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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Sock Progress Report

Here they are, Ernie's wool socks. I just did the last row of the gusset and now I'm going to fly through the foot. I think maybe they might be too big around but it's hard to tell. He is taking some blood thinner medication and has been wearing the sexy compression stockings so his legs are skinny.

I tried one of the socks on him the other day and he thinks they are going to be fabulous and wants me to hurry. He has been paying attention to how much time goes into knitting a pair of socks and is quite impressed that I am still making them. I'm not a speedy knitter. Have you seen the video of the speed knitter? That's not me!

Go to Judy L's page to read about the knit along and in the search box, put in knit along to see all of her posts. I love seeing the progress of other sock knitters like Kathy or Mary or Jill or Denise. I can't wait to see more from everyone.

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