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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Day/Bad Day

Ever have one of those days? I'm having one today.

Good Day: Today is our 37th anniversary. Yeah for us. Ernie brought me home 3 dozen roses. I love getting roses. Love it! Thanks Babe.

Here's to 37 more years. We have had some very good times and some very tough times. I think most marriages have those. We raised 4 children into awesome adults that we are very proud of. We are at a comfortable place in our lives right now and it feels good.

Bad Day: Not totally bad, just ughhhh, kind of bad. I've spent so much time in the kitchen and not the sewing room that when I do sit down to sew, it seems I sew thing together wrong! 3 different projects, 3 different goofs!

When I photographed the blocks for the Design Wall post, I saw I had one of my HSTs wrong. Today, when I should have been in the kitchen but don't want to be, I hung the top with the blocks sewn together and yip, right there I see where my 6 blocks are sewn together wrong. The center should be backgrounds, not the colors. The importance of the design wall is jumping out at me. I will leave this up on the wall and work on it to make it right.

Tomorrow, our sewing at Marian's day, I will spend time with my seam ripper. First is the BOM that need 2 blocks taken out and then sewn into the right places because it is now haunting my dreams. Second is the Carol Doak wall hanging I started to put together and put a piece in the wrong spot. Quick redo on that one. I should have both of these right again before I leave her house.

I should..........but will I??? Now I probably should get back to kitchen duty.


Sue said...

Happy Anniversary to my Sister and favorite Brother in Law. I love you and here's to 37 more!

Judy S. said...

A very belated Happy Anniversary, Judy! We've been gone and am just getting caught up on my blog reading.