilting started.
When Ernie is away hunting for the day,
I take advantage of no interruptions.

This is the Calendar Wall Hanging that was 1st up.
I can't show it to you until I share it with the gals at Christmas Club.
I'm so happy to have it finished finally and can't wait to hang it.

Next up is baby quilt 1.
I don't know who designed this block. 
I've searched and searched but have no idea.
It was fun to sit down at EQ7 and figure it out.

Baby quilt #2
These will both go to a local charity.
I loved digging in my strip bins and using up strips from our swaps.
It was also fun deciding on backs for these.
I wanted fun and bright (and fabric out of my stash!).

My next retreat is next weekend.
I had already planned to work on Virginia Bound from
Bonnie Hunter's book Scraps & Shirttales.
My string bins are overflowing and I've wanted to make this one for a very long time.

Friday I decided to cook up my last Blue Moon pumpkin
and get the puree in the freezer.
My friend Pam gave me 3 of these,
I gave 1 to Crystal.
I saved the seeds from my 2 to share.
She saved her seeds too.
We are going to have plenty of pumpkins next year.

Isn't it pretty.
I don't think mine is going to last very long.
Hubs has decided he really really likes pumpkin bars.

We celebrated this weekend with Leland.
He's in the blonde in the middle.
Happy 9th birthday Big Guy! 💗

My plan for this week is to take a short break from quilting.
I'm going to make some doll clothes for some special girls
 and a couple sweaters for myself.
Then it's back to quilting.

This is the next quilt to be quilted.
Have you watched Angela Walters' on You Tube?
She has a series on Dot To Dot quilting.
That's what I'm going to do on this one. 
Or we can say that's my plan. 😉

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

My Fabulous New Printer

I want to do a quick share with you all about my new printer.
 I am in printer heaven.  

No longer do I need to worry about if I have enough ink to print my patterns.
I buy and print a lot of pdf patterns!

See on the front where the colors are,?
I can see my ink levels.
When I need more, I can jump on Amazon and order and it will be here in a couple of days.
I don't even have to leave the house. 

The info for the printer says the ink in the tanks will last a very long time.
Cartridges do not.
I figure in a year, I will have paid for this printer and 
the new ink by not buying replacement. cartridges.

I've had this for about a month now and I have printed lots of pages.
I've used very little ink. 

Not often I am giddy over a product but I am with this printer!
I had to call in one of my gurus to set it up for me.
I probably could have done it but I know when to not try.
She had it up and running in no time!

So if you are in the market for a new printer,
I highly recommend this one.
No affiliation, yadda yadda yadda....

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Like Thursdays #27

I  don't know what happened to last week. 
It just whizzed by, it was Monday then all of the sudden in was Saturday!
I think I was recouping from retreat
Which was awesome!

 So here's what's been happening in my happy little corner of the world.

 We went to Clella's soccer game in the fog.
When we left our house, it was sunny and gorgeous.
The closer we got to town, the thicker the fog.
I'm sure glad I grabbed a quilt!

It kind of cleared off after a while.

We also celebrated 4 October birthdays.
I don't know where Leland was. 
Sorry he missed the picture.

I cleaned a bin out of my sewing room and found this locker hook rug project.
I had no idea when I started it.

Heck, I couldn't even remember what it was called. 😕
We got it figured out and I'm on my way again.
This has been filled in and a new section started.
I like clearing things out of the bins.

Blocks for our Christmas Club party have been completed.
I really like the Bloc Loc rulers for trimming half square triangles.
The rotating mat makes it soooo easy!

Beautiful fall days all week.
Now the rain is supposed to come.
That's ok, quilting weather.

I like using up all my batting scraps.
I cut fusible interfacing into strips and join it together that way.
Use all the scraps!!!

Tuesday I decided it was a good day to pin baste quilts.
My friend Julie at Idaho Quilter's Adventures inspired me to get basting.
I pulled out all my safety pins and was able to baste 2 baby quilts,
a twin size quilt and a queen size quilt.
I have 4 pins left over.

Then I decided to jump over to Amazon to order more pins and pin covers.
I like having a stack of quilts ready to quilt when I'm in the mood.
I'm so glad my quilting mojo has found me again.

To close, here is Miss Daisy Dog.
She likes to lay in the sun. 
She also likes to lay inside the table fort when Mom is basting the big quilts.
She likes it so much, 
she snores!

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Design Wall Monday

It was a slow sewing week for me.
Every time I thought I would be able to sew for the day, 
something came up.
I spent some time Sunday morning cleaning and clearing in my sewing room.
 In the afternoon after a trip to see the grandkiddos for a bit, 
I decided to sit down and sew my
Fun On The Farm block for October. 
I think it turned out cute. 

Then I figured I better get my hinnie busy and get my Christmas Club blocks made.
I have all my half square triangles sewn and most of them are trimmed.
I am hoping to finish them on Monday.
I wish I could convey how much I love that Bloc-Loc ruler!

Then it's back to the baby quilts.
This week I have no plans except for Wednesday,
so lets all cross our fingers for a good sewing week while the hubs is a hunter.

While emptying a bin this morning,
I came across this rug project from several years ago.
I had to ask in our retreat Facebook group who taught us this technique and 
what was it called.

After I failed at finding any information on Google, 
one of our friends said it was called locker hooking.
More searching and I found some instruction on You Tube
and I'm a happy locker hooker again!
Isn't the internet amazing!

When I put this down to get ready for bed,
I had 2 more rows in the middle of this section to complete. 
It didn't take long to get into the rhythm again.

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