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Monday, August 13, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I think I may have went in to my sewing room twice all week.
Not to sew but to get something!
We had a very full week of family stuff and adventures.
So the only sewing time I had was in the evening.
I made some great progress on basting my diamonds.
I need to cut more.

 This was where I was last week.
Now row 2 of my pencil box is almost stuffed.
I think I'll be able to put 3 full rows in there.
Then I may start stitching a few of them together.

I have a wedding coming up on Saturday 
so of course I need a new outfit.
I have a pretty good knit fabric stash but 
choosing which fabric to use is sometimes hard. 
I sent this picture to my daughter-
the one getting married-
and had her choose. 
Pretty sneaky aren't I?

I decided to make the Origami Tunic from Love Notions.
That's my plan for today and tomorrow.

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Mary said...

Your daughter is getting Married??? How fun. Any reason for a New outfit, lol.

Ramona said...

Prepping pieces to make quilts is the best. Once you are ready to create, you can just go. Congrats! to your daughter and her upcoming wedding. Enjoy the day.