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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blocks 7 & 8 of 100

Blocks 7 and 8 of Tea's Quiltmaker's 100 Block Challenge are finally finished. I'm already a week behind but I'm not too worried. I have my fabric picked for the next 2 and will be working on them soon.

I'm not loving the fabrics I picked for the star block. As I sit here and look at this photo, I think I am going to take the star points out and replace them with a nice creamy yellow and leave the center as is. That's my new plan!

I love Mr. Teddy even though he is looking like he has a swollen jaw. :)

Thanks Tea for hosting this.


Dena said...

The bear block is cute. I agree. I think the star block needs more contrast and the creamy yellow may just do the trick.

scraphappy said...

I love your blocks, just as they are. I usually tell myself that if it bothers me at the end of the project I'll change out a fabric or make a new block. Funny though how it always looks good at the end.

Teaquilts said...

GREAT! You found time in your week to make these...you are amazing.