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Friday, October 25, 2019

August UFO Challenge Project

WaaHoo! August's UFO Challenge is finally marked off the list. 

This is Hawaiian Sunset 1845.

It really was a fun quilt to make.
I was so afraid to quilt it so I put it away for 6 long years.
How sad.

When I pulled it out of the bin, I was stumped as to what to quilt.
And then it came time to choose thread.
I decided a nice gray was perfect. 
I can't wait to wash it and see if the gray hides a bit more 
but if not, I'm happy with it.

While pin basting, I decided it was so busy it only needs a meander.
I was shocked that it only took 1 day to get it quilted. 
I sure do love my Sweet Sixteen.

It is now trimmed and ready for binding which was in strips in the binding box. 
That will happen today. 
When Ernie asked who it was for I told him I had no clue and
 that I really wanted to keep it for myself.

You can read all the stories about it here.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Funny How Time Slips Away

I can't believe how fast the tie is going by,.
Almost a month since I last posted. 
Not because I had nothing to say,
I just didn't write it.

Here is another UFO marked off the list.
I sure love my new to me Sweet Sixteen! 
This is Friends and Companions Designers Sew Along by Marcus Fabrics. (2014)
Here is the link to Marcus Fabrics page about the quilt but I didn't go down the rabbit hole to see if the links to the designers leads to the blocks. 
I do remember it was a fun quilt to make. 
I was ready to quilt a smaller quilt so I jumped ahead on my Judy L Challenge.
I used flannel for the back. 

Daughter Crystal and I attended our retreat last weekend.
I decided to focus on this UFO designed by Judy L and the September project for her challenge. 
I did a quick search of her page and found it here.
I had the center complete and the framing pieced border was on and border 3 was pieced.
I cut fabric for all the other borders and made this my first project.
I took all the extra fabric thinking I could piece the back.
Wrong, so  I pulled out a new project that I can't share yet. 

When I came home at night, I went into the backing stash 
and found a 6 yard piece of flannel. 
That wasn't enough so I grabbed all my flannel that went with my flannel.
That was my project for because I wanted to pass it to my long arm quilter friend Jane.

I take a picture of this old snag at each retreat. 
I had a blast hanging out with my daughter and my friends. 
I love these gals!!

Today my dear sweat friend Pam (Hey Pam!) read me a text from a high school friend Ruth.
So here's a message for you Ruth.
Heeeyyyy.  I am so jealous of your planned trip. 
Thanks for reading my blog.
One of these days we have to get together!