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Friday, August 09, 2013

On The Needles

Please forgive my sad cell phone photos.
My good camera was dropped on it's head one too many times.

I'm spending so much time sitting in the recliner with my leg elevated and the ice pack on my knee that I should have all my knitting projects completed. But I don't.  I worked as far as I could on Hitchhiker but my new yarn isn't here yet so it's been set aside. 

I started Leftie but I'm not happy with it so it will come undone today and I'll start over. I don't like the 2 tone--whatever these are called--flower. And the dark grey one is an obvious mistake.  So why did I keep going? Who knows. :0)  I know already this one will be set aside as soon as I get measurements from a certain someone so I can start the Rival Cardigan for her birthday.  Soon, she says, soon. LOL

**2 hours into this morning and I have started over on Leftie and that makes me happy. It looks much better without that 2 tone flower. I have enough of the self striping yarn so I don't have to have those 2 tones flowers. Simple pleasures. 

What's on your needles today? I'll be linking up with Patchwork Times.  Be sure to ready Judy's knitting poem. It's pretty cute!!


fancystitching said...

Isn't if funny how we can be ruthless with ripping knitting, but whine about frogging quilting? Perhaps the ease with which knitting rips. I guess the are opposites... knitting goes in slowly and rips quickly. Quilting goes in quickly and rips slowly.

Judy S. said...

Your Hitch hiker is looking great. Lefty looks like an interesting pattern and makes me thing a little bit of Dreambird. I will be anxious to see what your ripping produced!

Paula, the quilter said...

I saw a post on the Webs Yarn FB page that I thought was brilliant. Use your yarn ball winder to unknit! I am going to use this idea the next time I unknit.