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Friday, August 16, 2013

On The Needles

I'm working on Hitchhiker again. I had to unknit 2 rows because instead of binding off 5, I chose to bind of 10. I don't know why I do stuff like that. I was able to go to my sewing group on Wednesday for a couple hours (and boy did I need some friend time) and took this with me to work on. Easy to chat and unknit with friendly encouragement. It wasn't long until I had those 2 rows like they should be and few more added.

I've started Rivel Cardigan. I'm getting comfortable with the cables. This yarn, City Tweed from Knit Picks, is so yummy to work with. I am hoping by the time this is finished, I will be comfortable with purling. I knit continental style and can breeze through the knit stitches but the purls, not so much. I watched a good you tube video so I'm hoping I can pick up the pace a bit.

See what others are working on at Patchwork Times. Can't wait to see Camp Loopy progress reports.  Someday I'll go to camp, maybe.


Anonymous said...

You should have come to Camp with us this year!! Next year you can share a treehouse with Judy L and me. :-) (now that sounds like trouble) Love your Hitchiker. That one is on my to-do list.

straythreads said...

Love your yarns and projects. You will love the city tweed sweater

Nancy said...

The tweed yarn is wonderful and will make a beautiful sweater.

I love to knit with friends.

Paula, the quilter said...

That sweater pattern is a nice one. I have lots of sweaters to knit so I am always open for new sweater patterns.

Mary said...

Great projects with great yarns.