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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Playing With Red

This morning I sat down at my sewing machine and sewed. This is the first time my sewing machine has been turned on in 2 weeks! I think maybe I might have sat there too long without moving because my sore knee is kind of cramped up right now and I probably should be sitting with it elevated and I will shortly.

I'm so behind on all my August goals so I decided today, even if it took me all day long, I was going to get my Row Quilt blocks done and my Dresden blocks cut and ready to sew for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.  I now have 4 blocks complete, parts for 2 more ready to sew and this bag below to pull fabrics from.  Originally I said I was going to use a  chunk of cow print fabric but when I pulled it from the box, I see it's a pair of pj shorts. I think I'll see if they fit Elliot and finish them for him.  They will make him laugh.

My friends stopped at a yard sale a while back and bought this for me, along with a Singer 99K (for $10!!!) that needs some work. I have the best friends.  So I will empty this bag and see what I can with this fabric.

Now I'm going to see what everyone else is doing with their red scraps over at SoScrappy.


scraphappy said...

A bag of someone else's scraps! It is amazing how fun it is to sew with "different" fabrics.

Barb in Mi said...

Wohoo, she is on a roll! And you sure have nice friends - the bag looks like a great find; never mind including a sewing machine! Happy sewing!

Cathy Tomm said...

Great red blocks. Wow great friend to get you that find.

Nancy said...

Such fun when friends find treasures while shopping at yard sales.

I love your red and white blocks.

Julie in GA said...

Your have great friends to bring you bags of scrap fabrics and a sewing machine.

Deb A said...

Sounds like Christmas at your house with a new machine and a bag of scraps. Great blocks. Take it easy and rest that knee.