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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

UFO Challenge Report

Holy Cow! How did it get to be August so fast.
Wasn't it just Christmas?

Judy L has pulled the new UFO number for August.
Lucky me, my #3 is Millifiore. 
I'm excited to get this finished but terrified at the same time.

There is a bit of irony for me about this selection.
You know on Facebook how your memories show up?
One of my memories this morning is this photo.
It was 2 years ago today that I was at this step.

I have however reached the point in my life of just get it finished.
Don't worry so much about it.
No one can use or appreciate all the work if you don't get it finished.
So Millifiore, you're next.

The first step in to add the outer borders.
Thank goodness the fabric is with the quilt top.
Then I'll cut the batting for all 3 tops in this post.
(Once the roll is out, may as well cut them all.)
I previously bought a wide back for this so I'll be ready to baste.
The quilting design is already layed out on paper.
That will help a lot!

Wish I could say I made progress on Grandmother's Choice.
This is all the progress I made, I pulled it off Mt. ToBeQuilted.
That's as far as I got with her.
It's been super hot here so we've spent a lot of time at the beach.
Not much room for quilt basting there.

Instead I finished this sweet quilt top.
Take a top off the mountain, add another. 

Cross your fingers that this can be a 2 or 3 month UFO finish month.
I'm certainly going to try.


Suzanne said...

Very pretty UFO...good luck!

Mary said...

#3 huh, What a Coincidence!?? Glad you can still work on it at the Beach. It's hand work. Happy August!