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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden Fun

After picking Taylor up, we headed to Home Depot to return a mower belt. We went to the garden section to get some more pots for another tipsy tower but they didn't have what we wanted so we bought a few flowers for a new flower bed. We stopped at the pepperoni store, then the library to enroll in the summer reading program and fill our book bag up, grabbed a couple Subway sandwiches and headed home to garden.

First we had to fix strawberries for the dehydrator, then we played in the dirt. Tomorrow we are going up to the local nursery to get some more plants and we have to put up a fence to keep the dogs and chickens out!

After dinner and dishes tonight, we climbed into the hot tub and now it's time to read for a while and sleep! Tomorrow is another full dirt day in the veggie garden and flower beds.


Stephanie D said...

Pepperoni store???

I want a few new beds, too, but it's too darned hot and humid to do more than the basics like weeding and deadheading and watering--and that needs to be done in the early morning!

Come fall, if I'm not too deep into Halloween (yeah, right), I may start preparations for another bed or two.

Cute granddaughter!

Diane said...

sounds like a wonderful day. I forgot about the flower pot tower...that was too cool.
"hi" to Taylor!