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Monday, August 29, 2016

Design Wall Monday

What a full, busy week!
My cousins had a housewarming party Sunday so I made a gift bag for them.
I used some gifted blocks to make a bright, cheery table runner.
I use orphan blocks to play with quilting so I grabbed one of those to add to the bag
along with a jar of spicy peach jam.
They were thrilled with the gifties, that makes me happy.
We had a really good time.

My friend Shane gifted me with a jar of peach, rhubarb, habanero jam. 
OMG, it was soooo good.
I told him our jar was empty so I either needed a new jar or the recipe.
He gave me the recipe.
I made my own.
I will make more.

But first I have an order for a San Diego Chargers wallet.
My sister showed off her's to her friend and she order one for herself.
She also ordered a bag using the same fabric.
Good thing because I was unsure what to do with the remaining fabric.

So I have a busy next few days.
I am going to add recovering my ironing board to my list.
That thing is embarrassing!
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Design Wall Monday

It feels great to be spending a little time in the sewing room again.
My sister had a birthday last week.
I surprised her with a new wallet.
As soon as I saw the Betty Boop fabric,
I knew what I was going to use it for.
She loves Betty Boop!

It was so darn hot last week.
I barely moved off the couch from about noon on.
Our house stays pretty cool until the late afternoon but not this week.
Those little window air conditioner units worked overtime.
That worked out good for me.
I got 2 blue rosettes almost completed.
Along with several more orange and yellows.
I'm deciding whether or not to use variations on these rosettes 
or keep them all the same design.
I only did 2 different so it won't be a big deal to redo them.

I started some Garlic Knot blocks using my 2 1/2" batik strips for a block swap.  
I always forget that not everyone measures the same so this block will go into my personal pile.


I cut fabrics for a 1 1/2" strip swap.
They are all bundled up and ready to go.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Slow Stitching on Sunday-All Week Long

I am having so much fun with this new project from MD Quilts!
Mickey calls it her On The Road Project,
I am still thinking of a name for mine.
On The Couch???
Beat The Heat???
I would not have made this much progress on this if it hadn't been so stinking HOT this week.

Or would I?

Because there is really nothing like a new project to light the fire!!

My real plan is to get this second blue rosette design complete so I have a guide.
I forgot the purple hexies that go on the top and bottom.
Before I give it the final sew, I have to lay it all out again to double check
 that everything is in it's proper place.

Then I want to get busy with the kitting of the individual designs again.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Yesterday I wrote about my lack of control. 
Today I show you more proof. 

The plan was to work on more kits.
Then I talked to daughter Crystal.
She was going to run in to town.
Her oldest-he's 10-is like his Gramma and not a fan of going to town.
Anyone that wants can stay at Gramma's.
We'll just hang out, eat ice cream and watch movies.

And stitch hexies.

So we did.

After they went home, I went back in and worked on more kits.
The pile on the right needs to be pressed
and then I'll add 2 sides stacks to each kit.
I need to make more kits today while it's cooler.
Tomorrow it starts a week worth of hot, Hot, HOT!

I need to think of a new name for mine since
 I'm doing most of this on my couch.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Slow Stitching--not just on Sunday

I needed a new project.
And then the clouds parted and the sun came shing through and
shared her 2016 On The Road Project.
(Just click the tab at the top of her blog page.)
As soon as I saw this, 
I knew it would be my next hexi project.
Thanks Mickey!

It started out very innocent.

I was just going to make up a few kits to have ready to go once Mille was finished.

Then I lost all control because
it got hot! 
Stinking hot! 
Can't breath outside, it's so HOT!
I am a whimp!!!

When I wasn't watching The Olympics in the living room
and basting red flower centers,
I was in the sewing room piecing neutral crumbs into squares to make Crackle hexies.
And piecing the yellows and oranges for the hexi flower block kits.
Kits, these were just for kits!
I was only going to baste the centers.

As you can see, I lost all control!
It was too hot to work on Millefiore's last 2 sides of fill in blocks.
So I stitched hexi flowers.
Just to see what they look like.

Good thing I had some kits made up.
snicker, snicker

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Monday, August 08, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Guess what!!
I've got Millefiore almost all done.
I was pretty excited when I got the final rosette stitched on Monday.
I parked myself on the couch with the tv remote and
went to town on her.
By 4 pm, she was ready for the outside fill in pieces.
As of Saturday night,
one edge has been completed.
I chose to do the half hexies first because I like instant gratification.
She says after a whole year + working on this quilt.

I needed something a little smaller than Millefiore to take to my
Wednesday Binding Friends group.
Mickey Depre of MD Quilts has a new On The Road project for 2016.
You can find the link for it in a tab at the top of her page.

I have been thinking for a long time what I would do next with hexagons.
Since I have already done one Pieced Hexi quilt for Taylor,
I wanted one for myself.

This new design is right up my alley.
Scrappy, pieced hexies and fun.
won this batik and posted that she didn't like it.
I commented that it would be perfect for my next hexi project I was planning.
Guess what showed up in my mailbox!!!
Quilty friends are the best!
So I've been basting centers for one of the steps.

So this is all I've worked on this past week.
I have a couple things planned for this week.
I want to pull a quilt top off Mt. ToBeQuilted and get it basted.
But first,
I need a new swim suit.
It's time to pull out some of that fabric out of the stash and sew it up.

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Monday, August 01, 2016

Design Wall Monday

It feels sew good to have the sewing mojo back again!
I've had this Harriet bag cut out for weeks.
I splurged and bought myself a steam press
 and was happy to have something already cut out and ready to use it with.
It made ironing the interfacing a breeze.
Once that was done, 
it was all about the sewing!
I absolutely love Swoon patterns and have bought almost every one of them.
I still need to put the rivets (an optional feature) on the handles.
I can't wait to use her!
I have a Brooklyn handbag almost all cut out.
Welcome home Mojo!

I finished up 5 more Splendid Sampler blocks.
I kept wondering how I could have gotten so far behind.
I only have to finish an embroidery block and do the current block, #49 to be current again.

Here is the final block for Millifiore.
I was so excited to be this close to finishing that I sewed the top 2 hexies on wrong.
It won't take long to take them off and sew them right.
One to finish sewing and 2 to fix, sew this to the mothership and then on to the side pieces.
I don't think those will take too long.
Being this close to finished, I will work on it every night until she's a completed top.
In my head I hear Lady threat your needles 
in Drivers start your engines tones. 
I'm such a goof!

This morning I'm going to take a little stroll through Blogland.
I'll start at Judy L's Design Wall Monday post and go from there.
Have a great week.