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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dreambird Yarn Choice

This is the yarn I am using for Dreambird.  It's Chroma from Knit Picks. I've read a bit of the pattern but now I need to sit down when it's quiet and I can concentrate and maybe practice a feather. There are videos to watch and a new cast on technique to learn.  I am excited and can't wait for the Knit Along to start.  Read all the details at Patchwork Times or Just Quiltin', both blogs have links on their side bar.  Links to so fabulous information!!! 

See other gorgeous yarn choices here at Patchwork Times.


Anonymous said...

I think your combination is going to look great!

Granny said...

You're back! Love your colors. I'm anxious to see the Chroma made up.

Cathy said...

Very, very pretty! That will make some delicate looking feathers.

fancystitching said...

I have so admired the lovely shawls you are creating, but just can't make myself do one since I would not wear it here in LA. Your yarn will look fabulous in the Dream Bird pattern. Hope your knee is better!