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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sewing News

Despite my complaining about the weather...I have been sewing. (And last I looked, it has stopped snowing!)

In January, at our quilt guild meeting, the guest speaker was Elinor Peace Baily. She is fabulous, outrageous and a super funny, friendly lady. It was a pleasure to meet her. I couldn't wait to start making dolls again. I had never used her patterns so I bought a kit with 3 patterns and some face fabric and a couple of books. I decided I would make my daughters dolls again. It's been a long time.

This doll is Penelope, Pretty in Purple and now lives at Jenny's house. I had fun making her and I hope she is happy at her new home.

I'm just a beginner again and this whole new world of creating faces and using color crayons on fabric is quite an adventure.

I have Dee's lady almost finished. She doesn't have a name yet but I am sure when the time comes, a name will come to her.

I have been using my quilting machine again. I'm taking it slow and easy. I quilted a baby quilt--a UFO from March 2007. It is finished and in the box of charity quilts. I also finished piecing and quilted a flannel baby quilt that is ready to be snuggled with but I'm not ready to put it into the charity box. So I'm taking it easy with the quilting machine--I am not going to push myself. But the next quilt just needs to be loaded on. The thread is ready and the top is pressed and laying over the rail patiently waiting to go on. Maybe it will get on there tonight.

In the mean time, I'm working on some blocks for a birthday block exchange. That is what the drunkard's path block is for. The quilt top is based on Quiltville's Scrappy Sister's Choice. Bonnie used 9-patch blocks for her centers but I had these blocks made and decided to use them instead. I need to make a few more and use up more of my 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" bricks from my scrap drawer.

I always have to have something going. Lord knows my UFO box won't starve as long as I keep finding quilt tops to make.

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What Gives With the Weather?!?

Today is March 31, it is snowing outside. It started snowing the other day. I didn't think anything of it, it has snowed in March before. But not like this. It started snowing and forgot that it is spring and just kept on.

I'm done now. I want it to stop and to leave. I want my flowers to bloom! The snow can come back in the winter.

Monday the garden area was rototilled. The camillia bush is loaded with buds ready to pop open. I couldn't wait to see them. I don't know what is going to happen now. I'm glad I picked all the daffodils that were budded out. At least I enjoyed them on my window sill.

I want spring and I want some sunshine. I will wait until tomorrow. The weatherman said the sun will come out tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday DeeDee

My baby's birthday is today. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and then after talking to her this morning I am laughing at myself. She has a way of putting things right in your face.

I told her about telling my day how old I was feeling and and dad always answers with "how old do you think I feel". He just turned 77, his mother is about to turn 102. Dee says next time Grampa says that I should say "really old!".

So I guess when my Gramma feels old, she is entitled to feel old. And so is my dad. I am not. Even when my oldest and youngest have birthdays a week apart and I have always had moments like this morning, I will think next time I complain about feeling old.

Happy Birthday DeeDee. I hope all your dreams come true!

I cropped this picture trying to get just her face but when I saw the dimples on both cheeks, how could I not share. What a great picture.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Jen

Today is Jenny's 35th birthday! WOW! Just yesterday we brought her home in her tiny pink blanket.

We are quite proud of the woman she has grown up to be.

I need to go cry now! We love you.

Photo taken by 7 1/2 year old Ian--I think he may take after his mom with the camera.
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Day ??? I Lost Track

These are the reasons I am using for not getting things put away in the kitchen. They aren't the real reason though! I think I am coming down with something. Yuk! I don't want to be sick. I have a touch of a sore throat and just feel like crap. So today I worked on my newest socks.

Crystal, Mike and the kiddos came out yesterday. Mike did some touch ups and installed a soap dispenser on my utility sink. Little Big Man was supposed to be taking a nap but he proved to his parents that he is a big boy now and climbed out of the crib! I swear I tried not to laugh. Miss Clella is growing too fast. She responds when you talk to her with that precious smile. Then Dee, Vern and Taylor came out for dinner--thanks again Mike & Crys for the pizza. It was great to have a house full of happy people.

The new sink came in this box and I knew it would be a great new toy. I was right, nothing better than a big box to climb in, on and under. We thought maybe the dogs would leave Clella alone if we layed her down in the box but it wasn't the dogs we needed to worry about! She didn't like it for long so I HAD to hold her for a while.

Here are my new socks. I got the yarn quite a while ago and started them before my surgery. I hate doing the ribbing and the first one isn't as nice as the second one but they are mine and I'm not going to let that bother me. I am working on both socks so I don't get too lost with my yarn pattern. And the fact that I will have them both done instead of just one sock. (Not naming names but there is this one lady I met with a monster stack of single socks. She doesn't like to get bored working on one pair at a time. If I did that, I'd have a huge stack of single socks and no pair to wear!)

The last picture is for Sissy Sue. She had surgery on Monday and now she is home recouping and surfing the web and needed an update. Update for today is a couple more boxes empty, a few more to go.

I haven't comeplety made up my mind about the backsplash. I thought it was made up, I bought the tile and the grout, then Crys came up with another idea. She thinks painted bead board will make a nice backsplash. We even picked out the colors. Now I don't know what I want so I am going to live with it for a few more days. If you click on the picture, you can see the tile on the left of the stove. What do you think???

Gotta go, I'm hoping to get the the toe section tonight.
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Days 9, 10, 11

Day 9 brought more dust and noise. Those are good right? It seems the closer we get to being done, the less progress I see. One more trip to town to get the right plumbing stuff. The sink is in, the dishwasher is hooked up. I can get cold water and ice out of the fridge door. I can also lock it because it is quite a fun toy.

Day 10--Can this get any cuter??? Mr. Elliot is trying to put a screw in the screw driver and fix that darn drawer slider thing. Crystal and the kiddos came out to spend the day (yes Mike, we missed you!). Elliot is quite the helper. When you think something is safe, think again cuz he either has it or has had it. It's a good thing he has a short attention span.

Day 11--I spent a good deal of the day in the sewing room. I finished a little towel project for my sister, Karen and then started making more blocks to finish the quilt that is on my design wall. After a couple hours, I came out and almost started bawling! I can't believe this is my kitchen. It's been a long time dream, I never thought it would come true. I really am blessed and I am really spoiled and I like it!

Tomorrow I am going to get the tile for the backsplash and about 10 other little things on my list. I just realized I need to get a new garbage can.

I can't wait to get in there and get things put away. I still don't know where things go and will probably be searching for what I need. But I would rather be searching in drawers and cupboards that searching in boxes.

Thank Goodness Day 1 was only 11 days ago. If it had been longer, I would have lost it! Good thing I haven't been counting since the plan was drawn up. ;-)
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Day 8--WOW!

What a difference! I am just a tad bit excited. I was hiding again today in my sewing room. The sheetrock dust was horrible. I heard alot of banging around, tools noisy, nail gun zinging but I was busy sewing and didn't come out for a while. When I did, the upper corner cabinet was in and the one on the right of it was going in! A couple hours later, this is what I saw. Only the counter tops were covered with tools.

Tonight the guys were talking about how much more needs to be done and they figure they should be done on Sunday! (I didn't ask which Sunday--you know, contractor time and all!) Hubby thinks we need a new sink and I'm not going to argue with him about that. If he wants a new sink, a new sink he shall get! (I kinda already have it picked out.) So we are going to the depot in just a few minutes to get it. I'm taking my floormica sample to look at tiles and pick up some paint samples.

Think we'll stop and grab a burger or taco for dinner. I don't want to mess up my kitchen. ;-)
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Day 7--Sneaking In Some Sewing :-)

Shhhhh, don't tell! Yesterday I snuck into my sewing room on several occasions and made some quilt blocks. I am still unable to use the rotary cutter for more that a minute or 2. It's a good thing I didn't need to cut much. I had made a quilt a while back called Pinwheels on Parade (this is not my picture but one from the book) from the More Nickel Quilts book by Pat Speth and had 8 completed blocks and 3/4 of the 9th block done. So I sat down and finished block 9, sewed them together and measured my quilt at 24" x24". Not big enough. Then I figured how many light blocks and dark blocks I needed. I pulled out some nickels (5" x 5" squares), some 2 1/2" squares and some bricks (2 1/2" x 4 1/2") and made 11 more blocks. So the top is not quite finished but at least I got some blocks out of my orphan block bin.

Kitchen is coming along--some days seem slower that others. Like Thursday. Alot of stuff happening but not much to see. The new soffet (?) has been made and needs mudded and taped. Then rest of the upper cabinets can be put in. The old window has been covered with sheet rock and that was mudded.

I was the errand and hold this girl. I had to miss Quilt Party :-( but I think I had a pretty darn good reason. And instead of coming home with more projects, I worked on getting one out. One down 847 to go! Or so it seems. I even finished knitting a hat for the preemie babies at the hospital. I now have 7 in my bag and I think I will take those in next time I am in town.

Ok, time to get started with Day 8. Wonder what today brings?????????????

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Day 6--Surprise

Wednesday was my sewing day with friends so I was gone all day. (That's why my progress report on Thursday!!) I spent time with my friends, went to Crystal's and got snuggly time with the Clella and Elliot. Then we met Hubby for dinner and Crystal, Mike and kiddos came out to see what was happening. I miss spending time with them.

When I finally got home, I got to see my counter top. I had picked out 3 different colors way back in October. I didn't know which one I wanted and kept looking at them but couldn't decide on one. So when it came crunch time, I held each sample against my "big red mixer" to see which one the mixer liked the best. I couldn't remember the color name so I couldn't go get another sample to use to pick out the backsplash tile. I know, I am a bit on the dorky side! But I'm fun!! So now I will take a big hunk of the "floormica" with me when I go get the tile. I'm leaning toward a nice creamy yellow color with a touch of the green in it and I want off white grout (I think). I'd love to get glass tiles but the $$$ may have me changing my mind. It's always an adventure with me.

Today I don't know what's happening. See, another adventure! I'll wait until Joe gets here and find out. I'm hoping to get the sink in and the dishwasher plumbed in but I don't know what the plan is. You know if he doesn't have one, I do.

Think I'll go vacuum some sawdust out of my cabinets or something.........

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day 5--A Bit More Progress

No picture today but I do have underlayment down almost ready for "flormica". That's what Joe calls formica and it makes me giggle whenever he says it.

I guess I should be thankful that each day brings us a little bit closer to the end of this project. I have waited patiently for my kitchen to be done. (I have too been patient!) I am thankful that this is only going to take a couple weeks and not over a year like my friend Jean's took.

Today I asked to have my washer and utility sink hooked back up. I had a growing pile of laundry and I couldn't do dishes in the bathroom one more time! So Joe got to work on finishing up the plumbing and got everything working again. I never thought I would be happy to do laundry but I am. I would rather be shot in the foot that go to the laundry mat!

After dinner, I headed out to the utility sink and got my dishes washed and dried then brought them back into the kitchen and put them away in the portable dishwasher! Joe says I should be able to put dishes in cabinets in a couple more days but I'm waiting until everything is done. I need time to think about where things are going.

So tonight is being spent folding clothes and putting them away. I know! That is so unlike me!
Now I am going to get ready to watch 2 of my favorite shows. Rob & Big (or Big & Rob) and The Biggest Loser. Yip, another exciting night at Gramma's house!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Day 4 Progress

Today brings progress and frustration. Progress is good. The lower cabinets are in place and a couple of the uppers. There is still adjusting to do. It is taking longer than I thought it would. Joe has to deal with his mother's medical stuff and this week he has stuff to do almost every morning before he gets here. So today's work didn't start until 11:30. Tomorrow will be even later. I'm not complaining--reallly, I'm not. I guess I didn't think about how long it takes to do things.

I really miss my water! I miss my washer! I miss my sink! Tonight I cooked dinner and missed my utensils. But mostly I missed my countertop! I kept trying to set things down and there is nothing to set things down on.

I have to do the few dishes we dirty in the bathroom. Really and truely, that grosses me out! One pot meals are good. It's paper plates, throw away glasses but we need silverware and pans. So it's quick, wash, dry and get them out of there!

Tomorrow the remainder of the uppers go in and then the sheeting goes down. Wednesday the laminate countertop gets glued down while I go to my Wednesday sewing day. Boy do I need that!

What I really miss most is queit. There seems to be noise all the time. Even my breathing is bothering me but I think I'll deal with that and keep on breathing. Maybe I'll think about paint color. What color should I paint The walls and ceiling are looking quite blah!
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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Work started early this morning--I really wanted to sleep in! I was awake several times in the night with a sore throat and cough. I do not want to get sick. I don't know if it is a cold or if it is from all the dust. I just know that most of the day today I felt like crap!

The day was spent getting the plumbing and electrical work complete. Of course this involved another trip to the Home Depot for errand boy, Hubby. But we gotta have the stuff.

Lunch today was Papa Murphies pizza picked up on the way home from the Depot. Tonight's dinner was mircowaved leftovers. We had to push the range across the kitchen to where the plugger thing is so we could cook the pizza. For some strange reason, the pizza cutter was in the first box I looked in. It really is my lucky day. (Until I opened the oven to put in the pizza and found some of my pans inside! )

Late this afternoon, the cabinets started coming in. And look, hubby is using a level! The base cabinets are set in place but not attatched yet. It sure is looking purty!

As you can see in the last picture, my helper crapped out on me this afternoon. She took a two hour nap and I was extremely jealous of her. When she wore up, a couple of the cabinets were in and she was very excited. I kept teasing her about all the fun she is going to have washing dishes in Gramma's new kitchen!

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 2--Fun Discoveries

We found newspaper underneath the old flooring. That had to be removed so the floor could be checked for level and can you believe it actually was!!! Anyhow, the paper is dated March 19, 1941. That's almost 67 years it's been under the floor.

There were some great sales happening. When I saw this shoe add, I knew I had to share it with my girls. They all love shoes and to get great Carlisle shoes like these for only $8.95, they would have been waiting for the doors to open at Meier & Frank! Well maybe not all my girls but I know 1 would have been there. The top picture is "New open toe spectator, with medium heel. Tan or black with white doeskin." Or maybe the "summer suede sling pum, open toe and back. Chili red, Brazilian beige, black". Or maybe the "new low heel black pump with the interesting scroll tongue".

Personally, I would have been waiting at the store (no name for this store--that part is missing) for the "New ELDREDGE Electric Sewing Machine". Special at only $44.85 plus your old machine. There is something about a walnut cabinet, latest attachments, free sewing lessons, handy sew-lite and of course there are easy terms.

I googled Eldredge sewing machines but didn't see anything for around the 1940s. I might have to hunt for one of these babies.

Progress today: Plumbing is being replaced, new light above the sink--only have a hanging lamp before, light switch, new outlets and wiring. floor is ready for cabinets and hopefully they start going in tomorrow.

I am feeling pretty special right now.
What's for dinner? We already had deep fried from Fargher Lake Store and I don't want that again for quite a while.
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