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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Memories

This is a photo taken at The Pomeroy Farm Quilt Festival this summer. I loved this display! It makes me smile thinking that my husband and my father would never, ever have worn that shirt or those pants. Now that pink dress, I love! I had several dresses that style but I was never brave enough to wear that pink!

I went back through my blog to see what I had accomplished this year. I was amazed at the number of quilt tops I made! 19! I made 19 quilt tops and turned 8 of those into quilts. That means I have 11 more on Mt. ToBeQuilted.

This is my list of finishes for 2010:
19 quilt tops, 8 quilted
5 UFOs
3 bags
4 wall hangings
1 rug
6 pair of socks knitted
4 hats knitted
2 scarves knitted

WOW! That surprised me. Of course there are some projects that have been started and are in the can't be counted yet category. Which leads me to my word for 2011. FINISH

My 2010 word was Simplify. My 2 goals were to learn to quilt feathers and learn to use my EQ5. Well, I did quilt feathers on one quilt....decided maybe I really don't want to do them, I do pantographs and meander much better. Maybe I'll try again, maybe not. I did learn to use EQ5 and then bought EQ7 and have been using it like crazy. And we did simplify our lives even more. We got rid of alot of crap that we never used. We aren't done yet but we are well on our way.

My goals for 2011 look pretty simple:
  • Continue to simplify.
  • Concentrate on finishing one project before starting another.
  • Stay current with the BOMs, quilt alongs and challenges that I have committed to.
I think that's enough motivation for me for now. I can always add to my list if I want to.

I hope 2010 was a fabulous year for you and I hope 2011 will be even more fabulous!


Barb in Mi said...

Judy, Happy New Year! Love your 2011 word FINISH! And wow, you sure did finish a lot of quilty/ crafty projects in 2010. Way to go! And let's get things finished in 2011 - one row at a time! Sending 1 test row quilted w/ panto to you!

Judy S. said...

Happy New Year, Judy! Finish and Simplify are two great words....I need to do both.