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Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday in Blogland

Design Wall Monday and Quiltville Mystery Monday on the same day! How great is that!!!

I wait all year long for Quiltville Mystery/Black Friday.
Clue 1 is released and I sew and sew and sew.
Expect this year.
This year I had the flu so I watched from the sidelines.

But I pulled out my bin of 2" strips and knew I would be OK.
My friend Trina and I have been swapping 2" strips for quite a while
so I have some really fun strips and lots of variety.
We never know when the other one will hand over a little bag of new strips.

Saturday I sewed strips together.
I cut my long strips in to smaller pieces for variety.
I sewed and sewed and sewed.
(That's a nod to a special little girl as she talks about her Auntie 
who is very busy as she sews and sews and sews.)

After many breaks, I ended the day with 60 fun four patches.
Sunday was more productive with more four patch fun..
I now only have a few more to press and I can call step 1 complete.
En Provence is off to a great start!

All information for this mystery is available at the top of the 
Quiltville blog page in it's on tab section..

It's a fun link up day today.
Bring on the coffee...I've got some reading to do this morning.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I love a great BOW and Moda Be My Neighbor is just that.
I was 5 blocks behind and decided if I was going to start the Quiltville Mystery,
I had to get caught up!
So I did.

These blocks are big.
My blocks are scrappy.
I spent 2 days sewing time kitting up the blocks.
Then they sat for another day before I started sewing.
Once I started sewing, 
all of the sudden I was caught up.
Only 5 blocks to go.

I wanted to lay them out on the floor to get a decent picture,
but I have 3 dogs and a cat and no floor space.
I also have florescent lights and a cel phone camera.

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Slow Stitching Sunday

Holy Guacamole! It's been a long time since I've done a Slow Stitching Sunday post. Since August! It's not because I haven't been stitching, it's mostly because I haven't been in a blogging mood. Isn't that strange.

I have been busy making piece hexies for my On The Road Quilt. I work on this almost every day. Either basting a hexi, making the pieced blocks or connecting the hexies into a rosette.  Last night got the best of me and I HAD to sew some rosettes together!

I learned that I am making my pieces too big. I need to section off the gray and cream units and not do the whole great big blue pieces.  Then I can do them in smaller row. I'll go ahead and finish connecting the big ones I have stitched up-I think there are 7 of them now. Then I'll work smaller and smarter.  Again, I've learned a lesson the hard way!

Another lesson is to stitch right sides together. LOL  I had only taken a few stitches before I spotted this big whoopsie!  I am so good at laughing at myself!

Today I am going to take some more slow stitches while I enjoy a girlie movie. I went through Netflix yesterday and found a few I'd like to watch or listen to while I stitch. 

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Design Wall Monday

This week has been filled with production sewing. My daughter and son in law are soon vending for the first time at a craft sale. I am making a few things for their sale.

I'm making fun Runaround Bags-pattern from Lazy Girl Designs and New Clutch Wallets-pattern from Emmaline Bags. I have a few more of each ready to sew.

It's been fun since I haven't done this type of product for a sale before. When our kiddos were little, I used to do the bazaars quite a bit. I made the cutest stuffed animals and dolls. I don't think I ever took a picture of any of that stuff. 😦

First thing I'm going to do is fill my coffee cup and take a little tour of Blogland via Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Retreats are over for the year.
See my big sad face?!?
I couldn't help but smile every time I walked past this guy.
I spent the weekend with my middle daughter, Crystal.
It's always fun when one of your own shares your passion.

I worked mostly on Garden Party.
My goal was to finish all my blocks.

I did it!!
I asked (a bit loud) who wanted to see my Garden Party Quilt 
and then held up my box full of blocks.
I love when my friends understand the silliness.

Finally on Sunday morning I got to working on my Jamestown Landing blocks.
These blocks hadn't seen the light of day since the last retreat in May.
I sewed the broken dishes blocks into pairs.

Then it was time to come home,
I think I made some pretty good progress.
I'm excited to get both of these projects up on the design wall.

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