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Thursday, March 28, 2019

I Like Thursday #43

Here it is Thursday again and 
here I am late with my post again.

I have a good bunch of likes this week.

Last Thursday this munchkin stayed home with a bad cough
so we brought him over to our house so he could spend the day with Daisy Dog.
She make him feel so much better.
Or it could have been the nap he took with Poppy in the chair.

With no babysitting duties for Friday,
we headed to the beach.
Saturday we drove around to see what's changed.
I love this old church in Oysterville.
It looks like it's getting a facelift.

We say this beauty with 2 of her friends.

One of the community groups planted all these daffodils.
It saddened me to see that some jerk thought it was ok to drive through them.

This is the view from our favorite rest stop looking
across the Columbia River from Oregon into Washington.

Hubs has wanted to tear down the old garage for a long time.
It looks like the time has come.
He's sure a handy husband!
But oh boy, he makes me nervous!

The camellia's are blooming!
Such a pretty shade of pink.

Joe Cockerdoodledo with his flock of ladies.

Happy Thursday everyone!
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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Looks like you saw lots of pretty sights on your way to the beach! I love daffodils - all that happy yellow!

PaintedThread said...

Chickens! And look at all those daffodils! Amazing. Boys and dogs - always a good combo. :-) Fingers crossed for the new garage.

Mary said...

Nice to see the Daffodils! Mine haven't shown their faces yet. What a nice drive you have to the Beach.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Love your camelias! We can't grow them here. Those daffodils are lovely! Have a great week!