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Saturday, March 31, 2018

2018 UFO Update

I had such great intentions when I wrote my 2018 UFO Challenge list.
Then my life happened and most of my sewing mojo went missing.
And then with the 2 cowboy quilts completed for the brothers,
the mojo has returned.

My focus is first going to catching up on the UFO Challenge.
I read Judy L's post UFO Push! and that really put me in the mood to get going.

The back was made recently for the January UFO, Strings and Stars.
So when I cut the batting for the 2nd cowboy quilt, '
I cut some for this one too.
It is now basted and ready for a rainy day of quilting-probably Monday. 
I can't wait to lay the thread I want to use on this.
Variegated yellow.

Since the table was set up already and I was in movie mode,
I decided to get the borders pinned on to Circle of Jewels, my February UFO.
It's lots of fiddly work and border 1 is pinned and glued in place,
ready for some machine applique.
Border 2 is cut and ready to add.
I purchased a wide back for this one so I only need to cut batting.

For March's Jamestown Landing, 
I have 4 pieces of wide back that I am hoping is enough.
When I cut batting for Circle of Jewels, 
I will cut for this too and maybe April's, depending on what it is.

So that's it in a blog post!
No UFO finishes yet,
but I am ready to knock them off the list now.
Can't wait to see what the April number will be.
(I know what I don't want it to be.)
Please be nice Judy L. 

It's no April Fool's joke.
April's UFO is #5, Mischief Quilt. 
Which is good since it is my only hand stitching project in progress. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Canning & Freezing Chicken

Monday was chicken canning day at our house.
I ordered 80 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts from Zaycon Fresh.
Gosh when there's a good sale, buy it!
Pick up time was between 8 and 9 am.
We were there before 8 and was 2nd in line.
Hubs wanted to be 1st. 😊

We borrowed a pressure canner from our DIL so we could have 2 going and get this knocked out.

At the end of a long day, we have 28 pints and
72 half pints on the pantry shelves.
5 pressure canners full.
Ernie watching in the shop, me in the house.
Without his help, I'd still be working. 

After all jars were filled, 
9 quarts of chicken chunks went into the freezer.

This morning, lids were removed, jars wiped with vinegar and lids labeled.
Everything is put away!
This will last us at least a year. 
Hooray for a full pantry.

I need to find more jars. 
Tuna season will be here soon.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I finished and gifted both quilts to the boys I talked about here and here.
We delivered them to Gramma on our way to the beach.

Going to the beach means passenger seat knitting.
I've been working on these Circle Socks for quite a while.
They are so full of mistakes but I took my husband's good advice and 
didn't pull the needles. 
"They are socks. Is anyone gonna know you got the pattern wrong?"
"I'll know but I can live with it!"
Sometimes he gives me great advice. 

At retreat last year, I picked up a little embroidery kit.
I took it with me to the beach.
This was the only sewing I did while we were there.
I mostly had my nose shoved into a book.
Nora Roberts can really hold my attention!
It was a very relaxing few days.

I came home ready to quilt.
Instead I did a couple of experiments.
I tested all the colors from my box of Crayola Ultra Washable Markers.

I also tested a home made basting spray that I read about on Chatterbox Quilts.
If you are interested, search her blog for basting spray.
Then I washed my sample.

I was not happy with the markers.
They did not all wash out.
The red is a definite no.

Too many colors stayed in the white/cream fabric.
I don't think I'll be using these markers.

But the spray baste is a definite yes for small projects.
I sprayed the backing,
then layed it on the batting and pressed dry.
Then sprayed the top and layed it on the batting and pressed dry.
I was very happy with it.
I fiddled quite a bit with it before I did a bit of quilting.
Then I washed it and found no residue from the spray.
Wish I could say the same for the markers.

Judy H's Heart Quilt is AMAZING!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I finished the Warm Wishes quilt except for about 36" of binding.
It was a super nice day yesterday so I layed it out on the deck for a picture.
Last night when I looked at the pictures I laughed at the shadows. 
I think we are headed back to rain today so I'm glad I got the shadowy picture.

When I was talking to a friend about this quilt,
she said I should make one for the brother.
So that is my project I'll start today.
There is still enough gifted cowboy fabric that includes some panel pieces
that I can come up with a great quilt for brother.

This week at Binding Friends group, I showed off my
On The Road Quilt.
It's nice to have a full picture.

There are some awesome projects being shared at

Monday, March 05, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Last week I ran into a friend. 
She told me about her little grandson who had spent a long time in the hospital
and has had numerous surgeries.
On the way home, I told Ernie I was going to make that baby a quilt.
I needed to.
As I was working on it, I constantly thought about how lucky we were
that our children and their children are all so healthy.
I am thankful and very blessed.

So with sewing and thinking and thanking,
this cute cowboy Warm Wishes quilt top and backing has been handed off for quilting.
The binding is ready to attach. 
Thanks to my friend for the fabulous bag of fabric.
I knew it would be perfect for someone and I'm happy I found the someone.

Check out all the fabulousness over at