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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Stitching

I've had a lot of slow stitching time this week.  With a knee injury and instructions to stay off my feet with my leg elevated, what's a girl to do???  After the pity party, I settled down with some projects. I've knit some but mostly I've worked on my hexies.

One day I played with EQ7 to make my design and to know how many hexies I need to make.  While working on these with granddaughter Mae, she asked if this was for her so I named it Mae's Flower Garden.
I decided I needed to use a smaller bin so I kitted some flowers up into snack bags and put my supplies in a plastic pencil box. With flower #9 almost complete, I only have 29 whole flowers left to stitch. And then there are all the half flowers and the filler hexies but I have a plan so I'm all set, right???

I stumbled across this blog post from Jo Morton the other day so now I need to get my white and green fabrics soon so I can use her method. I like the tip about not getting bored with the paths.

What are you stitching?  See what other's are doing at Kathy's Quilts.


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my! So sorry you have had an injury - prayers coming your way for super quick healing :*) And thanks for the link to Jo's hexie post - that's a great idea to do the paths as you go!

Mary said...

I went to Jo's Post when you shared it on FB. Thanks! I'm glad you can use your relaxing/down time for making Hexies. I have more 'HST/ pressing' stuff to do.

Judy S. said...

Hope your knee is lots better and you'll soon be back to getting around easily. Love your hexies! How big is each one?

Nancy said...

Rest and handwork are good for your knee and your spirits. You will have some beautiful hexies to show for your "down time."

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I love gfg's but I don't have the patience to sit and stitch them together! Maybe someday!

fancystitching said...

Love the way your flowers are looking! And a real bummer... I strained my already injured knee, and have a very fat knee today as a result. NOW who is "pouty", as you call it? Hope you are better soon. No time to sit and rest mine right now, but I bowl in a tournament next weekend (9 games) so I am going to really have to take it easy this week in hopes of regaining some strength in it. Happy weekend!

libbyquilter said...

i hope that you are not in pain.
it is nice to be able to take your mind off of an injury/illness with stitching though, isn't it?
it sounds like you are well organized and really moving along.

i just happen to be working on hexies today too.


Kate said...

Sorry to hear of your injury. Knee injuries are no fun at all. But it looks like you found a good way to stay productive. Very pretty hexie flowers.

Quilter Kathy said...

So glad you are putting your resting time to good use (besides healing your body!)
Love the hexies...I am trying to work on some this week and finding it fiddly.
Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

AppleApricot Wen said...

So sorry to hear about your injury. Take care.
Love those hexes. Especially the bright yellows in the centers. Like happy flowers.
Coming over from Kathy's :)
Hugs, Wendy