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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Work That UFO

I'm still trying to not do too much and keep off my knee and I'm becoming bored with my hexi flowers and my knitting. I woke up around 4 this morning thinking about my Getting it Done Challenge for the month. I'm never going to get my stuff done if I can't sit and sew for a while. Wah, Wah!  Then I remembered my hexi wall hanging that isn't done. I got it out and layed it on my bed and started to arrange the flowers.  It needs more.......

I got out my basket, filled it with supplies and headed out to the deck. It was such a nice quiet morning for stitching.  Then the power company started working on the lines, the neighbors down the road are building something, the chickens and roosters are having a fun day, a siren up on the highway, a lot of traffic on our little road....so much for quiet. As I stitched, I absorbed the sounds of the day. It's getting warm out there now so I came inside. Time for some lunch and maybe a nap--that's what the dogs are doing!


Nancy said...

I'm glad you are able to move around a bit - a change of scenery is good.

Love the hexie flowers.

Annie said...

That is such a cute hexie wall hanging you're working on. Come on now, get this done, I want to see it all complete. The dogs were giving you a good cue! LOL