Wednesday, August 08, 2018

I Like Thursdays #17

We took 2 days this week to go on some adventures.

On Monday we went to look at RVs.
We looked at several brand new ones.
I'm a big girl.
These RV do not have "fat girl friendly" showers.
I guess I'm spoiled by the bus.
It has a regular shower, open the door and walk in.
Nothing "designer". 

We did look at a residential RV that I loved and didn't take a single photo of!
Everything in it, including the shower was perfect.
Perfect except the price made my heart race. 

We found a couple of older models that we really liked.
Sadly this one-my favorite-had some floor issues in the bathroom.
Ernie does not want to have to do any repair work after we buy something.
It's not that he can't. He doesn't want to.
I don't blame him. 
Too much money to have to do repairs.

Since it was adventure day, we decided to go to our favorite hamburger place for lunch.
Back in the day, Burgerville was our favorite dinner date place.
Affordable and good.

Tuesday we went on a different kind of adventure.
Ernie is looking for a new gun safe.
I was intrigued by all of the choices and the features.

Next stop was Sportsman's Warehouse.
I love this big ole elk out front!
I found a sausage stuffer and seasoning that I've wanted.
I can't wait to make sausage.

I needed to stop at JoAnn's for elastic.
For some weird reason, I had no desire to wander around and look at things.
I petted some fabrics, the new plaid fleeces were wonderful.
I bought 2 cute fat quarters and my elastic.
New undies will happen soon.

We were headed to lunch and got behind this government vehicle at the light.
We decided it was a government spy car and wondered who it was spying on.
Yes, we are easily entertained.

I had heard from these kiddos about how awesome the food is at Golden Corral.
Knowing they were in town, 
we decided it was a good day to meet for lunch.

It was really great to spend time with the family.
We hadn't been here yet and having the kids as our guides was so much fun.
We all decided that the cinnamon rolls were our favorites,
or was it the ice cream or the chocolate fountain or the catfish?
I even tried okra for the very first time.
I liked it. 

Then we went to Smart Foodservice, which used to be called Cash & Carry.
We got some pork loin and hamburger to make sausage from.
I love to look at all the kitchen gadgets but only found a strainer/ladel thing and 
a sheet pan that I had to have.

Then we picked up the "vault" and headed home.
I was a nervous wreck all the way home.
Not a single problem! 
Why do I do that to myself.

I'm excited about all the adventures that will happen this week.
We have family reunion Saturday and several other events the next week. 
We will head back to the beach the week after next.
Pray I don't melt in this horrid heat!

Have a great week. 
I hope you find all kinds of likes this week.

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It really is fun writing these posts.


Suzanne said...

My daughter and her friends use to love the Golden Corral chocolate fountain. Have a wonderful time at the beach.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's pretty amazing what you find inside of those fancy RVs these days! They can be so spacious! Sounds like you had some fun adventures.

Shannon said...

Glad you got the safe home ok! I'd have been nervous too about driving with it! The RVs are pretty nifty- I'm thinking about getting a small travel trailer, but it has to be pretty small because I don't have a truck. I'm struggling with the shower stuff too- I may have to give up on that!! Anyway, they're fun to look at until you see the price!

Sally Hurley said...

Wow! look at that vault! Interesting adventures. RVs look so much prettier than I remember as a kid.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Judy! Lots of great likes this week. I have always wanted to take an adventure and look at RVs. I watch those shows on TV (can't think of the channel, of course) and have to pick one from the three they show. It looks like you had fun adventure days, and more to come. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

LA Paylor said...

ah, Golden Corral... when we ate there we ate way too much! It was good food though. lauged at the shower unfit for a fat girl... ha! I know what you mean, touching the walls isn't good. RV travel is enticing but I'm not a huge fan of camping.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck finding just the right RV and enjoy the family reunion!!