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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mystery Part 2

I love a good stash busting mystery quilt! That is exactly what the newest Quiltville Mystery is. I dug through all my fabric to come up with enough browns to make 30 sets of half square triangles and hopefully have enough left for any other steps that might need brown. As much as I tried to get each set different I have 2 sets that are the same but that's the way it worked out. I'm not making any more. Step 2 is complete.

I still might have to buy a couple pieces where she uses yardage but I can live with that.

Earlier today we went to the library~~Ernie was out of books and I needed new audio books. I still am kicking myself for not trying these sooner. I brought home 4 new ones and I hope that will last me for a couple weeks. Did you know there are books on mp3 players? All you have to do is use your own headphones or hook them up to your speakers. Or am I really lame and these have been around forever???

I'm hoping to get a quilt loaded on the frame tonight or in the morning. I have so many that need quilted plus I need to get my stash numbers booming. After bringing home fabric from Crystal's, I have lots to make up for.....I need to figure that out before Sunday's stash report. Oiye!


Teaquilts said...

You have been very busy! Love the colors. I made a pink and chocolate quilt and it's one of my favorite.

Amy said...

LOL...we're sounding a bit alike!
I too just loaded up on audiobooks
I too need to get some tops quilted...
I too need to make up for some recent purchases

Good luck to you !

Julie in the Barn said...

I "watch" movies from Netflix while working in my sewing room. There are hundreds of selections that are available for instant play on my computer. Currently I'm enjoying the entire series of All Creatures Great and Small. There is also a website for free download of classic books. I enjoy the mysteries.


Bonnie's mystery looks intriguing but I have resisted. I'm saving the instructions, though. Maybe I'll do it next year.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your blocks look great...love that brown with the tiny pink circles! I gotta get sewing!