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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dreambird Progress #1

I've taken a giant step out of my comfort zone and I'm knitting Dreambird along with Judy L and Denise. I made the first feather and found lots of mistakes so I pulled it out and started over.

I'm using a row list that I wrote out on graph paper like Denise shows (both gals have links in their sidebars) and I am using the clicker. Slow and steady for me.  I click when I start a row, mark off when the row is finished. Probably too much putzing for most but I know myself.

I love that slight color change in the yarn and am very anxious to get to that pop of bright pink that is in there. So far I am having no problems and that makes me happy.  I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

See other gorgeous Dreambirds at Judy L's progress link up.


Teresa in Music City said...

It's looking beautiful Judy! I'm looking forward to seeing that bright pop of pink too - it will really give it some pizzazz!

Unknown said...

Judy, the feathers get easier and easier . . though on #5, I totally started off wrong and had to rip 29 rows out. :( I love the way you and Denise are doing "double time" to keep on track. I'm trying to be so careful about the clicker and the little flag I'm using but when I get to those rows that are repeated, I still forget sometimes. Can't wait to see your pink shine through!

Luann said...

You're doing very well. I'm doing this project as well. Your chart is what I'm doing also. I got the info from Denise. Keep up the great work. I have 3 feathers done. Slow and steady is right!