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Monday, August 27, 2018

Design Wall Monday

 Last week after making my cute little piggie, 
I told myself to get busy and get the borders on this quilt! 
So for a change, I did what I was told.
I have it all measured and labeled for batting and backing.
I even have the binding ready! 
This week's goal is to get this done.

On Wednesday we packed up for the beach.
We borrowed our son's tractor with a backhoe attachment 
to clear stumps and that horrid bamboo root ball. 
I say we like I worked. 
I did help a little but not like he did.

So I stayed out of the way and chased a squirrel.
I started this new crochet project called Crazy Patchwork.
(it's a freebie!)
I want to use up all my acrylic yarns but
I had to add 4 new colors to what I had.
I used up all I took with me except the yellow.
I still have some of it left to use with other colors.
It's fun to start something new and use up some of the old.

I spent some time watching old tv shows and saw this.
OMGosh, who would I find to pedal for me!
Thank goodness I don't have to.

It's nice to go, it's nice to come home-
to get ready to go again. 😍
I have to put my visiting around Blogland on hold until later tonight.
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Mary said...

Hey I saw you commented on my Blog already. I know how the WE is really He...
My DH would rather play outside. It rained finally here last night. I am still staying inside to stitch. Fun Crochet project. Not going to even go there with another Squirrel. Good luck getting the quilting done before you go back to the Beach.

Julie said...

What a fun crochet project. I am not going there! I gave away all my acrylic yarn! Great job on the borders. My husband's favorite thing to say is "we" need to.... Yeah, not! It's usually me! Mowing, watering, cleaning, etc.

Ramona said...

Yay! for getting the borders onto your quilt. Sometimes we just have to behave. :) I'll have to send the crochet pattern to my sister. It's beautiful and she is the crocheter.