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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Us Your Socks

I love these socks. 
Every time I wear them and look down at my feet, I smile. 
They are bright and happy.

One day there will be no dog hair on my floors.
But not today.

Show us your socks here at Patchwork Times.
Remember they don't have to be hand knit,
they just have to be socks on feet.

February Getting It Done List with January's How I Did List

February's Getting It Done List

  1. Continue to try keeping up with Block of the Month and/or Week, Midget Blocks, Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Judy L's Mystery.
  2. Turn Easy Street Blocks into an Easy Street flimsy.
  3. Quilt Twisted Mystery that didn't get quilted in January
  4. Quilt Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's that didn't get quilted in January
  5. Bonus project--work on Reach For The Stars Blocks

January's How I Did List

  1. I did pretty good keeping up with my blocks of the month/week, rainbow scrap blocks, Judy L's mystery and Grandmother's Choice blocks.
  2. I got the borders on Hawaiian Sunset 1845.
  3. I picked a different quilt to work on instead of the Twisted Mystery.
  4. I only cut the batting for Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's.
I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished on my list.  I spent more time knitting that I did sewing and that doesn't bother me at all. 

I love having the list.  When you are like me and find shiny things that are distracting , it's helpful to have the list front and center to rein me back in to what I want to accomplish.  

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I'm Reading

Judy L has started a new Tuesday link called Whatcha Reaing?.  I am reading this.

I love Debbie Macomber books.  Currently I am reading Montana.  I like her books because the people are real, the settings are real and the stories are good, wholesome, and believable.

I'm somewhat of a slow reader and usually only read in bed but if the book gets super good, I can be found cuddled up in the recliner for a few hours.

What are you reading???

Monday, January 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday

After Saturday's post, all the blocks on my design wall have been put away.  I decided I was going to unpin this quilt, my oldest UFO, and pin baste a wall hanging that I listed for the Getting It Done Challenge. I had intended to hand quilt this but the batting I used was too thick and my fingers would never let me work on this like I would want to.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.

Instead of unpinning and folding it up yet again,  I sat down at the sewing machine and started quilting.  This quilt has a very special place in my heart.  I am still not ready to share the story but the quilt is my therapy and has tons of tears soaked in to it.  I think this time was the magical time and I am quilting and remembering and at times I can smile.

A friend wrote a blog post one time about working on a quilt that made her sad. I told her that I got my quilt out once in a while and worked on it. After a time, put it away again. Sometimes 5 minutes were too many.  But after a long time and many therapy sessions with the quilt, it will be finished soon.

It's Monday in Blogland so that means there will be some fabulous design walls shared at Patchwork Times.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink Block Roundup

I have been having so much fun playing with my pink scraps and strips.  I've finally decided on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.  Besides my Row Quilt, I'm doing some scrappy stars and 4 patches.  I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with them but I'll figure out something.

I'm also doing 12 scrappy Dresden Plate blocks thanks to my dear friend Diane and her fabulous Dresden Plate quilt that I have been watching her create through her blog. I ordered a ruler from JoAnn's when I was doing a yarn order a while back and this week I played with it.  You can see I am ready to applique down my plate.  And then it was all reinforced this week with the Dare to Dresden blog hop.  Oh my, there are some fabulous projects there.

I'm so excited to find out which color I get to play with next.  See other great pink projects here at SoScrappy. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Finish

I'm excited to say that Hawaiian Sunset 1845 is a complete quilt top.  I layed it out on my bed and it makes my room so bright.  I don't want to fold it up and put it on Mt. ToBeQuilted.  But I will.

This was number 2 on my Getting It Done Challenge list for January and it feels great to mark it off the list.

Thanks to my friends that taunted and teased me into starting this quilt.  You know who you are.

On The Needles

Yesterday I really, really wanted to cast on a pair of socks.
But I didn't.

Instead I cast on the right side of Ernie's vest
and started the ribbing.

That was after I finished the back!

What this means is that I have spent lots of time knitting.
Lots of time!!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Show Us Your Socks

I love these wool socks. 
They are perfect for my cold feet.
It's hard to take a good picture without a dog.
I gave up.

Show us your socks!
Link up at Patchwork Times.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tiny Tuesday-Blocks 20 & 24

Block 20 is called Circular Saw.
Tiny paper pieced arcs.
My applique still need work.
I'm using the galloping horse theory on this one.

Block 24 is called Hour Glass.
So fun to reach into the scrap bin and pull out random pieces.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Today's design wall is a box full of Hawaiian Sunset 1845. I put the box away the end of November and put the project on the Getting It Done Challenge for January. And by gosh, I am going to get it done!!!  The 4 patch borders are partially assembled.  Once I get started on it, it will go fast. With only 10 days left in the month I need to get to Getting It Done!!!

Also on today's agenda for resting time is this cute little Midge block.  I am almost tempted to machine stitch these but instead I am gong to hand stitch them.  I'll put on a movie and just get it done.  I'm fighting with yet another head cold so there has been lots of recliner knitting time that can be switched over to stitching time.

Check out Judy L's gorgeous design wall and other fabulous design walls here.  I love Monday in Blogland.  A cup of hot lemon tea with honey and I'm ready to wander.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pink, Pink....

Everyday this week I have been sewing a little bit.  Not marathon sessions like I normally do.  I finally finished my Easy Street blocks and while sewing them together, I've been making cute 6" Churn Dash blocks for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge Row Quilt as my leader/enders.

I must have a leader/ender project. I've been making spool blocks but I ran out and haven't cut any more.  Could I be bored with the spools? Instead I made kits of 2 Churn Dash blocks per kit.  Easy to cut using the same background 2 1/2" strip and 2 very different pink strips. In no time at all, I had all 10 blocks cut and ready to sew.

This is my original EQ7 quilt but I'll probably choose different blocks as the year goes on.

Today I'm linking up with Angela's Scrappy Happy Saturday.

Friday, January 18, 2013

On The Needles

I started Ernie's vest.  
He want's a vest made from alpaca yarn but he has to wait.
I want to make sure this will fit, it's what he wants,
but most important, will he wear it.
This pattern is a freebie from Universal Yarn.
It's an easy design and is knitting up pretty fast.

I finished my scarf and grabbed some yarn to try out Potluck Mittens.
I saw these on someone's blog and cannot remember where.  Sorry.
They knit up super fast with size 7 needles and acrylic yarn.
Now I want to find some nice soft yarn and make another pair.
2 more finishes bring my total for Sticks 'n Strings 2013 to 5.
I'm sure that will slow down now that I'm on to big projects.

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here at Patchwork Times.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Show Us Your Socks

The other day Judy L wrote a blog post about her socks.  I wrote her a note and told her she should do a link box to show off our socks.  And she did it!  I cannot wait to see awesome socks.  Be sure to read the guidelines before linking up.  Be brave, show off your socks.

This pair is hand knit using Opal yarn.  This is the second time I've worn them and oh boy are they ever toasty!  I love having warm feet.

Link up with Judy L today and Show Us Your Socks.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tiny Tuesday

No Midget Blocks have been completed since Day 2 of the Quiltathon.
But lots of prep work took place today.

Block 21-Snowball Flower is the first applique block I've prepped.
Oiye, there are some humpy bumpies that need to be smoothed out.
Tonight I'll give hand applique another try.  

This morning I filled all my clear pocket pages with pattern pages.
I think I am up to block 80.
The remaining pages are in a file folder in the back of the book.
I have several pages kitted up with pattern and fabric.
I found I needed to draw a few more missing designs in EQ7.
I think I am good now. 

So now that I'm caught up on a few other commitments,
I can pull a block out to work on whenever I want.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Saturday and Sunday of this past Quiltathon, 
I worked on catching up with my Grandmother's Choice Sampler.
I was too far behind and a bit of panic set in.
I'm a happy quilter once again.

This is block 20.
When it's done today, I'll be caught up.
I ran out of bobbin thread and then someone wanted dinner.
I never went back in to the sewing room.
Instead, at 6 pm, I put on my pajamas and with my knitting and my blankie, 
I parked myself in the recliner.

I'm going to finish block 20 then I have to attack this.
Ernie's favorite work sweatshirt with a broken zipper.
But needing to stockpile good wife points,
(when did I start to do this??? LOL)
I pulled out the bag full of zippers and I'll find one that will work.
He will be a happy husband.

Check out all the fabulous design walls here at Patchwork Times.
I love Monday in Blogland.

Friday, January 11, 2013

January Quiltathon-Day 2

I was reading Judy L's blog post about her Quiltathon Day and I know exactly what she is saying.  My day was full of if it can go wrong it will.

Midget block 18 called New Album turned out pretty cute. 

Midget block 22 call Kaleidoscope.
This one was a little tricky with it's partial seams.
I'm happy with it.  

Then I made another star block and a couple 4 patches for the Scrap Challenge quilt

I worked on this block for the Grandmother's Choice Sampler.
Oh Boy!  That pink thingie, that's my new seam ripper along 
side my favorite reversible tweezers.
I'll be taking the block apart and
checking my quarter inch seam allowance.  
I cleaned the machine and move my guide.
I should have checked but I didn't.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

On and Off The Needles

On the needles is this scarf for me.  
Lion Brand Homespun Mixed Berries is the perfect color for my favorite jacket.
Quick, easy, knit every row. 25 stitches on size 11 needles.

Finished is the hat from last week using up the last bits of wool yarn.
I have worn it several times already, it's perfect for that quick trip to the chicken house. 
I was going to toss any leftover wool but I made 2 dryers balls instead.

Finished last night was this Scarf Hood.
I think a teen girl will love this.
Personally, I think once it is sewn for the hood, the scarf is too short.
But I'm not a teen girl so what do I know.

So with these 2 finishes, I am at 3 finishes for Sticks 'n Strings 2013.

JoAnn's was having a great yarn sale so I stayed away from the store.
But you can order on line and they did have free shipping.  wink, wink
I order 2 skeins of yarn to finish an afghan, yarn for 3 pair of socks (don't judge!) and
circular needles for 2 different projects.

This morning I even found this free vest pattern for Ernie's test vest.
He wants one made from alpaca yarn 
but I'm going to use fisherman's wool first to test for fit and his likes and dislikes.  

I'm linking up to Patchwork Times On The Needles

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Quiltathon-Day 1

Judy L is hosting another Quiltathon. You can see the dates on the left sidebar of her blog.   After not spending much time in the sewing room this week, I really looked forward to this weekend Quiltathon.

I made a list of goals for today.

I think I can do it.  I took a spaghetti casserole out of the freezer--part of my clean out the freezer plan--so dinner will be whenever Ernie wants to eat.  Easy Peezy.  I'll check in at lunch time.........

Afternoon Update.........Easy Street A Blocks are DONE!!

Judy L's JAN BOM steps DONE!!

Ernie has been getting up at 0 dark thirty to plow snow for the log truckers so that means he's home just after noon...... Messes with Quiltathon.  He has a craving for fish and chips instead of the casserole I took out of the freezer that turned out to really be taco soup instead of spaghetti.....so we'll have soup tomorrow and go to town for fish and chips.  I'm hoping to be able to sew after he goes to bed tonight.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Design Wall Monday

On the first design wall of 2013 is Easy Street.  One block A is sewn together. 15 blocks are in parts.  Block B parts are waiting their turn.  Crud!!! I just noticed my bottom 4 patches are turned wrong!  Thank goodness there is only one block complete.  I love catching the mistake before it turns into a disaster. 

Rows 1 and 2 are sewn together. Row 3 is ready for it's turn.  I'll sew all of blocks 1 and 2 together, press them and then add block 3 making sure I have a good scrappy mix for each row.  When all the rows are sewn together then they will go up on the wall a row at a time so each block has variety.

I kind of feel like a slacker when seeing so many quilt tops together but I've been pretty busy doing other fun things like playing with my Grands and knitting and laundry and other fun household stuff and Facebook and Pinterest (those 2 time suckers will not get me this week!).  You all know what I'm talking about!!

See other fabulous design walls at Patchwork Times.  I love Monday in Blogland.

And there are oodles and oodles of Easy Street progress posts linked up to Quiltville.  Including this one. :c)
I love all the different color choices.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Sewing

 Saturday was a busy, busy day!  I started out early in the sewing room trying to be quiet.  I already had plans to babysit the grands this afternoon.  OH BOY! Those 4 cuties can wear a Gramma out!  We had a blast.

I made a couple pink star blocks and some 4 patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I love this star block so I made 2...the whites were already cut and you can't go wrong with 4 patches.  Maybe I'll continue with these blocks and make a super cute baby girl quilt. Visit SoScrappy to see other fabulous pink blocks.  

When we got home, Ernie wanted to watch a movie that I didn't care about so I went in to the sewing room and worked on Easy Street.  This last step is taking me a while.  I sure am liking it though and can't wait to start the second set of blocks.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Meet Miss Elsie Green

Miss Elsie Green, my new/old Elna arrived today.  She rode the USPS truck south from Seattle to Portland then to rural Clark County.    I bought her through eBay from Seattle Goodwill.  I was so excited.  The pictures on the listing were a bit deceiving, I thought she would be more of a lime green but really she is more of an olive green.  No big deal, just a little disappointing.  I know that's the risk you take.

I thought she was boxed up very well.  There was a thick layer of bubble wrap on top.

I opened the metal case up and the machine even had bubble wrap on it.   The take up lever is bent.  I bought this machine as is and I know what that means.  I think Ernie can bend it so it isn't hitting the needle bar.  The bobbin is behind the needle.  I can't tell how that moves until Ernie get's his work done. I'll wait until he gets home to do anything else to it.  I think he is as excited as I am.

I think this is the only machine I will buy off eBay.  I'm not a fan of the unknown.  I almost didn't bid on it but it is so unique and I had that oh I want it so bad attitude that I shared with Ernie and he "made" me keep bidding! That's my story.........  If we never get her to work, she will be come a piece of art but first she needs her face washed, she a bit grungy.

On The Needles

I'm working on using it up......the bits of yarn left from other projects.  This hat is made using leftover wool from this pair of slippers and these gray socks. If there are any bits left over, maybe I'll get brave enough to just drop them in the garbage.  Or maybe not.

The Honey Cowl is finished.  This is Project 1 for Sticks 'n Strings 2013.  I don't have 13 unfinished knitting projects but I have a few.  I'm going to do like Denise and finish an already started project before I can start a new one.  So the hat is my new project.  When that is finished, I have 3 scarves to choose from. Also on my list of 2013 Knitting Projects is a vest for Ernie and a sweater for me.  I'd like to get the scarves finished before I tackle either of these. I see a couple new hats being made before the vest, that thing is making me nervous!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

From The Quilting Room In 2012

I went back through 2012 to see what I had finished during the year.  There were a lot more starts than finishes.

2 embroidery projects turned in to pillows
2 baby quilts
3 wall hangings
4 bed size quilts
4 bags
1 bunch of cute doll clothes for a special little girl

2013 will have me focusing on finishing a few more of my projects, probably starting several more.  One thing is for sure, I'll love doing it all.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Day Sewing

They say what you do on New Year's Day will be what you do all year.  That mean's besides the everyday living stuff, I will continue to do what I love--torment my husband and sew.  He will continue to indulge me.  It works out well for both of us.

The top is now complete for Barrister's Block Sow-A-Long. The first finished top for 2013. I had all the border pieces cut and ready to sew on yesterday but instead spent the evening watching TV with Ernie and knitting.

Next on today's agenda is part 7 of Easy Street.  Oh, Miss Betty Blue, she sews like a dream.  I just have to remember that with no automatic needle up, she will come un-threaded if the take up arm is not up.

I'll be back later with more to report.

It's 5 pm and I'm tired.  It's time to put Miss Betty Blue to bed.
I've spent most of the afternoon working on part 7 of  Easy Street.

The corner triangles just need trimmed.

The big triangles are all layed out for easy piecing.
The top section is ready to sew to the 3 block section.
Have I said how much I love these colors?!?!

Here's hoping 2013 is good to all of us.  

Happy Tiny Tuesday New Year--Blocks 17 & 19

Happy New Year

I was so excited to finally sew block 17!
It is so darn cute!!

Block 19 is called Crow's Nest.

Block 18 is paper pieced and someone forgot to buy printer ink.
If I don't write that on the list, I don't even think about it. 
It's on the list now.