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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Stuff

We are supposed to have a super wet day today so I have made some plans for myself. Nothing too heavy though. I need to get my Christmas tree and decorations set up so I'll feel like it is the holiday season and I have a short list of quilting projects. I've decided to play my timer game today. Pick a project, set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes, see how much gets done. Sometimes I keep going until I'm finished but sometimes I stop and go do something else.

First on my list was to finish the 60 Step 3 string blocks for the Quiltville mystery. I had 10 more to finish so I got right to that this morning. You know me, up early-can't sleep because this is on my mind and Ernie would sleep for a couple more hours. Well it's off my mind now, they are done! Ready for step 4.

Next quilting project is to make my BOM for BOM-Quilt Addicts group. But first, I think I'll bring out that tree........


scraphappy said...

They look great! I am plugging away on mine now. Seeing yours motivates me to get back to work.

Amy said...

Gah....I haven't started; can't until some deadlines get completed. {{I suppose if I got my butt of the computer checking out blogs that I'd get further in my deadlines, huh?}}

Way to get 'em off your mind!