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Monday, August 20, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I chased another squirrel! 
There is a super fun Block of the Month that started this month.
Eleanor Burns is doing Fun On The Farm.
Search for this group on your Facebook page.
 How stinkin' cute is block 1!
My piggie has a butterfly on her hip.

I cut more kits for my leader/ender project-Chunky Churndash.
The pattern is a freebie at Quiltville.

Sunday, 4 grands stayed while mom and dad went shopping.
We all had a super long, excited day Saturday so we were all pretty much a bunch of slugs.
Miss MaeMae sat out on the deck with me while I cut some fabric.
I needed to cut more diamonds for my Antique Start project.

I love the chatty chats that we have.
Talking about the new school year, going to a new school but with her same friends,
 how she misses her friends and how excited she is to meet her teacher.
How much she will miss summer vacation and
 how excited she is to take band and learn to play the clarinet.
We talked about the quilt I made her and we sat out here doing the same thing.
The deck is a magical place where peanut butter and jelly picnics happen
and in depth conversations with tow people or 12. 

Saturday was the wedding of our youngest daughter and our newest favorite son in law Vern.
(Old joke, they are all my favorites. All 2 of them.)
Her sister and my other favorite son in law Mike hosted the wedding in their back yard.
Oldest daughter Jenny was able to come from Texas to celebrate.
It was wonderful having all my adult children together for this celebration.
It was a perfect day, my heart was overflowing. 

for lots of quilty inspiration.
Beware of the squirrels.


Ramona said...

What a beautiful couple! And the setting looks gorgeous. Congrats! on getting another favorite son in law. Time spent with family is the best. Glad you had lots of it this past weekend.

Julie said...

Fabulous time with your family! Weddings are always fun and getting everyone together. I had to laugh at your squirrel moment. It is very cute! :) :) I am not joining in, I am not joining in....